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Amber Cowie
Amber Cowie is a mystery author best known for her captivating psychological thrillers. The talented author graduated from the University of Victoria and has been working as a freelance writer for Salon and The New York times, among other popular publications. In 2017, Cowie was listed for the Whistler Book Award, and her writing has continued to win the author thousands of dedicated fans. In her free time, the mother of two enjoys running, skiing, and creating all kinds of stories. Cowie lives in a small town in the mountains of the West Coast.

Rapid Falls
Rapid Falls tells the story of two sisters and the events that shape their lives. Anna and Cara were both in high school in 1997 when tragedy struck. The girls were in a tragic accident that left Cara’s boyfriend dead. Anna was on the wheel, but she doesn’t remember anything about that fateful night. However, her life takes a downward spiral after that night. After serving a good number of years in prison, Anna has recently been released, and she is trying to lead a normal life. However, the demons from the past keep on haunting her, and she struggles with guilt, shame, and addiction. The story is completely different for her sister.

Even though the tragic accident had turned into a local legend, Cara seems to have handled everything pretty well and recovered fully. She now has a successful career, a loving husband, and a beautiful daughter to complete their family. Anna seems keen to get Cara’s forgiveness, but when the two sisters get talking, Anna starts remembering pieces of what happened that fateful night. A few of those details match her sister’s memories, so it is clear that she is not making things up. The more Anna remembers, the more secrets are revealed, and it seems that the truth has been hidden for all these years. Could it be possible that Anna was innocent? Is there anything that Cara doesn’t want her sister to remember?

This is an intriguing psychological thriller that will have you at the edge of your seat from the first chapter. The author introduces twists and turns unexpectedly, and while you may think that you have the story figured out, the ending will catch you by surprise. As the author moves perods between the late 90s and 2016, you will get a glimpse of Anna and Cara’s lives before the accident and in the present. The story is told from different POVs, giving it more depth while making it easy to understand the characters. Cowie’s character development is outstanding, and the entire cast is well developed.

Rapid Falls is a suspenseful and intriguing read. The story is so captivating you won’t want to put the book down once you start reading. You cannot help but feel sorry for Anna and hope she will make the best of what is left of her life. However, her self-serving and manipulative nature may make you think that she deserves everything that happened to her. Cara is not perfect as it seems, and her secrets will be revealed as the story progresses. The two sisters have a complicated relationship, but they need each other. This book is perfect if you are looking for a complex, dark, and dramatic psychological thriller.

Raven Lane
Raven Lane takes us to a cul-de-sac in Raven Lane, made up of 5 houses. Benedict and Esme have an idyllic life in this community until their dearest neighbor is killed in a tragic accident. What follows is a string of unaccountable accusations, contradictory memories, and suspicions. In the end, Benedict is arrested, and this also changes Esme’s life. The neighbors suddenly turn against her, which leaves Esme with a lot of time to think about the past and whatever steps to take. Her fellow residents also start to look and question one another, which leads to the uncovering of deep lies.

Esme has many secrets, and once they come to the surface, you will change your opinion of her. However, she remains one of the most fascinating characters in this book. What about Benedict? How will his life turn out now that he is in jail? The story gets quite emotional at some point, and it is hard to choose sides when the truth comes out. Cowie’s writing is exceptional, and this book is a perfect example of a good thriller. The characters are diverse, and they are developed so well they sound real. You may not like most of them, but it is hard not to empathize and sometimes get very angry at them.

This an edgy and scandalous story that reveals the dark secrets of the residents of Raven Lane. Once the civility mask slips off, friends and neighbors turn on each other, and it is hard to tell whether they will recover once the truth is revealed. In this exclusive neighborhood, a lot happens behind closed doors, and some of the scandals will leave your mouth agape. There is some darkness within the pages, and you cannot help but wonder why some people would go to such lengths to deceive themselves and others. The fact that there is a book within this book is fascinating. That neighbor who died in the accident was an author, and Cowie is generous enough to add a paragraph of the book in this story.

Raven Lane is an intriguing mystery story loaded with drama. This book is set in the present, but Esme keeps on having mini flashbacks that expose her life before their neighbor died. These flashbacks help untangle the past and ensure that you get to know the whole truth and all the skeleton’s Esme has been hiding from everyone in her life. The flow is perfect for this type of story, and you will enjoy the author’s lyrical narration. The neighbors made up of the chef, former model, real estate agent, an artist, a retired movie star, and an author are so interesting, and you will enjoy reading about their lives and awful habits.

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