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Amish of Birch Creek Books In Order

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Publication Order of Amish Of Birch Creek Books

A Reluctant Bride (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
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The name ‘Amish of Birch Creek’ refers to a series of novels written by Kathleen Fuller. Kathleen is the queen of Amish Fiction, hailed by many readers for the realistic and unflinching glimpse she provides into Amish life.

+The Story

There are a lot of romanticized ideas surrounding the Amish and their lives, and not all these ideas are accurate. It has always been Kathleen Fuller’s objective to educate people about the Amish and to show her audience that these communities are relatively normal, facing the same problems and challenges as everyone else.

The Amish of Birch Creek series attempts to further cement this message by taking readers into the Amish community in Birch Creek. Life in Birch Creek isn’t easy, especially for the Schrock family who take center stage.

The story begins when the Schrock sisters lose their parents in a tragic accident. The trio is drastically impacted by this loss and the Amish of Birch Creek series finds them trying to pick up the pieces.

Kathleen Fuller loves writing romance, and these books definitely lean towards the romance genre. However, the love lives of the Schrock sisters are approached from the perspective that they need to experience inner healing before they can find comfort in the arms of the men they love.

Kathleen isn’t interested in writing romance for the sake of thrilling and exciting her audience. This might explain why the author’s Amish fiction is so clean, even when dealing with romance. These books are devoid of steamy sex scenes or startlingly hot sensual content.

The characters in the Amish of Birch Creek series are put into situations where they can find tender loving connections with potential partners. And the love stories the Schrock sisters experience are designed to help them face their own personal demons and, possibly even, help their potential partner find peace and hope.

In this, Kathleen separates her stories from those of her peers in the Romance Genre. Kathleen’s stories discard the physical in favor of tackling the emotional and the spiritual. She gets to the root of her characters’ heart problems and then provides a way for them to escape their hate and despair.

In the case of Sadie Schrock, a previous betrayal has left her feeling hostile to the idea of marriage. And it will take the man who betrayed her to redeem himself in her eyes for Sadie to begin loving again.

With Joanna, the fact that she spoke so angrily to her parents before they died still haunts her. She has to overcome her guilt and the anxiety before she can give into her potential partner’s marriage proposal.

Abigail, on the other hand, never felt like she fit in with her sisters. She always thought that if she was prettier, then finding love and walking down the aisle wouldn’t seem like such an impossible dream. Abigail has to find an inner peace and joy before she can give love to the one looking to court her.

Because Kathleen Fuller is a Christian author writing Christian fiction, God takes center stage in these books. Each sister must strive to learn God’s will for her life. They must also strive to carry out that will even when it doesn’t make sense. It is only then that they will find the happiness they so desire.

The Amish of Birch Creek series is a little more difficult to read for Kathleen’s fans than some of her other novels because it tackles very difficult and tragic subjects. The characters involved suffer a little more than what one might be used to from Kathleen’s books.

However, because the heartache of the characters in these books is so great, the optimism and hope that Kathleen delivers at the end of each book are that much sweeter.

+The Author

Kathleen Fuller is a native of Louisiana, specifically New Orleans. A wife to her husband James and a mother to three children, Kathleen was a teacher before she started writing Christian fiction in 2000.

The author’s start was slow and steady. She experimented with a few simple stories before the opportunity to write Amish fiction for a publisher came her way.

Kathleen’s goal is to demystify Amish people. She wants her audience to realize that Amish individuals are no different from non-Amish individuals. Certainly, the Amish have very specific lifestyles and traditions. But they struggle with the same issues and challenges as every other Christian in the world.

Amish communities are nowhere near as simplistic and happy as people seem to believe. The Amish struggle with their faith. They fight over love and relationships. They hold grudges. They fall and rise and fall again. They are hardly perfect and they are no more effective at maintaining the attitudes and tenets of their faith than everyone else.

Kathleen enjoys revealing these faults and quarrels that sometimes hide behind the perfectly content picture of Amish life.

+A Reluctant Bride

Sadie Schrock never wanted to marry. She made the promise to herself a long time ago. But things did not work out the way she planned. Sadie was happy to find solace in the management of her parent’s business. And once they retired, she would be more than happy to run it on her own.

When Sadie’s parents perish in a tragic accident, Sadie is saddled with the prospect of managing their business, meeting her sister’s hefty hospital bills and keeping her own sorrow in check. It isn’t long before she realizes that marriage might be the only way out.

Aden knows that Sadie is marrying him reluctantly. He cannot blame her revulsion of him, not after what happened between them and his brother all those years ago. But now he has a chance to make amends by protecting Sadie when she most needs him.

Sadie won’t make things easy for him. But Aden is determined to keep trying through the hard times.

+An Unbroken Heart

Joana and Andrew are in an awkward place. Before the tragedy, Joana looked forward to marrying Andrew. When her parents passed away, all she could think about during her rehabilitation was the angry words she had said to them before the accident.

When Andrew asks Joana to marry him, she cannot help but think that he is asking her out of pity. Her feelings might not have changed for him but, as their wedding day approaches, Joana struggles to overcome her anxiety and guilt.

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