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Amish Country Crossroads Books In Order

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Publication Order of Amish Country Crossroads Books

The “Amish Country Crossroads series is written by author Beverly Lewis (who has also written the “Abram’s Daughters” series, “The Heritage of Lancaster County” series, the “Annie’s People” series). It is from the romance genre.

Lewis herself was born in the Amish country of Pennsylvania, and her upbringing in Lancaster County and her Mennonite heritage. This provides her some much needed inspiration as well as background information that is authentic for this series about the Plain people and the lives they lead.

The series began publication in the year 1999 when “The Postcard” was released. It ended after three books in the year 2008, when “Sanctuary” was released.

One thing leads to another when a guy named Philip finds a postcard in his room at a bed and breakfast and meets a woman named Rachel. This while he is there to write about the Amish after being given an assignment about them.

The third book in the series is about someone named Melissa, and is only set in the same town. Philip and Rachel are not the leads in the book.

“The Crossroad” won an ECPA Gold Award, which means the book sold half a million copies.

“The Postcard” is the first novel in the “Amish Country Crossroads” series, which was released in the year 1999. Rachel Yoder (who is a female New Order Amish member) lost both her son and husband after a tragic accident that happened two years ago. She goes back to her parents, who are getting older, with her young daughter. Rachel settles into the widow’s life. It is with a subdued yet cheerful heart that she assists her family run their bed and breakfast in the idyllic Lancaster county town.

Philip Bradley (journalist from New York City and world weary) is in Lancaster on an assignment to write about the Amish community. He stays at Yoder’s B&B. By chance, he finds a postcard that was written in illegible Pennsylvania Dutch that is in the dresser of his room that puts in motion some events that pushes him into Amish life and to a mysterious woman’s bedside.

She is only known as “The Storyteller”. The postcard is a connection to a haunted past, the woman slowly tells a riveting story about as old as she is. This story is about a community that is seeped in secrecy and wrecked by betrayal.

Rachel and Philip are fascinated by her story and their lives are intertwined, despite attempts by the community to help keep her safe from this outsider. She is torn by those she loves and the feelings in her heart. Rachel looks through her past to heal her wounds so that new love might grow there.

The book intrigues the reader with the past of a postcard. Fans of the novel found this to be an intriguing book, with a mystery in it that was quite captivating. The book has a great plot with some interesting twists and good subplots that added some depth to the whole thing. Philip Bradley is a warm and caring man that readers loved reading about. They enjoyed seeing him grow over the course of the book, too. Some cannot wait to tear into the sequel, to find out more of the story. Readers liked that Lewis used the actual language the Amish use.

“The Crossroad” is the second novel in the “Amish Country Crossroads” series, which was released in the year 2001. After finding the postcard, Philip is unable to forget the Amish folk he met while he was there on assignment. Especially Rachel and Annie, Rachel’s young daughter. Rachel’s outlook on life, despite her blindness, as well as the appealing and uncomplicated life she leads call to Philip while he lives his fast paced career and life in New York.

His new knowledge for the real reason she went blind pushes him on to find out what he is able to about a cure. Rachel has ideas of her own about how she can restore her vision, and nowhere to be found is the local healer or his black box. Rachel firmly believes that her God is the only one able to give her sigh. But while the memories of her trauma she went through flood back to her, she wonders if she can go through the agony that recovery will bring her.

Over the Christmas holiday, Philip is pulled back to Lancaster and he fights with the large divide that separates him and the gorgeous woman of the Plain. She has been through some unbearable heartache, so will his budding affection bring her more of the same. Are they going to have to sacrifice any future with each other for all that they love and know?

Fans of the novel enjoyed the way that Beverly Lewis is able to take you to where her books are set. She makes it so that you are there with all that is going on, and see exactly what is going on at any point in the story. Some liked how clean this romance story was. They also felt themselves rooting for Rachel and hoped she would be able to recover her sight and heal emotionally.

“Sanctuary” is the third novel in the “Amish Country Crossroads” series, which was released in the year 2008. She hoped that the day would never come, but when Melissa James’ past comes calling for her, she has got no choice. She has to flee. She is pursued and lives on the run. Melissa finds some of the sanctuary she has longed for in Amish country.

Fans of the novel found this to be a captivating story, that at times was heartbreaking and at others was interesting. Some of the characters were fully realized, and readers were able to visualize them well. Lewis is able to dive into emotions like betrayal and fear, as well as having faith in God. She is also able to put words together in a poetic way that makes her story flow that much more.

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