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Publication Order of Amelia Storm Books

By: Mary Stone, Amy Wilson

Amelia Storm Series
Amelia Storm is a literary series by Mary Stone and co-author Amy Wilson. An East Tennessee resident whose niche is mystery, Mary Stone’s girly fears of bedtime monsters inspired her mystery books; she debuted in 2019, and has also co-authored books with Bella Cross. A Bristol resident who debuted in January 2017, Amy Wilson studied creative writing at the Bath Spa University. Amy’s literary influence is Diana Wynne Jones; the one-time journalist’s niche is juvenile fiction.

Books in the Amelia Storm Series
Mary’s Winter Black series is her most-rated and renowned, although the Amelia Storm series is the highest-rated book series comparatively. Co-authoring the Amelia Storm series aside, Amy tends to specialize with owl-inspired standalone fantasy books.

Storm’s Awakening is book 0.5 in the Amelia Storm series. It was initially released on January 3, 2021. The series’ title Amelia Storm refers to the female protagonist’s name, while book 0.5’s title Storm’s Awakening refers to the protagonist’s newly-acquired awareness.

Prologue: Amelia is a Chicago native whose decision, ten year previously, to join the army resulted from her painful experience at the hands of a local Mafia called Passarellis. The then Amelia was a fearful and weakly girl before serving in the military, where she saw action and left as a fearless and strong ex-military woman—the formerly Boston-based FBI agent is now a Chicago-based agent. Her military experience, particularly her sharpshooting skills, serve her in good stead.

Initially dated January 4, 2021; Storm’s Fury is book one in the Amelia Storm series. Amelia Storm’s furiously deals with the mafia, thus the book’s title.
External conflict: Amelia unavoidably associated with law breakers during her pre-military life, which she uses to her advantage while investigating sex trafficking many years later. Internal conflict: Amelia has had personal tragedies. One, her mother died of cancer. Two, her ex-lover is affiliated with the mafia—her current lover is a colleague named Zane Palmer. Three: her kid sister, named Lanie, is a drug addict. However, two worse issues are the tipping point: five, the Passarellis murders Amelia’s brother, a policeman called Trevor,, during law enforcement; and, six, the involvement of the mafia in human trafficking that culminates in the disappearance of children (as revealed in a fictitious Netflix-related show called Vanished), including a five-year-long cold case concerning the disappearance of the then pre-teenage—and currently aged sixteen—girl called Leila Johnson who is about to be a sex trafficking victim.

An informant—alleging Leila’s participation in forced prostitution—prompts the concerned and vengeful Amelia to retaliate, despite taking the so-called Leone mafia head-on wherein she clashes with notorious mobsters named Shark and Mr. K.

Originally dated February 8, 2021; Storm’s Peril is book two in the Amelia Storm series. In Storm’s Peril, the trigger is the disappearance of an illegal migrant, a teenage girl, and her brother is a suspect. Amelia alongside her colleague Zane Palmer are called in to trace the female immigrant and rescue her from suspected human traffickers. Things worsen after the disappearance of the victim’s sibling and the murder of a regional female investigative journalist—called Vivian—who doubled up as the duo’s informant.

Now, Amelia and Zane are not only dealing with the disappearance of two illegal immigrants, but also conducting journalist Vivian’s homicide investigation. On the flipside, the Chicago police has been infiltrated; the duo smoke out an oftentimes distracting double agent named Joseph Larson who is spying for mobsters practicing forced labor in a mafia-owned farm.

The third book in the Amelia Storm series is titled Storm’s Cage, which was initially released on March 22, 2021. The main theme of Storm’s Cage is child pornography, wherein Amelia and Zane are investigating the ringleaders. The mafia-associated child pornography syndicate comprises of four ringleaders, namely: a man who committed suicide, another man whom Amelia killed, a third man being prosecuted, and yet another anonymous Chicago police officer whose participation amounts to abuse of power.

Zane is reassigned a new task, where the agent is dealing with cybercrime alongside a new colleague named Glenn. The not-so-new colleague named Joseph Larson is reassigned to Amelia’s case, which concerns identifying the rogue Chicago detective. However, Amelia does not have to worry about her treacherous colleague—who also uses a mutual secret to blackmail her—because she is remorseful for her participation in the extra-judicial killing of one of the ringleaders.
Originally released on March 22, 2021; Storm’s Ruin is book four in the Amelia Storm series. In the Storm’s Ruins, Amelia is notably dragged into a bilateral conflict involving two senatorial candidates who have links with the mafia. Amelia aside; the other notable characters are Stan Young whose political rival is called Ben Storey.

The plot’s trigger is council member Ben’s decision to vie for the senatorial position, thereby opposing and confronting the current senator Stan. Ben has information that incriminates Stan that may also not only reacquaint herself with her brother’s assassination but also help her dismantle the Leone mob. Unfortunately, a prearranged meeting between Amelia and the whistleblowing Ben turns tragic when she chances on his corpse in their meeting point; she is seen near the crime scene and, considering her shady life, may be held accountable in a career-threatening interrogation.

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