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Publication Order of Amerotke Books

The Mask of Ra (1998)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Horus Killings (1999)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Anubis Slayings (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Slayers of Seth (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Assassins of Isis (2004)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Poisoner of Ptah (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Spies of Sobeck (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Amerotke series is a popular book series of crime fiction, historical fiction, and historical mystery novels. This series is written by a very successful and noteworthy author from Great Britain named Paul C. Doherty. It is comprised of a total of 7 books, which were released between the years 1998 and 2008. Author Doherty has done the setting of the books’ stories of the 15th century B.C. in Egypt. Each and every novel of this successful series features the chief protagonist in the role of Amerotke. He is depicted in the entire series as a Chief Judge living in Thebes, Egypt. All the novels generally take place during the 1479 BC and show Amerotke as taking on various mysterious cases that keep happening around the city of Thebes, Ancient Egypt. He not only ends up solving the mysteries, but also makes sure that the criminals are made to pay for their crimes and serve the appropriate prison time. In some cases, he comes across some very deadly criminals, who tend to make things difficult for him. But, Amerotke manages to come out of every difficult situation unscathed. He always seems all prepared to take on the next mysterious cases at any point of time. After working out numerous mysteries, Amerotke becomes so much used to in solving the cases that his mind starts working in every possible situation as soon as he learns about a case. Author Paul Doherty began writing the Amerotke series in the year 1998 and released its debut in the same year. It was called as The Mask of Ra. He finally ended the series in 2008 with its last novel named The Spies of Sobeck. Other than Amerotke, the other primary character depicted in all the novels is Shufoy, who is described as the servant of Amerotke. Shufoy also assists him in all his cases and tries to help him out in gathering the clues and evidences.

The debut book written by author Paul C. Doherty in the Amerotke series is entitled ‘The Mask of Ra’. It was published in the year 1999 by the Headline Publishing, after its initial release in 1998. This novel’s plot takes place in Thebes and Nile Delta. The lead characters mentioned in this book by Paul Doherty include Pharoah Tuthmosis II, Amerotke, Hatusu, and a few others. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Pharoah Tuthmosis engages in many great battles with the Nile Delta’s sea raiders and emerges victories in all of them. He spends so much time in the sea fighting the battles that Tuthmosis begins to frail. But, his victories give him solace. Finally, a day comes when he decides to head back home to Thebes and reunite with his beautiful wife. In return for the brave and courageous efforts that he showed out in the open sea, Pharoah Tuthmosis expects a grand welcome at his return. However, there are some people around Thebes across the whole river, who do not appear to relish Pharoah Tuthmosis II’s homecoming. Also, an assissins’ group takes a withh and pollutes the unfinished tomb of Pharoah Tuthmosis in order to frighten him and make him stop doing interfering in the business of the sea pirates. Upon his return, Pharoah Tuthmosis meets with his lovely wife, Hatusu, and shares some love-filled moments with her. He stands in front of Amun-Ra’s statue and witnesses a huge crowd roar for him and chanting his name. The fanfare of the trumpets continue to ring for a long time in his welcome. But, this grand fanfest does not last for long, as Pharoah Tuthmosis dies within an hour of his arrival in Thebes. When the news of death spreads across the city, the people become very upset and begin to mourn their great hero. They seem to be in a condition where they are not able to forget the wounded doves’ omen that fly overhead. After a little while, rumors spread all across that Pharoah Tuthmosis was mysteriously killed by someone very close to him. People start speculating about the killer and come up with different situations that all seem possible. And when the rumors become rife enough, Hatusu promises herself that she is going to unravel the mystery behind the killing of her beloved husband. Hatusu approaches Amerotke and asks for his help in finding her husband’s killer. He seems to be the only person whom she can trust as Amerotke is respected all over Thebes for his fair judgements. The two team up and embark on a path, which seems destined to not only unravel the mysterious murderer, but also reveal a number of other hidden secrets and mysteries of Egypt.

Another successful novel of the Amerotke book series is called ‘The Anubis Slayings’. This book was also released by Headline Publishing in 2001, following its first release in 2000. Author Paul Doherty has set this novel too in Thebes, Egypt, in 1479. The important characters described in this particular book include Hatusu, Amerotke, King Tushratta, etc. At the beginning of the story of this book, it is mentioned that the young and the remarkably brave widow of Tuthmosis, Hatusu, forces the society in Egypt to consider her claim as the next Pharoah as she is the widow of the previous Pharoah. Her success in various battles spread the glory of Egypt beyond its boundaries and add strength to her claim. One of the popular kings that Hatusu defeats is King Tushratta from Mitanni, who seems rather stunned by her strategies. He decides to put forward a request for a negotiation of a peace treaty with Hatusu to which she agrees. Hatusu sees this peace treaty as an opportunity for sealing the greatest victory of her life. She also agrees to meet at the temple of Annubis and sign the peace treaty with King Tushratta. But, before the negotiation could take place, a couple of murders take place hideously in the temple. Also, the Anubis Glory gets stolen. These two events threaten the happening of the planned truce. Hatusu cannot afford to let this happen. So, she calls in Chief Judge Amerotke once again to help her out in such a situation. Hatusu requests Amertoke to find the murderers and catch the thieves. Hatusu needs to recover the Anubis Glory at any cost for making the Egyptian society acknowledge her claim of becoming the next Pharoah. Amertotke also knows that Hatusu is a hard working and dedicated person, and is the perfect candidate for the position of Pharoah. So, he agrees to provide his help in finding the perpetrators and safeguard the glory of Hatusu and Egypt.

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