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Amelia Brunskill is an Australian author of fiction. She was born in Melbourne but grew up in Washington state in the United States for much of her life. There she spent time reading books, picking blackberries, and being amongst the natural beauty of the Pacific ocean and mountains.

Brunskill graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology and art. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with her Master’s in Information Studies. She currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. When she’s not reading or writing, she works as a librarian and enjoys eating as much Thai food as she can!

Her debut novel is in the fiction genre and it is titled The Window. It was released in 2018. It is the story of two twins that are alike in that they are identical. However, they have very different personalities. Anna is clearly an extrovert, while Jess is an introvert. As twins, they tell each other everything. That’s what Jess thinks, but can the sisters be tested when secrets are introduced into the mix?

The Window is Amelia Brunskill’s first novel. It’s been well-received by readers and critics as well as fellow authors. Karen M. McManus is a New York Times bestselling author that called Brunskill’s literary debut onto the scene ‘a gripping tale’ that involves suspense, secrets, and sisterhood.

Author of Last Seen Leaving Caleb Roehrig called this novel ‘a fast-paced mystery’ that is ‘layered and compelling’. He also praised Brunskill’s protagonist, saying that the bold and intriguing main character would be sure to keep readers turning the page until they find every last secret. Kara Thomas, the esteemed author of the thriller novel The Darkest Corners, called the novel “layered and haunting”, citing the many twists that kept her reading late into the night!

The WIndow focuses on two identical twin sisters, Anna and Jess. Jess and Anna are totally different. Jess is a quiet girl and an introvert, and Anna is outgoing and athletic. They may look like they are nearly the same person, but they have such different personalities that you would find it hard to believe that they were related as sisters or twins if you didn’t see that they looked exactly alike because of their differences. Still, they do share the closeness of twins and the two girls tell each other everything.

There are no secrets between twins. Jess thought that she and Anna knew everything about each other. But her life is forever changed– and Anna’s as well– on one fateful night. Everyone is shocked when Anna is discovered dead, having apparently fallen on her way to sneak out of the bedroom through the window. From the instant that she finds out, Jess’s world will never be the same.

Everyone is shocked and devastated, and no one more so than Jess. She just cannot believe that this happened at all, let alone to Anna. Everyone around her is saying that it’s an accident and taking solace in that, but Jess can’t be sure that’s what happened. It seems like it would take far more than that to kill her athletic and confident sister. It wasn’t like she didn’t have some measure of ability when it came to balance or hand to eye coordination. Could she really have fallen?

Jess isn’t so sure that it’s what everyone is saying. None of it seems to make sense or even add up in any way. Where was Anna going when she was sneaking out of the house? Was she going to meet someone? DId she have a whole secret life and routine that she had purposefully hidden from her twin Jess? Jess starts to wonder whether they really did share everything, or they had shared everything in life, but only up to a point.

Anna must have started hiding something at some point because none of this makes sense without it. If Jess is missing something when it comes to the accident, then everyone else is too. Could she have had a secret boyfriend that she was going out to meet? Had she gone out to a party? Jess has no idea, but she can’t fight the compulsion to find out everything that she can and start really digging.

At first, it all starts as a crusade out of shock and grief and as a way that she hopes will find her closure. But as time goes on for Jess, it’s also a way to feel closer to her twin, knowing that she’s not going to let go of her twin instantly and that she doesn’t have to. Maybe it will bring her a full circle of feeling better, but Jess knows that she’s not going to feel good for a long time, if not ever. You don’t get over losing a twin like this.

Anna of all people deserved justice and for someone to know the truth. If none of this made sense and Jess didn’t have any answers, she was going to go out and find some. Especially if Anna had been lying to her. That meant it was something really big, and as her twin, Jess deserved to know. The more that Jess digs, the more that she begins to find that Anna really was keeping secrets. Not just a few, either– a lot of secrets. Far more than Jess ever knew, and Anna never told her.

As Jess keeps going and continues to dig into Anna’s secret world, she’s starting to find out that maybe she’s the only one that wants to find out these secrets. There might be other people that want the truth to stay hidden as long as possible. Anna wasn’t the only person that was keeping secrets, and now Jess may be in danger.

Can Jess make it through the fire and find out what happened to Anna? One way or another, she’s going to do her best to discover what happened once and for all. To find out for yourself, pick up this exciting debut novel in the fiction genre from author Amelia Brunskill.

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