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Amish Heirloom Books In Order

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Publication Order of Amish Heirloom Books

The Forgotten Recipe (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Courtship Basket (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cherished Quilt (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Beloved Hope Chest (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amish Heirloom is a series of Amish romance novels written by Amy Clipston. The books tell the story of the Fisher family who must deal with love, loss, and sacrifice as they fight tooth and nail to find happiness.

+The Story
Veronica Fisher met the love of her life. He was everything she could ever want, not only kind and handsome but also loving. They were all set to marry and to start their new lives.

But then a tragic accident at work took Seth Lapp to heaven. Veronica was heartbroken. Certain that she would never find love again, the young woman found some solace in a batch of forgotten recipes from her mother’s belongings.

The raspberry pies Veronica made using the recipes were a massive hit. And Veronica realized that the work successfully kept her raw emotions at bay. But then Jason Huyard came into the picture and everything changed.

Jason and Seth worked together. Jason was there when Seth died and the guilt of what he might have done to save his friend haunted him for so long. He wanted to make things right with Seth’s fiancé, to tell Veronica that he had witnessed Seth’s final moments; he also wanted to do what he could to console her wounded heart.

But his nerves wouldn’t let him approach her. Jason never intended to visit Veronica’s bakery. His mother pushed him to make the approach because she had heard so many wonderful things about Veronica’s pies.

And Jason eventually relented. He thought that his first face to face encounter with Veronica would also be his last. But then the two of them locked eyes, love bloomed and Jason found that he was finding excuses to visit the bakery several times a week.

One part of him longed to confess his feelings to Veronica and to claim her for himself. But another part was afraid that she would reject him if she ever learned the secret he was hiding.

Veronica and Jason’s love story is explored in ‘The Forgotten Recipe’, the first novel in the Amish Heirloom series. The Amish Heirloom books are definitely love stories.

The Fisher family takes center stage. Each installment in the series tells the story of one of Leroy and Mattie’s three daughters.

Veronica kicks things off in Book One. Hers is the most tragic of the stories because her fiancé died. Rachel Fisher takes over in Book Two. Her story, while not tragic, also starts off poorly.

Rachel was betrayed by the two people she trusted the most. As such, like Veronica, she is reluctant to give love another chance. Emily Fisher comes in last, the youngest member of the Fisher siblings and a girl who struggles to control the envy she feels for her sisters and the happiness they have found with their soul mates.

One doesn’t have to read the Amish Heirloom series in the order the books were released. At the end of the day, each novel focuses on a new couple.

Amy Clipston’s protagonists have been hurt in some sense. Their past haunts them and, as such, they are hesitant to pursue relationships. When they meet their soul mate, he or she begins to wear their defenses down, forcing them to consider the possibility of finding love once more.

However, even after they come to terms with their feelings for one another, a secret continues to linger between them, one that won’t let the pair find peace and happiness until they deal with it.

Each novel can be read and enjoyed on its own without knowledge of any of the books that came before or after. However, because characters from previous novels make frequent appearances in the sequels, one is more likely to enjoy the Amish Heirloom series to the extent that it was intended if they read the individual novels in the order they were published.

It should be noted that, even though this series is driven by romance, there is an element of mystery that appears in all the novels. Mattie, the mother of Emily, Rachel, and Veronica, has a secret.

She has a chest of belongings that she doesn’t allow anyone to access, a chest that hints at her past. Throughout the run of the Amish Heirloom series, Mattie’s secrets are probed, poked and prodded until Mattie’s story is finally revealed and explored in detail in the fourth Amish Heirloom book.

Most Amy Clipston fans you encounter will tell you good things about this series. They appreciate the strong characters, the sweet romances, and the many mentions of God, Church, Faith, and the Bible.

+The Author
Amy Clipston is an American author that writes Christian and Amish fiction. She writes a lot about Faith and Love. As a child, Amy was always fascinated by the Amish. That interest followed her into adulthood.

+The Forgotten Recipe
Veronica thought she was the luckiest woman in the world. After all, she was about to marry the greatest man in the world. But then Seth Lapp died in a work accident and Veronica’s emotions were buried along with him.

She was certain that her one and only chance at finding real love had passed her by. But then she met Jason. The two of them grew to love one another because Jason wouldn’t stop visiting her bakery.

Jason found a way into Veronica’s heart. He made her feel things she didn’t think she could feel anymore. But then when it came to pushing their relationship to the next level, Jason hesitated. He had a secret, one that he feared would destroy everything if Veronica ever found out.

+The Courtship Basket
Rachel loved her boyfriend. She thought they had a future together. But then he abandoned her for her best friend and Rachel’s world shattered. She joined an Amish school for the disabled and found some satisfaction in helping the children there grow.

Mike Lantz was overwhelmed. His family was in dire straits and, as such, he couldn’t give his brother the attention he needed. Fortunately, Rachel noticed John’s plight immediately.
In choosing to make him a priority, Rachel never expected to find love.

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