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Blood Rising (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Emerald (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Appetite for Blood (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Dragon (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Roman's Revenge (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roman's Rules (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Roman's Return (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Becoming Gabriel (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arise, My Darling (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Amber Anthony is a pen name for two collaborating authors Nancy Reynolds and Patrice Hough Bader, who also goes by Rusty. The two authors have been involved in the writing of feature film scripts and television episodes before trying their hand at writing. Blood Rising that was first published in May 2016 was their first ever novel. The BDSM novel was published to rave reviews and critical acclaim, given its innovative plot lines and relatable characters. They write of stunning alpha males that might just be vampires, which sweep women off their feet. Their heroines are strong and smart with plenty of heart. Nonetheless, what makes their stories so intriguing is that they start with an explosive pace, which never lets up right up to the end of the novel. “Blood Rising”, Amber Anthony’s first novel was published by Torrid Books and is just the first of a trilogy of paranormal and hot vampire romances. “Blood Emerald” that will feature a protagonist named Rick Hiatt is the second novel in the series, followed by “Blood Dragon” the last in the trilogy that has Adam Lachlan as the lead.

Patrice Hough Bader is a resident of the Midwest. Bader has held many titles, jobs, and positions through her life. As for her education, she attended North East High School before proceeding to the University of South Florida where she graduated with a Bachelor in Dance and Performing Arts in 1972. She also studied Political Science, which she never got to practice. She would pursue a career in sales and marketing working with the Baltimore Sun, helping community-based businesses grow their market share through innovative campaigns. She would later work as counter manager, pharmacy technician, and freelance writer before opening a tavern with her husband. Currently, all she does is write freelance and run her tavern with her husband. Nancy Reynolds the other half of Amber Anthony lives in a South Western city though she spent much of her life in New York City working as an actress. She went to school at Columbia University in New York City where she attained a BS degree in Arts History. After working for several years in a variety of movies and TV series, Reynolds quit her acting career to pursue a career in health care and entering the family business. Writing comes naturally for Reynolds given that in addition to being an actress, she has been writing screenplays for television and movies for years. Since she did not want to leave her writing career completely, she ventured into writing and collaborated with Patrice Hough Bader to write “Blood Rising” as Amber Anthony.

Amber Anthony is a talented writer who makes “Blood Rising” an exceptional novel with a through exploration of the emotions through excellent description and pacing. For the reader of the vampire novel, there is no better exposition of the lifestyle and underworld of vampires that would better Anthony’s debut novel. Intertwining elements of the whodunit and mystery, the author asks major questions regarding the complicated happenings in the life of the lead character the immortal Matt. In a squeamish tale, Matt needs to survive the cunning plots of a team of manipulative vampires determined to ensure that he does not find the love he has been seeking for years. The novel comes with an interesting plot of romance and an even more interesting whodunit subplot for the mystery fans who would not mind dabbling in a vampire novel. The novel offers a lot of suspenseful narration with red herrings and twists and turns in plot, which culminates in an unexpected twist in the ending. Catherine and Matthew the lead,s have a lot of spirit even though Richard Hiatt comes across as the more personable of the two characters. As opposed to many paranormal/vampire romances that would typically creep out many beginner fans, the novel is not that squeamish. It combines some of the perfect elements you would expect to find in the genre such as an engaging plot, romance, vampires, and characters with dark pasts. Nevertheless, despite its mild nature, it still has the underlying theme that you can mess with vampires at your own peril.

The lead character in Amber Anthony’s “Blood Rising” is Matt Brenner a vampire with a fascination for the very human Catherine Temple. Besides the lead characters’ relationship drama and the elusive courtship, the series also introduces a range of characters including Veronique Moreau, the diva from Hell, that in 1922 sired Matt who wanted nothing to do with being a vampire. Nearly a century later, she is back and for Matt who has never seen her for years, he believes that her reappearance could be beneficial. But she turns out to be his worst nightmare as Matt’s romance with Catherine faces a series of impediments triggered by Veronique. Another character in the series is an ancient vampire that goes by the name Rick Hiatt, who loves that he is immortal. Adam Lachlan the shape-shifting dragon is another important member of the cast of the paranormal. The story is dotted with aspects of BDSM as well as humor as it takes the reader from the streets of Baranquilla, Colombia, the beaches of Malibu to the bustling streets of Los Angeles. Blood Rising is an fascinating introduction to the series that sets the stage for “Blood Emerald” the next novel in the series.

“Blood Rising”, the first novel in Amber Anthony’s trilogy introduces the drop dead gorgeous man that never wanted for female attention, Matt Brenner. As a vampire, he is even more attractive as he is immortal. However, to enjoy immortality one needs to accept their life as a vampire, which he does not want to do. Together with his fellow vampire Richard Hiatt, they have come up with a BDSM empire that seeks to connect willing subs/donors with Doms/Vampires seeking blood in exchange for sexual ecstasy. Running the club makes Matt’s life enjoyable to a degree, even as he still finds it uninspiring, that is, until he meets Catherine Temple. Matt had vowed to never get involved with the mortal humans and has so far stuck to his guns. However, Catherine has such a profound effect of him that he is enticed to break all the rules if only he can get to spend a human lifetime with her. Introduced to a powerful drug that would make such a dream possible, he is preparing to take it, when the overlords of the vampire kingdom forbid it with a threat too monstrous to imagine.

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