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About Amélie Wen Zhao

The Chinese author Amélie Wen Zhao is well known for her imaginative and creative Young Adult fantasy fiction. Really getting a true sense of scale and scope, she brings her unique worlds to life upon the page, whilst immersing the reader heavily within them. Allowing her audience to then fully explore these worlds, she makes them feel wholly believable and real every step of the way. With extensive research backing her material, she pays close attention to detail, really ensuring it all feels authentic.

There’s truly a sense of the epic when it comes to Zhao’s novels, as she manages to keep it entirely within her control. Often filled with a sense of dark fantasy, she establishes an atmosphere that’s truly foreboding, immersing the reader within her rich narrative. She also creates elaborate visuals, really setting the tone for what’s to come, providing plenty of twists and turns along the way. Her stories also say something deeper and more profound too, as she offers a clear message in each of her novels as well.

When it comes to iconic characters, she’s also adept at creating long-lasting protagonists that really leave an impact upon the reader. Knowing her material well, Zhao brings it to life in a way that definitely feels authentic to her, giving it her own personal voice. The many settings she uses are also well drawn, as they feel fully three-dimensional, and almost a character in of themselves. With so much more to come too, she definitely will not be finishing up any time soon either, as there’s lots more on the horizon.

Early and Personal Life

Born in Paris, France, Amélie Wen Zhao would move to Beijing with her family, whereby she was raised in an international community there. Growing with a clear love of storytelling, she would continually read from an early age, developing her passion for writing. Over time this would see her become a fully fledged writer of her own, as she refine and hone her voice throughout the years.

Whilst growing up in an international community she would witness a range of cultures, giving her a more profound level of understanding. Attending New York University, she would graduate from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business there in 2014, before going on to work in finance. Currently writing from her home in Manhattan, New York, she continues to write to this very day, with a lot more to follow.

Writing Career

Beginning her writing during nights whilst working in finance, Zhao would start fully focusing on writing after university. During this time she would concentrate on creating her Young Adult fantasy trilogy, which would come to be known as the ‘Blood Heir Trilogy.’ Starting with the novel ‘Blood Heir’ in 2019, she would soon go on to publish the second novel, ‘Red Tigress,’ in 2021, and then ‘Crimson Reign’ in 2022.

Her first series would cross boundaries in its appeal, drawing in readers from far and wide with its grand, epic saga. Pushing the fantasy genre to the limits, Zhao would really make the most from it as an author, pushing it to its full potential. Maintaining a presence both online and off, she’s become a hugely successful novelist, appreciated by both the critics and the general public alike.

Red Tigress

First published through the ‘Delacorte Press’ publishing label, this book initially came out in 2021 on the 2nd of March. It would be the second book in the ‘Blood Heir Trilogy,’ following on from the previous book, ‘Blood Heir,’ which was released in 2019. The books should be read in order, as it’s an ongoing saga, with the full trilogy telling the complete story in its entirety.

As the last surviving member of the royal family of Cyrilla, Ana Mikhailov has no allies, army, nor title to her name. Despite this she needs to take back the throne at all costs, otherwise she’ll be forced to endure the brutal retribution brought down upon her by the empress. Setting about establishing a new-world order build on the spilled blood of slain non-Affinites, Morganya won’t stop till they’re all killed Ana believes. Will she be able to take by the throne by any means necessary, can she stop Morganya, and what will become of the Red Tigress?

One of the key features of this book is the real sense of world-building, as it really elevates the world from the previous book. Continuing the saga, it really opens everything out, giving it a real feeling of weight and purpose, as the audience becomes fully invested in the action. Its use of character is also to be admired, really creating some iconic and long-lasting personalities that leap out from the page.

Crimson Reign

The third book in the ‘Blood Heir Trilogy,’ this originally came out in 2022 on the 1st of March, finishing off the series. Published through the ‘Delacorte Press’ imprint once again, everything is tied up in the epic fantasy saga for all the characters. Completing the saga, the books really do need to be read in order so as to fully enjoy the series, as it develops both the characters and the world.

Returning to Cyrilla as the Red Tigress, Ana soon discovers that the country has now fallen to a darkened rule. Whilst Ana did deal a blow to Morganya in Bregon against her troops, the Empress continues to tighten her rule, having gained the final Bregonian Siphon. Using this weapon she will steal Affinites, as Ana’s force are scattered and her links with the Cyrian rebel group, the Red Cloaks, becoming increasingly frayed. Will Ana be able to restore peace to the land, how will she fight the forces of darkness, and can she finally end the Crimson Reign?

Finishing off the series, this is a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy, definitely making for a thrilling last book. There’s so much at stake here, as the pressure is on for Ana to finish her journey and prevent the forces of darkness from winning. Grabbing the reader from the outset, this is epic in both its sense of scope and scale, letting the reader really enjoy all the twists and turns.

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