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The Book of Azrael (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Throne of Broken Gods (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Dawn of the Cursed Queen (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amber V. Nicole
Amber V. Nicole is a dark fantasy author with a touch of horror thrown into the mix. When she is not writing fantastic new ways to devastate her readers she is probably playing video games or obsessing over some anime.

Amber loves morally gray characters with their flaws and all and she is always dreaming about far off places with magic, dragons, and swords. Amber loves a good villain and plans on telling so many stories showcasing all of them in the spotlight. She hopes to take the world over by shining a spotlight on what truly causes one to turn to the dark side.

Amber was a part of a Greek blog that looked at old Gods and new. She also wrote short stories during high school and then took English classes during college.

When Amber is not busy working as a veterinary assistant and helping animals, she is thinking about new ways to mix romance and fantasy stories with a twist.

She found out about BookTok because somebody was talking about reading, and she realized that it wasn’t a taboo topic to talk about reading. So she talked about a book she’d written, called “The Book of Azrael”, which she wanted to get published since she had been working on the novel for around two years by that point. She just loved the story and wanted to share it with others.

Amber was hoping to create a novel where the female character was the one that was unhinged and the villain and it’s the guy that is trying to stop her, rather than the other way around. She loved that type of gender swap. Liam is even her gender bent Buffy that wants law and order, rather than chaos. She also wanted more diversity in the story, because we all want to see ourselves in the story we read.

With the whole series, Amber wanted to push the envelope and find that line to see what her readers would consider villainy behavior, or morally gray and see what they end up attaching to.

Her original plan for publishing the novel was to self publish, because she wanted creative control over the words and characters in it. She had heard too many horror stories of how much they are willing to change, and she didn’t want that for her book. But she had this friend start their own publishing house, called Rose and Star, ask if Amber wanted to sign with her, and she was onboard with them.

She is somewhere in the middle when it comes to plotting and pantsing. She has a general idea of how the series is going to end, and what will happen in certain books. Amber will have something planned out, but some of her favorite moments come to her a day or so after she has already finished a chapter, and adds it in after the fact.

If she’s working or doing something else, she will jot down a note or two into her phone and refer back to while she is writing something.

“The Book of Azrael” is the first novel in the “Gods and Monsters” series and was released in 2022. Where there are gods, there are also monsters. For a thousand years now, the Etherworld has known peace. Up until now, at least.

Many centuries ago, Dianna was desperate to save her dying sister, and made a deal with Kaden (a monster much worse than any nightmare). Locked into servitude to him, she has been forced to hunt down this ancient relic that is held by her most dangerous of enemies: this army led by the World Ender, Samkiel.

After the Gods War, Samkiel hid from it all, denying his own crown and deserting his people. Now this attack on those that he loves sends him on back to the realm that he never wanted to return to, and right into the sights of this enemy he was hoping to forget about.

Samkiel and Dianna, with every world now at stake, are forced to set aside their animosity toward each other and work together, before all becomes lost.

One of Book Riot’s ‘Best and Swooniest Romantasy Books’. Do not miss this addictive BookTok sensation; a perfectly steamy and high stakes, true enemies to lovers, dark epic romantasy.

Readers jumped into this based off of a single line and they regret nothing. Dianna is incredibly badass and readers enjoyed seeing how she grows over the course of this novel. These characters are all unique and feel incredibly original. Readers cannot wait to get their hands on the next book so they can see what happens next. Fans of the book loved Samkiel and Dianna despite their flaws as well as their tragic pasts and heartaches. This is such an addictive read that brings all of the emotions and features a fantastic amount of turns and twists in it.

“The Throne of Broken Gods” is the second novel in the “Gods and Monsters” series and was released in 2023. And then Samkiel, you will know how the world ends. But it was not this word. Nope, it was Dianna’s.

The world quakes in fear while the final shred of Dianna’s humanity gets ripped from her. Just like it should. Grief is consuming Dianna, burning away any semblance of good inside of her and threatening the budding relationship between her and Liam. Now, Liam has to pull her back from the brink of total damnation before time has run out.

Readers loved how character driven the novel is, and enjoyed all of the twists and turns it goes on. Fans enjoyed how Dianna’s grief is handled in the novel as well, and she is the star of this, as she is so fierce in it and her powers are utilized perfectly and they suit her personality nicely. Dianna overpowers Samkiel’s presence in this, and he kinda takes a backseat to her. But he is incredibly patient with her throughout the entire novel. She pushes him unreasonably and he handles it all maturely.

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