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This Book Will Change Your Life (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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A Duchess in Name (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Common Scandal (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Reluctant Betrothal (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Notorious Lady Grantham (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Fast & Reckless (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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The One I Love to Hate (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love and the Laws of Motion (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Love Around the Corner (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Frequent Flyers(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amanda Weaver is an extremely popular & well-established author. She majorly specializes in writing adult historical romance fiction. The countless numbers of her fans and supporters have thoroughly enjoyed her captivating writing style. Thus, the author got an immense popularity within a very short period of time.

Amanda is having an unconventional and unique writing style that is not only fascinating but also more realistic too. That’s why the readers can simply connect and emerge themselves within her romance fiction novels so easily. Undoubtedly, her books have enough potential to engage the readers constantly till to the last page of the novel. Her famous book series includes Grantham girls book series, Arlington book series, and Sky High book series.

Among these, the Grantham girls book series is the immensely popular and the most fantastic creation by the author. The author has published three stand-alone novellas under this epic Grantham girls book series. Each book in this series is having a unique story coupled with completely unconventional twists and turns and amazingly pleasant ending. Whereas, her another impeccably spectacular creation, Arlington book series features two excellent characters Hannah Gregory, who wants to follow similar footsteps like her dad to become a chemistry prodigy and Ben Fisher, who’s her passionate college senior that works in a bookstore. And finally, Sky High book series contains three separate stand-alone novellas.

Earlier Life Of Amanda Weaver : Amanda Weaver is a native Floridian. She moved to New York City a few years ago. Now, the author is completely settled in her Brooklyn home where she’s currently residing with her husband, daughter, and two lovely pets(cats).

Amanda has reported that she loved the essence of romance fiction since her teenage. She read the classic Kathleen E. Woodiwiss novel, a beautiful example of adult romance fiction, at the age of fifteen. Since then, Amanda has grown great interest in reading and writing the romance fiction.

However, the author started her earlier career as a costume designer. She used to design costumes for theater actors and actresses. After a prolonged detour, she left her career as a costume designer. She focused on pursuing her passion and eventually became a full-time writer. Thus, the author has found her way back into romance again.

Brief Details Of Two Earlier Books In A Popular Book Series : The prestigious author, Amanda Weaver is mostly famous for her captivating book series, “Grantham Girls”. This epic book series primarily has three separate novels. While each book is having a completely new story but the major or central plot of this book series is same. The central plot of book series is related to a legacy British finishing school, Lady Grantham’s finishing school. The book series has got an overwhelming response from numerous readers as well as from several renowned book-critics too.

A Duchess In Name : This is the first book of this epic book series of “Grantham Girls”. The book features a compelling new voice of story-telling in historical romance. The major characters of this book series are Victoria Carson and Andrew Hargrave.

Victoria Carson has been portrayed as an American heiress and former graduate of prestigious Lady Grantham’s finishing school. She has been always groomed since her childhood to marry only a grand English title. Even, she has been trained on how to become a perfect aristocratic wife. After completion of her graduate, she chose to fulfill her duty and wed a destitute earl. For Victoria, this marriage represents a complete freedom from her grasping and horrible mother & her indifferent father. That’s why she was pretty eager to get married to the chosen partner.

Now, Andrew Hargrave, an archeologist, is the second son of an impoverished Duke of Waring. He escaped his terrible parents & disgusted unhappy life of England in order to pursue his dreams of discovering the tomb of a famous ancient Etruscan queen. After his brother’s sudden death, he became an Earl and heir to a dukedom. This brought him to the minute attention of Victoria’s parents. Both families mutually arranged their marriage and Andrew was forced to return back to England again.

At first, Andrew was quite angry & resentful but he couldn’t sustain his anger & resentment in the face of Victoria’s natural beauty & charm. Now, Victoria was helplessly attracted to Andrew & she began to develop some personal feelings for him. Even, she allowed herself to hope for a bright and happy marriage having a nice family of her own. But, right after the wedding, Andrew realized about Carson’s treachery and believed that Victoria had also schemed with her parents in order to buy herself an English title. After the wedding night, Andrew departed England for Italy leaving behind a completely broken hearted Victoria. Now, Victoria decided that she would take care of the matters into her own hands.

Andrew was unwillingly captivated by his newly-married bride and slowly he realized that he had unfairly judged his wife. Now, he will return back to England to give his marriage a second chance. He will meet a remote and self-possessed duchess who’s fiercely guarding her heart & personal feelings against him. Will Andrew be able to convince Victoria to allow him another chance? And the story continues with a perfect ending where Andrew wins back Victoria’s battered heart.

A Common Scandal : This is the second book of “Grantham Girls” book series. The book features Amelia Wheeler & Nate Smythe who’re childhood friends. They grew up together but their lives took diverse turns when Amelia’s father determined to move to London & Nate went to work for a shipping company. Their old feelings resurfaced when Amelia & Nate meet together again. But, at one point, Nate chose the path based on the practical needs rather than simple childhood feelings.

Amelia, a former graduate of Lady Grantham’s Finishing School was asked to marry a title by her ailing mother in order to get the acceptance of the society. Nate, a self-made man, also needed to marry a title to advance his shipping business. So, there are two themes in this novel : Amelia wishes to please her ailing mother and Nate needs to gain the society’s approval. Will Amelia stop pleasing her parents and find happiness with Nate?

The story continues with a beautiful tale of sweet childhood romances with many unfolded twists.

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