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Publication Order of Amish Home Valley Books

Fall from Pride (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Return to Grace (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Finding Mercy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Upon a Winter's Night (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Covered Bridge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Amish Home Valley series is a series of suspense and romantic mystery novels written by the noteworthy American author Karen Harper. All the novels of the series are set in an Amish community which is very tight-knit. Each novel of the series follows an individual story and revolves around different sets of characters from within the Home Valley community. Author Karen Harper began writing the series in the year 2011 and successfully published its first novel. There is a total of 4 novels in the series published between the years 2011 and 2013. The first novel of the Amish Home Valley series written by author Karen Harper was published under the title ‘Fall from Pride’. It was published by the Nira publishing house in the year 2011. The plot of the novel revolves around the lives of the central characters Sarah Kauffman and Nate McKenzie.

In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Sarah Kauffman is depicted as seeking permission from the elders of her church for painting the murals on some of the barns of the Amish community. All of the barns were designed in the form of quilt squares in the old-fashioned style and represent the traditions of the rich Amish community. Sarah liked it very much and loved the way the barns were designed beautifully. They were also designed with art works, which were intended to attract a large number of tourists in the Home Valley. This was done to strengthen the struggling economy of the Amish Home Valley. However, the intentions of the people of Home Valley are not fulfilled as they invite a menace into their community. One after the other, each of the barns gets destroyed by setting ablaze. The news of the destruction spread like a wildfire and cause fear among the people of the community. People became very much frightened with the arson fires, which caused a great deal of tension among the English and Amish community alike. Finding herself at the center of all the destruction, Sarah Kauffman begins to wonder whether she was getting the punishment for showing her pride and dedication or there was some other malevolent will that framed her into the destruction.

Soon after, the other character named Nate McKenzie is introduced as an arson investigator. He is neither basically from the Amish community, nor does he live in the Home Valley. Therefore, being an outsider, he finds it very difficult to carry out the investigation in a proper manner. Nate McKenzie even struggles to to the detailing of the crime scene as he tries to adjust himself to the Amish ways. Sarah Kauffman helps him to get acquainted with the people of the plain and guides him throughout the investigation. Because of the much required help, Nate McKenzie feels the warmth of the people of the Home Valley and loves their simple ways of living. Meanwhile, the fires continue to rage which cause the eventual changes in the beliefs of the people as well as question the way of life of the people of the Amish community. Moving ahead with the investigation Nate McKenzie becomes successful in exposing the dark secrets of the influential families of the valley. Sarah Kauffman and Nate McKenzie try to unite the people of the Home Valley during the aftermath of the great destruction. They see it as a possible solution of overcoming the fears from the destruction and once again raising their barns as well as the hopes of their future.

The second novel of the Amish Home Valley series written by author Karen Harper was published under the title ‘Return to Grace’. It was published by the Mira publishing house in the year 2012. The plot of this novel is also set in the Home valley of the Amish community just like the first novel of the series, and features the main characters in the form of Hannah Esh, Seth Lantz and Linc Armstrong. ‌In the opening sequence of the plot of the novel, Hannah Esh is depicted as fleeing the Amish community of the Home Valley because of a betrayal in her love life that had broken her heart. She throws herself into her worldly wishes of becoming a singer and strives to achieve it. But, no matter how hard she tries to run away from her painful past, something or the other comes up that keeps pulling her to her past life experiences. After some time, Hannah Esh brings four of her worldly friends to the Amish graveyard situated near her family’s home in order to indulge with them in a midnight Halloween party. Her hopes of enjoying a peaceful and joyous evening are shattered when gunshots are fired and one of her friends gets killed. This causes her to be pulled back into the troubled world of her past life.

The investigation about the shooting and murder of her friend begins to uncover a number of deeply buried secrets. The secrets turned out to be extremely shocking to the people of the Amish community. It shocked the people of the valley and the community to its core. Despite all the secrets getting revealed, Hannah Esh seems to be determined to prove her worth to the community that she had left before. She tries to bridge the gap between the two cultures of the Home Valley. In doing so, Hannah Esh is helped by the arrogant and handsome FBI agent Linc Armstrong. She also works with her former boyfriend and fiancee, Seth Lantz, who is now widowed with a small daughter. Soon after, Hannah Esh realizes that she is stuck between Lantz and Seth, the new and old, and the Amish and worldly things. Hence, she is required to make her choice, before a killer, who is dedicated towards preventing the secrecy of the Home Valley, comes behind her to make her his next victim. The novel became highly successful just like the first novel of the series. This allowed author Karen Harper to receive a lot of praises and appreciations for her determined efforts in writing the interesting plot of the novel. Readers from all over the world found it to be extremely intriguing and encouraged Karen to write more interesting novels. Karen got huge motivations from the success of the initial novels of the series and went on to write a few more novels in the series. She also tried her hand at writing other series’ based on different genres.

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