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Amish Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Amish Mysteries Books

Hearse and Buggy (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Assaulted Pretzel (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Shunned and Dangerous (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Suspendered Sentence (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Christmas Mourning (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Churn for the Worse (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
Plain as Day (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Just Plain Murder (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Killer Carol (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amish Mysteries is a famous Mystery series written by Laura Bradford, the national bestselling author, also writing in the name of Elizabeth Lynn Casey. She was formerly nominated as a Agatha nominee and she received RT Reviewer’s Choice Award for romance series

About the Series

Hearse and Buggy (Book#1)

Claire Weatherly has lived a highly stressed lifestyle for a sluggish pace in Amish country, the heavenly, Pennsylvania. She just prepared a short visit but rather found herself starting an Amish niche shop named Heavenly Treasures and settling down in. Claire enjoys her new house, and she’s gradually making new friends among the residents, which includes Esther, a young Amish lady who works in her shop. Then when the store’s previous owner, the Walter Snow, the unlikable, is killed, and the man Esther is good on turns into a suspect, Claire can’t support but become involved. Recently returned Detective named Jakob Fisher, who still left Heavenly and his Amish up-bringing as an adolescent, is involved. But his investigation is stalled by the proven fact that probably none of his previous community will talk to him. Claire’s contacts make her an ideal go-between.

As Claire investigates, she finds more than she desired to learn about her neighbors. And all of a sudden, everything she had anticipated to find in this tranquil retreat is at danger

Assaulted Pretzel (Book #2)

Claire Weatherly found the easy life she usually desired when she opened up a gift store in Heavenly, Pennsylvania, a small town down the middle of Amish country. However when murder disturbs her Heavenly home, it’s up to Claire and the Detective Jakob Fisher to obtain the not so simple reality.

The peaceful town of Heavenly is humming with exhilaration over the newest guests at the neighborhood inn, Sleep Heavenly. A Toy supplier Rob Karble is in the town to meet up with the members of the Amish community who’ll soon be creating a brand new toy line for his business. But when word may get out that Karble promises to use the Amish designs without having hiring the Amish to ensure they are, somebody directs the interloper to his ultimate reward.

No one really wants to believe anyone from the community might commit this kind of act, however as Claire and Detective Fisher have discovered, no one is over sin or hunch.

Shunned and Dangerous (Book #3)

Residing in Heavenly, a small town of Pennysylvania Claire Weatherly has arrived to appreciate the Amish for their wholesome, genuine life-style. But she also recognizes that there is nothing as easy as it appears particularly when murder interferes with the peace.

Claire happens to be game for a great puzzle, and then when she learns that Mose Fisher makes one of his well-known corn mazes, she can’t wait simply to walk the pathways and check her skill. But she’ll possess a lot more critical puzzle to resolve when, inside within the entire maze, she finds out the body of Amish dairy farmer named Harley Zook.

It won’t the simple for Detective Jakob Fisher to look into a murder by himself father’s farm not really after being shunned by the man for leaving behind the Amish community and becoming a policeman. With Mose himself as a suspect, and aged family secrets appearing, it is up to Claire to assist find the killer just before she discovers herself at a stalemate.

Suspendered Sentence (Book #4)

The national best-selling author of the book Shunned and Dangerous comes back to the Amish community of a small town Heavenly in Pennsylvania, exactly where Claire Weatherly, the gift shop owner comes to understand an easier, more tranquil lifestyle. But darkish secrets are planning to complicate things and leads to a murder. Following the Stoltzfus’ barn grabs fire; Claire is dazzled by the reaction of the community. A huge selection of Amish men gathers collectively to raise a brand new barn for the family within days. But in the middle of the work, an individual skeleton is unearthed. Discovered with the remains is a part of a friendship bracelet previous seen on the Sadie Lehman, an Amish teenager long thought to have gone her strict up-bringing for the appeal of English ways. Right now Detective Jakob Fisher, once a part of the Amish community himself is decided to resolve the young lady’s murder. With Claire’s support, he must drill down into the past and give light to the long hidden secrets, secrets that somebody would like to kill to protect.

Laura Bradford’s character types have got depth, and her competence of the Amish culture contributes a dimension to her work that audience likely will discover intriguing. The national best-selling author, Laura of Suspendered Sentence focuses back again in heavenly where Claire and the Jakob Fisher need to wear their pondering caps to resolve a chain of robberies and murders in the Amish families

When a farmer, who is an Amish is found deceased inside the barn, his loved ones accepts his dying as God’s will. But the Detective Jakob Fisher understands the farmer didn’t hit his head himself with a spade lying next to his body. So when it becomes crystal clear that a unfamiliar person came out at the farmer’s house and now cash is missing from home, Fisher comes to a conclusion that the motive behind this murder is robbery , particularly when an additional Amish family is offended.

Getting towards the truth shows difficult, nevertheless, since Fisher has a couple of strikes in opposition as the Amish, his picked profession and the root base of Amish he left out. Determined to halt a thief and murderer, Fisher approaches the Gift shop owner Claire Weatherly for support. The trust and faith she’s gained from the community makes it possible for her to go to all places straight into the way of the murderer where the detective cannot reach. Escape with Dollycas announced one of her book in this series named Suspended Sentence as a Top Read in 2015. The owner and the reviewer of this popular website, Lori Caswell has become a huge supporter of this series since its first appearance in 2012, identifying as Hearse & Buggy, the Best New Cozy Series of that year. The other book called Shunned and Dangerous also achieved it named onto her list in 2014.

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