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Publication Order of American Family Portrait Books

The American Family Portrait book series is an adventurous series of Christian fiction, historical fiction, romance, adult fiction, and Christian romance stories. It consists of a total of 9 books published between 1994 and 2008. The series is written by an award-winning freelance American writer named Jack Cavanaugh. Jack has written the series as a description of the lives of the Morgan family. The members of this American family are shown to be patriotic and passionate. They carry a biblical heritage with them that runs through the history of the country. There are a lot of exciting stories in the series for the readers as they follow the adventures of the Morgan family and seem the Holy Bible being handed down through its different generations. Some of the important characters depicted by Jack Cavanaugh in the entire series include Drew Morgan, Bishop Laud, Justin, Benjamin Morgan, Esau Morgan, Jacob Morgan, Mercy Reed, Jared Morgan, Anne Morgan, Caleb MacKenna, Jeremiah Morgan, Jesse Morgan, Emily Morgan, Katy Morgan, Johhny Morgan, Laura Morgan, Alexandra, Lily, Nat, Walt, Travis, Paige Morgan, Ethan Morgan, Andrew Morgan, and a few others. The settings of the stories begin in England in the 17th century and move to a number of places, mostly in America, over the next few centuries. The places where the major parts of the series’ stories take place include Puritan village in England, Massachusetts, Boston, Philadelphia, New York, Denver, Belgium, France, Vietnam, etc. The books and the series altogether are very popular. They have earned praise from numerous critics and readers in many parts of the world.

Jack Cavanaugh has written around 25 books in his career, most of which are very popular. His books are still in print after 15 years of their release and are liked by a large number of readers across the globe. Other than writing novels, Jack teaches and studies at the writers’ conferences. He has also been a pastor of 3 churches. Jack uses his experiences while he has a pastor in creating his characters and plots. His books have been translated in over a dozen languages. Jack has written on a wide variety of topics and has been hailed for his dedication. Currently, he is involved in writing screenplays for motion pictures and e-books. Jack’s novel, Death Watch, has been selected to be adapted into a movie by the Out COld Entertainment production company. The author resides in Southern California with his beloved wife and 3 children.

The debut book of the American Family Portrait series written by author Jack Cavanaugh is entitled ‘The Puritans’. It was released by the RiverOak Publishing in 2005, after its first release in 1994. The main characters of the book include Bishop Laud, Drew Morgan, Justin, and others. Its setting has taken place in England and in the Massachusetts Bay Colony, United States. At the novel’s beginning, Drew Morgan is introduced as a young man living in England. He gets selected by Bishop Laud for a specific assignment. Bishop Laud is known to be the next most powerful person in all of England after the king. So, Drew Morgan takes his words very seriously. As per the assignment, Drew is asked to infiltrate the villages in Puritan and find the traitors of the crown and church. He is required to catch all such traitors and turn them over to Bishop Laud for punishment. Also, Drew Morgan is told to find out the real identity of a man named Justin, who distributes pamphlets secretly throughout the villages.

Justin’s pamphlets contain matters that are against the church and so Bishop Laud wants him caught and imprisoned. But first, Drew must establish his identity and uncover his secret hiding place. When Drew reaches Puritan, he falls for the beauty of the curate’s daughter. As a result, he fails to do all the tasks that Bishop Laud had ordered him to do for him. Drew Morgan begins to feel that his spiritual yearnings are beginning to take root and personal fortunes are starting to falter. Ultimately, he takes the decision of getting converted. Drew sets sail to the colony of New World in Massachusetts with the intention of winning the forgiveness of all those people whom he hurt in any way, especially the lady he loves. When Bishop Laud comes to know about this unexpected decision of Drew, he tries to prevent him from going ahead. Laud even threatens him with serious consequences if he doesn’t listen to him. But, Drew Morgan seems to have made up his mind and face any obstacles that come in his way. He knows where his priorities lie and he intends to do whatever it takes to save the ones he loves from harm. This story is described in the form of an unforgettable journey of faith and new beginnings of spiritual heritage that go on to span generations.

Another mind-blowing novel of this series is called ‘The Victors’. It was published in 1998 by the David C. Cook publishers. The essential characters of this novel include Walt, Laura, Nat, Johnny, Alexandra, Lily, and others. This novel’s plot is set in San Diego. Initially, it is mentioned that the world is facing its greatest evil in the form of a World War. The Christian ideals are tested and the lives of American citizens are jeopardized. In such testing times, the ones who have the strength to endure will emerge as Victors. For the Morgans, a time has come after 3 centuries when their spiritual heritage has started to weaken. Those days seem to have gone when the Morgans used to oppose religious persecution, carve civilizations out of the wilderness, and fight against slavery in order to defeat it. As the Nazis continue their engulfing menace all across Europe and Pacific is threatened by the militarism of the Japanese, Laura and Johnny Morgan’s 4 grown-up children do not seem to show any concern. They remain pre-occupied with movies, sports, big bands, and radio, and don’t care about the spiritual things around them even a little bit.

When the Morgan family is about to meet in San Diego for a reunion, their plans get disrupted by the news of the Pearl Harbor attack by the Japanese air force. Johnny & Laura feel that their efforts for rekindling the interests of their children in their family’s heritage have been smothered. In the next few months, Lily, Nat, Walt, and Alexandra get scattered and placed in different institutions abroad where their faith is tested and their life is endangered. At home, Laura & Johnny Morgan face rationing and feel the threat of invasion from the Japanese. Later, they receive messages that bear the ill tidings of their children’s fate. Both John and Laura get shaken by this news and fear one full generation’s possible extinction. Fearing that their family’s spiritual heritage will not be able to proceed further if they lose their children, Laura & Johnny turn to God and pray to save their children from their ill fates.

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