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Amanda Searcy is American author of young adult thriller novels famously known for the book The Truth Beneath the Lie which was published in 2017. Searcy was born and raised under a vast blue sky of Albuquerque, New Mexico. She attended New Mexico University in Las Cruces approximately 45miles from US-Mexico border where she majored in government and languages. Subsequently, she joined University of Essex in England where for her master’s degree studies where she majored in human rights.

After spending time in the snowy and rainy England, she went back to the New Mexico desert. The author confesses that her writing career began after a friend recommended her to start writing. To her, the journey was not a smooth one for she had to deal with numerous rejections after several queries. Searcy did not give up but instead soldiered on until the day she was selected for one of the best writing contest in the whole world; Pitch Wars. After working tirelessly for over two months with a fantastic mentor who through edited her manuscript to the best shape, Searcy signed with an agent, and after a couple of months, she sold her debut novel.

Searcy is a resident of New Mexico, and besides writing, she works in collection development for a public library, she loves cats, chocolates and spending time reading good books.

The Truth Beneath the Lies (2017)

The Truth Beneath the Lies is the debut novel by Amanda Searcy published in 2017. It is one intriguing and engaging thrillers for the fans of Girls on Fire a book by Robin Wasserman and The Darkest Corners by Kara Thomas that will have the readers entranced and disturbed by the tales of one girl haunting past and another’s present-day horrors.


The first section introduces the readers to a young girl named Kayla. All that she has ever dreamt of is escaping and going far from home. She wants to run from her unstable mother, from the government housing that she calls home and also run from a low paying job at No Limits Foods. All that she wants is to have a better, safe and cleaner life and every single day is one close to leaving.


On the other hand, there is a young girl named Betsy Hopewell. All that she wants to do is to survive; she wants to survive the new rules, the burner phone she hid under her bed. She also wants to survive her studies in her new schools with new classmates, and above all survive being watched each moment. Every single minute grants her another chance in life.

However, when fate brings Betsy and Kayla together, only one girl will survive.

The Truth Behind the Lies is an engaging twisty thriller narrated in alternating chapters. Searcy does a great job of describing the story of two young women caught up in the struggles of life. Kayla is struggling high school girl; she attends a high school based in the good part of the town but lives in a housing project with her mother (a recovering addict). She also has a dead end job at a local store. Her life is a rough one, above all the pain; a serial killer is on the loose targeting young women in her neighborhood.

Then there is Betsy, a nervous mess with a burner phone hidden underneath her bed. If she does not call that phone at least once every 24 hours, something terrible will happen. She has suffered extreme trauma which has resulted in her not to trust anyone and also to make her feel like she fits in no place in the society. Someone is tracking her from the burner phone and waiting for the perfect time for her to implode. However, the question is will she? Moreover, who is that person on the line? Is there more to Betsy than she is letting out? Both girls, who turn out to have more in common will see their worlds collide and burn like two meteors crashing.

Amanda Searcy has created a suspenseful story, with lots of twists from the first page to the last. Characterization is brilliantly done (especially for the two characters, Betsy and Kayla) and the author manages to tie all the different threads between the two stories.

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