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Amber Frey
Amber Frey has been a certified massage therapist and lived in Fresno, California. She has two kids: Ayiana (a daughter) and Justin (a son).

“Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson” was adapted into a TV movie that aired on CBS in 2005 that starred Janel Moloney as Amber Frey and Nathan Anderson as Scott Peterson. It was directed by Peter Werner.

Amber first met him on November 20, 2002, when he was a 30 year old fertilizer salesman through a mutual friend, and he told her he was not married. But actually Laci was eight months pregnant while Christmas was approaching.

On their first date, she flirted with him over dinner, splurging on gin & tonics, singing some tipsy karaoke duets and heading back to Peterson’s hotel for what felt like a one-night-stand.

Then on Christmas Eve, she disappeared. Scott said that he was fishing in San Francisco Bay and returned back home that afternoon to find that she was gone. This is the same bay that Laci’s remains washed up months after she disappeared.

It was not until a friend of hers showed her this news article about a missing Modesto woman named Laci Peterson that Amber learned Scott was in fact married. The article mentioned both his truck and his occupation.

She immediately phoned the police hotline. She was crying and in shock. She was trembling, knowing that it was him.

Amber then met with two cops that asked if she’d be willing to tape conversations that she had with him, just on the off chance he incriminated himself. The recorded phone calls continued for a total of two months. While he never incriminated himself, he did expose himself as a liar, telling her about owning boats. He also continued chatting with Amber while the police were trying to locate his wife.

He told Amber during one call, as loved ones gathered together for a candlelight vigil in Laci’s honor, that he was celebrating New Year’s Eve in Paris on a business trip. Scott included details of European life, talking about beautiful churches and said that he had fallen and hurt himself as he jogged on cobblestones in Paris.

Amber says that even though she had fear about trying to get the truth out of Scott, she was willing to take risks in order to expose him and aid the police in any way possible. She saw this woman, knew that she was missing and pregnant. As a mom, it was not about Amber, but about finding this woman.

“Witness: For the Prosecution of Scott Peterson” is a non-fiction book that was released in 2005. Amber Frey’s life was filled with blessings: a beautiful home, an exciting new business, and most of all, Ayiana, her infant daughter. However Amber had been through some pretty unhappy relationships, and longed for a loving and true partner. In November of 2002, she went on this blind date with Scott Peterson. He was thoughtful, handsome, charming, and romantic. Best of all, he was single and ready to settle down, or that’s what he said anyway.

Their connection was immediate. Over the weeks that followed, Scott and Amber grew closer. Scott won her over with his intelligence, humor, and warmth, and even won Ayiana’s heart too. Before too long, he started to speak about the beautiful future that the three of them were destined to share as a family.

Amber started to quickly suspect Scott Peterson may not be the guy that he claimed to be. On December 9, he broke down in tears and told her that he was married, but had “lost” his wife. This was weeks before Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant at this time, was even reported missing. Scott had not lost her, but he was clearly planning to. All of a sudden a relationship that appeared to be so full of promise was turning into Amber’s worst nightmare.

Amber launched this investigation of her own. The moment that she was able to confirm her worst of suspicions, she contacted the Modesto Police Department, located in Northern California, and offered to do anything she could to help. She started secretly recording her conversations with Scott, pressing him for details but never letting on that he had heard the news of Laci’s disappearance. These conversations became the basis for the prosecutor’s case against Scott Peterson for the murder of his wife and unborn baby.

Amber’s entire world was turned upside down in the process. She lost all of her privacy, since every detail of her life became scrutinized by the media, who could not seem to get enough of such a heart wrenching and tragic tale. However she soldiered on, looking deep inside of herself and drawing strength from her faith.

“Witness” is the chilling tale of how this young woman became ensnared in Scott’s web of lies, and then risked it all to seek justice for Laci Peterson and Conner, her unborn child. It’s also a tale of faith and forgiveness, and about one woman’s struggle to live with an honest and open heart.

Amber also gets in depth about her own past, even going back to her parent’s divorce and her rocky upbringing. But that is never made the central theme, instead it is Laci Peterson, and Amber’s desperate efforts and desire to learn the truth about Scott Peterson, Laci’s husband. Amber’s story demonstrates that even flawed human beings can find enough courage to do the right thing when it is necessary. The book is neither exploitative nor salacious, it only chronicles the bizarre sequence of events which drew her into the twisted life of a sociopath that is Scott Peterson.

The fact that Amber Frey has the bravery to stand up to this person and endure the suffering and pain that it caused speaks volumes for the sort of person that she truly is. The worst part about this man is he’s aware of his ability to manipulate people and shamelessly uses it to deceive members of his own family and the public at large and seduce women.

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