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Publication Order of New Hope World Books

with Jaye Pratt
Chase and the Girl Who Came Back (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Arden and the Girl Downstairs (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chad: and His Not Harem (With: Jaye Pratt) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Isabelle and the New Guy (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Amber Davis Standalone Novels

Chad: and His Not Harem (With: Jaye Pratt) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vada: And the Boy Next Door (With: Jaye Pratt) (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amber Davis is a bestselling author of young adult romance and general romance fiction that is best known for the “New Hope World” series of novels.

The author penned “Chase and the Girl Who Came Back” her debut novel in 2002 and has since become quite the author. She now has several works of fiction to her name and considers herself a bonafide fiction author.

As for how she started writing, Amber Davis has said that she has always loved reading.

It was while she was recovering from a particularly gruesome surgery that she got a lot of encouragement from her friends who urged her to use that time to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

She took that time to start writing the book idea that had been in her mind for several years.

As a proud survivor of chronic illness, she loves to pen novels about characters dealing with chronic illnesses. She has said that she does this so that she can bring to light the many conditions that a lot of people suffer from.

Apart from her writing, she is also the owner of a direct-to-garment business that specializes in author and bookish merchandise in addition to non-bookish designs.

When Amber Davis is not reading or working, she can usually be found rewatching old Disney movies and binge-watching TV shows as a way of recharging her social batteries.

She currently makes her home in Melbourne even though she is originally from Queensland.

Amber Davis’ novel “Chase and the Girl Who Came Back” is the story of a woman named Yasmin. She just came back to her hometown of Canary Bay and she is looking to finally change things in her life.

For most of her teenage years, she was charged with raising her younger sister but now has a different plan. She now plans to get into New Hope University, read a ton of books, and spend time with Millie.

Chase and his friends have been through a lot of struggles and a shared past and consider each other family. They protect and look out for each other and will not let any outsiders in.

When Yasmin shows up one early morning wearing pajamas and asks bluntly if he is a serial killer, he somehow finds himself drawn to her. He can see her pain and the walls she has built to protect herself.

He is ready to do anything to protect her and he is surprised that his friends too feel the same. But what will happen when they learn that they have met before? Will she let Chase and his friends become the family she has wanted for so long?

“Arden and the Girl Downstairs” by Amber Davis introduces Ella a woman that is battling an ever-growing list of chronic pain and gynecological problems, which have proved impossible to diagnose.

Her boss has been her only friend as most other people cannot understand that she often has to cancel plans when she has a flare-up. However, things change when Arden and his friends move into her building.

He has tried everything to get her removed but the sellers insisted that one of the conditions for the sale was that she remain. Things turn hairy when she gets an eviction notice which Arden never sent.

Things had started with pranks here and there but ultimately he finds himself admitted into rehab through the actions of the pesky tenant and his head of security.

He had been spiraling out of control since that time he failed to take a screened call, only to later learn that his sister had slipped into a coma. Every morning, he wakes up and cannot remember what happened the previous night.

When he finally gets sober, he begins remembering what happened when he turned into an addict. The good thing is that he is back home just in time to help Ella just like she had helped him.

Amber Davis’ novel “Chad: and his not harem” is the story of a girl who is looking for the perfect roommate. She is part of a harem that has needs and hence she puts up a list of the attributes of a perfect man.

The man who answered had flooded his apartment and had been living with friends when one of his employees decided to reply to a roommate-wanted advertisement on his behalf.

The last thing he was expecting was for Mady and her three men who she insists are not her boyfriends to come crashing into his life.

Of course, he did not know that his entire life was about to change. He immediately begins falling for Mady even though she is accompanied by three overprotective men.

It makes for a fun and charming story that will keep readers engaged from the first page right to the last.

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