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Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries Books In Order

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Publication Order of Amish Quilt Shop Mysteries Books

Plainly Murder (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, Plain and Simple (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, Simply Stitched (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, Served Simply (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, Plainly Read (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder, Handcrafted (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amish quilt shop mystery is an amazing mystery genre series of books written by an Agatha-nominated author Isabella Alan. She is also goes by the fiction name Amanda Flower. Isabella Alan realized she had a career in writing when she was in elementary school. This was as a result of reading a story she had written to her sixth grade glass and the entire lass could not handle their laughter when the story described how she had found herself stuck on the top of a Ferris wheel. It was at this point that she realized that her calling is making people laugh with just her words. Maid of murder, her mystery debut, qualified to be an Agatha award nominee for best first novel. She is an academic librarian in a small college near Cleveland.

This must read series of books starts with a novella titled Plainly Murder. This book is based on Rolling Brook, Ohio. A quaint Amish community where life appears to be more agitated that it actually is. Angela Braddock has just arrived to Rolling Brook where she is supposed to help her aunt Eleanor run her traditional Amish shop. However, tragedy hits Eleanor’s quilting circle, they lose one of their oldest members, Evelyn. While still mourning the loss of Evelyn, the circle members stumble across a disturbing discovery about a tragic event that had taken place in Evelyn’s past. Over ten years earlier, Evelyn’s son fell from the roof and died, Evelyn always insisted that her son was pushed from the roof. Eleanor has now found a clue in an old quilt that makes her want to dig up the truth, only for her to discover one of Rolling Brooks most hidden darkest secrets. The mystery in this book is simply breath-taking.

The mystery does not end. It continues in the next novella titled Murder, Plain and Simple. Angela Braddock ends up inheriting her late aunt’s Amish quilt shop. She ends up leaving behind her broken engagement as well as her career for her to start afresh in Holmes County, Ohio. Angela Braddock ends up not fitting into the Rolling Brooks Amish community, but her aunts quilting circle does all they can to make her feel as welcome as possible as she prepares for the Running Stitch’s Reopening. On the d-day Angela is able to get a taste of success. Only for her success to be short lived when she finds the body of an Amish woodworker in her shop’s store room the following day. Being the main suspect, Angela is determined to find the killer before she ends up behind bars. But to her surprise, the closer she gets to identifying her killer the more things gets complicated for her in Rolling Brook. Will she manage to identify her killer even with the challenges she is facing? Or will she end up behind bars? This is an interesting must read mystery novella.

As if that is not enough, Isabella Alan releases yet another book titled Murder, Simply Stitched. Angela is still trying to find her own niche as the new owner of her late aunt’s Amish quilt shop. But business is not as good, so Angela decides to boost the shop’s support by selling some of her quits in the Rolling Brook Amish Auction. The quilts sell as Angela expected but she comes across the unexpected in the process, the body of one of Rolling Brook’s township trustee, the cause of death being a poisoned blueberry from one of Angela’s closest friend baking table. Angela and the other women from her aunt’s quilting circle have to put all the clues together so as to put an end to a killer who is determined to ruin Rolling Brook’s peace. Mysterious events unfold themselves during the entire investigation but this does not stop them.

Then follows another enticing book titled Murder, Served Simply, with it being Christmas Angela’s parents are coming over to Rolling Brook, but they not coming alone Angela’s ex is also tagging along. Talk of drama. But Angela does not have time for all the drama since she has to prepare her shop for the annual town’s progressive dinner where a sleigh ride stops at every shop for a different meal course. The meal then comes to an end with an Amish-themed Christmas play at one of the hotels in Rolling Brook. The performance is unexpectedly cut short when one of the actresses falls from her scaffolding and dies. The sheriff is however not convinced that there is no foul play, only for it to brew tension between the English and the Amish. Angie and the other quilting circle members must try getting to the bottom of things before things get out of hand. Will the quilting circle be in a position to put an end to the tension in Rolling Brook? This book simply makes you keep flipping the pages for more of the drama.

Then the drama and mystery continues in yet another novella titled Murder, Plainly Read. Angela has so much to deal with, from running her shop and having to spare time for her new boyfriend. But this does not keep her from helping in organizing the Rolling Brook library’s annual book sale. She gets the chance to work alongside a lady who will do anything to make book sales, Austina. Unfortunately, her enthusiasm draws the attention of an old order bishop who is determined to ruin her life. Austina now foresees the ruin of her life when a body is found in her bookmobile. Angela is now more than determined to prove Austina’s innocence before the real killer succeeds in ruining Austina’s life. Simply drama you can’t afford to miss.

The suspense and cozy mystery then proceeds in the climax novella of the murder series titled Murder, Handcrafted. Angela has everything working perfectly for her amazing friends, a successful business and a breath-taking relationship. The only thing that seems not be adding to her happy life is her mum insisting on an extreme makeover on Angela’s home. All goes well with the renovations until the workers find the electricians body on the site. Now Angela has to root out the killer since the sheriff is suspecting foul play. This book will for sure keep you glued to it to the very end. The Amish quilt shop mystery is a book of series that you cannot afford not to read.

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