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Publication Order of Amish Letters Books

Written in Love (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Promise of a Letter (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Words from the Heart (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

The name ‘Amish Letters’ refers to a series of novels written by Kathleen Fuller. Kathleen is one of the most popular authors of Amish fiction on the market today. Her ability to highlight the difficulties and challenges of Amish life set her apart.

The fact that she can intertwine compelling stories of romance with the strict nature of Amish life has allowed Kathleen to transcend common Amish literary stereotypes.

+The Story

Kathleen Fuller’s series are normally categorized by the themes that drive them. The Amish Letters series is aptly named because the stories told within its confines are either initiated or ended by letters.

For instance, the first novel in the Amish Letters series begins with two young Amish people accidentally receiving one another’s letters. And rather than discarding them, the man and the woman in question decide to write back to the stranger at the other end. This initiates a friendship that slowly grows into something stronger, with the pair eventually meeting to sort out their respective problems.

The second novel kicks things into gear when the hero of the story, a wayward son of sorts, receives a letter from his grandmother prompting him to go make peace with his brother. This sets in motion a series of events that put him into contact with the woman he will learn to love.

The letters in question in both these stories do not play a central role in the plot. They simply act as tools through which the meat of the story begins to play out, after which they fade into the background. However, their role in each story is such that the letters are crucial aspects of each book.

Though, once they have played their part, the consequences of these letters tend to take center stage. In each case, the hero and the heroine are put in unique situations where they find people they never expected and form relationships they did not plan for.

A central theme of the Amish Letters series is redemption. Many of the characters in this series have fallen by the wayside. They have made bad decisions and, in some cases, they are unable to escape the consequences of their foolish mistakes.

The situations they encounter in the Amish Letters series force them to realize that the mistakes of the past do not necessarily have to destroy their future. The girls and boys that Kathleen Fuller writes here are put on the path to discovering God’s love once more.

They have to realize that God can and will forgive them all their transgressions. And once they reach this moment in their lives, they must also learn to forgive themselves. It could be argued that the theme of forgiveness is ever present in these novels.

The protagonists of these books seem to think that they have fallen so far that they couldn’t possibly recover. And it is their attempts at hiding the secrets of their past that threaten their chance at love in the present.

Through the lives of these fictional creations, Kathleen works hard to show her readers that there is always redemption at the end of the road for those who seek it.

These books also touch upon the struggles some young people have with the rules and the restrictions of the Amish faith. While Kathleen has written novels that see members of the Amish faith make the decision to leave their communities behind, the Amish Letters series tackles the idea of lost sheep coming back to the Amish fold.

Kathleen Fuller fans who think they have read enough of her novels to know what to expect from this series will be surprised by its contents. Kathleen’s novels never grow stale, even though she’s always writing about romance amongst the Amish because the author keeps changing perspectives.

The Amish are such complex people that there’s always a new angle from which their story can be approached.

Even though Kathleen is dealing with difficult subjects in the Amish Letters series, she never crosses any lines. The language is pretty clean and there is no sexual content.

These books will appeal to anyone that has been following Kathleen’s work since she started writing. Knowing where Kathleen has come from and the sorts of topics she has tackled in the past will give readers added appreciation for this series and its subject matter.

+The Author

Kathleen Fuller fell in love with Christian fiction as a stay at home mother. She wrote her first story in 2000 and that set her on the path to becoming an unrivaled author in the realm of Amish fiction.

The author shines a bright and unbiased light on the lives of the Amish. Kathleen makes an effort to visit Amish communities in order to better understand their lifestyles.

She also has Amish friends that help her with her research. In order to write about the Amish, Kathleen had to banish her own misconceptions about this group of people. The author admits that she believed a lot of the stereotypes before she began doing her research.

She eventually realized that the Amish were not the stoic and humorless people she saw on television. Kathleen avoids romanticizing the Amish in her novels.

+Written in Love

Jalon Chupp’s life changes when he receives a sweet note in a piece of misdirected email. With a past that he has worked hard to forget and a determination to find solace once more in the Amish faith, Jalon decides to reply to the note.

He is surprised when Phoebe, the sender of the original note, writes back to him. Soon, the pair is exchanging letters on a regular basis and it isn’t long before Jalon asks for a physical meeting.

Phoebe grew to love and appreciate Jalon’s letters. However, she wasn’t so keen on meeting him in person, not with the secret she was hiding and which she feared would destroy her relationship with Jalon.

When Jalon shows up on her doorstep, all Phoebe can do is to hope and pray that he will overlook her past mistakes.

+The Promise of a Letter

Roman was determined to abandon his Amish ways. However, when his prospects outside the Amish community fall apart, he begins to despair. Roman’s life changes when a letter from his recently deceased grandmother urges him to go to Birch Creek and reconcile with his grandmother.

Leanna Chupp knows that she will probably be single the rest of her life. Her unconventional approach to life tends to chase potential suitors away. But Leanna doesn’t mind.

When Leanna and Roman are forced to work together to help his brother, they find that they work better together than apart.

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