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Publication Order of Amanda Roberts Mystery Books

Sherryl Woods’ series about Amanda Roberts started in the year 1989 with the release of “Reckless”. The series is mystery, suspense, and has just a dash of romance thrown into it. The year 1989 saw the first two books in the series be released. The series ended in the year 1995, with the release of the ninth book, which was called “White Lightning”.

Amanda works as an investigative reporter in the city of Atlanta, Georgia. At one time, she was married to a man named Mack. She meets up with a cop named Joe Donelli, and part of the books focus on the relationship the pair have with one another. It is often rocky between the two, and there is some breaking up and making up as a result.

“Reckless” is the first novel in the “Amanda Roberts” series and was released in the year 1989. A world famous chef dies mysteriously and it makes Amanda Roberts is grateful to get the scoop. She gets together with Joe Donelli (who is a detective) she is bound and determined to solve the case. Stealing his heart is something that cannot really be avoided.

Here is something that made readers want to read more from this author, as this pulled them in and made them want to read more about Amanda Roberts. Fans of the novel found that once again, Sherryl Woods wrote a stellar book that hooked them and was hard for them to put down. Readers hated to finish the novel, as they enjoyed the ride they were on that much. The novel had some humor to it, and was something that entertained readers.

“Body and Soul” is the second novel in the “Amanda Roberts” series and was released in the year 1989. A body was discovered on the floor of the steam room; it was an aerobics instructor, a very pretty, very popular, and very dead. Amanda Roberts was at the gym when the body was found. She smells murder, not to mention a promising story. Joe Donelli, an occasional boyfriend of Amanda’s, thinks that she should keep her nose clean this time around.

Her response is that he is just jealous and missing his time as a cop. But he claims to be content in his time raising up tomatoes. Amanda claims that she cannot simply walk away from a murder case. He cares about her a lot, too much for her to get hurt. This is a familiar argument that the couple has had, but he could be right in cautioning her this time around. The case is going to have some unhealthy overtones for his woman, the one he loves.

Readers hope this series continues, as they cannot get enough of Amanda and the other characters in the book. Fans of the novel found that this was another killer novel from this series. This author truly knows how to write compelling stories that make them laugh and make it hard to put the book down for very long. Some drop everything they have to do when they have more of Woods’ work, because they do not get a whole lot done when reading something of her’s anyway.

“Stolen Moments” is the third novel in the “Amanda Roberts” series and was released in the year 1990. Amanda is currently penning a piece about old homes in Georgia, and some valuable heirlooms are going missing from the huge mansions. It puts her in action. Both Mack (her ex-husband) and her sometime boyfriend named Joe Donelli make the choice to protect her. She has to catch both a thief but also locate her heart’s own desire.

Author Sherryl Woods is one writer that can be counted on to write a stellar story that keeps the pages turning and the enjoyment up. It even kept readers on the edge of their seats with the suspense. Fans of the novel found that these are some fun and light reads that provide excellent reading times.

“Ties That Bind” is the fourth novel in the “Amanda Roberts” series and was released in the year 1991. April is the worst month in a humid and hot city like Atlanta. Amanda Roberts suffers the worst, as she finally agrees to marry Joe Donelli, but he stands her up. At the wedding. He has got a real good excuse for not turning up at his own wedding. There was a car bomb that went off, killing his best man and ruining his ancient Chevy. The aging car was crushed to bits as a result, and Joe is missing.

Amanda is much to close to things to be at all objective, but there is no way she will let the FBI handle everything and shut her out of the case. She goes down some country roads, asking all kinds of questions and looking for some answers. It is a dangerous trip, through the heart of Old South. It has a dark heart where things such as old hatreds, violence, and taking desperate measures have just festered and not died off.

Some feel that if they are feeling down, they can start reading one of these books and it will perk them right up. Fans of the novel found that this had another great story and provided them with a comfortable reading time. Woods is a stellar author that does two things very well: tell a compelling story and make you care about the characters the entire way. No matter how many times readers have checked into one of these books, they enjoy themselves. Some only wish that there were books from this stellar novel series.

“Bank on It” is the fifth novel in the “Amanda Roberts” series and was released in the year 1993. Amanda breaks all the rules that women know. For one, she agreed to meet the odd man at night, for another, she agreed to meet him in a graveyard, a creepy place. It was supposed to give her a huge story, possibly the biggest of her career up to now. The source was supposed to tell her all he had about some fast lane banking going on in the slow paced town of Atlanta.

She finds the source killed in a graveyard, and she plunges herself headlong into a dangerous investigation of arms deals worth many millions of dollars, political intrigue, and trade embargoes.

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