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Amish Vines and Orchards Books In Order

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Publication Order of Amish Vines and Orchards Books

A Season for Tending (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Winnowing Season (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
For Every Season (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Seasons of Tomorrow (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amish Vines and Orchards is a series of novels written by Cindy Woodsmall. The books explore the lives of the Amish in deep and profound ways.

+The Story

As far as many a reader is concerned, Cindy can do no wrong. This level of adoration has been earned by the author through the amazing Amish-themed literature she is always churning out. From simple novellas to full-length novels, Cindy doesn’t merely write relatable Amish fiction. Rather, she produces the sort of Amish fiction most people did not realize they wanted to read.

The Amish Vines and Orchards series is another Cindy Woodsmall collection of Amish novels that is bound to become a classic in the long run.

The books take place in an Amish community in Unity, Maine. There the Amish strive to live lives guided by their Christian beliefs and the wisdom of their church leaders. The novels center on a particular cast of characters whose lives eventually intertwine.

Rhoda Byler tends to take center stage. She is an Old Order Amish lady that has the sense of intuition, a gift from God. The ability is more than just mere wisdom. Rhoda knows things before they happen.

As powerful as the gift can be, Rhoda spends a considerable portion of her life hiding it primarily because she is afraid of the reaction she will attract from her friends, family, and neighbors. None the less, Rhoda keeps using the ability for the good of her community, helping those in need whenever the need arises

When Rhoda’s gift is revealed to the community, her fears come to pass as those around her ostracize her for what they perceive to be witchcraft. And because she is unable to deal with the glowering looks and crude remarks, Rhoda decides to isolate herself, using her gift to grow herbs and berries.

While Rhoda still has the support of some friends and family members, her life makes a change for the better when she becomes involved with Samuel King. The eldest son of the King Family, Samuel struggles to keep the family Orchard thriving and profitable.

The King family bring both fruitfulness and heartache to Rhoda’s life. She, in turn, enriches them, using her gift to grow their Orchard. Eventually, Rhoda joins the family as they essentially leave the Amish community in Unity, Maine, creating a whole new settlement where they can live peaceful, without hiding their shame, of which there is plenty.

The Amish Vines and Orchards series is unique in its presentation of the Amish because Cindy isn’t afraid to reveal all the envy and pettiness that can sometimes consume the members of such a strictly conservative community.

Cindy could have made her characters the perfect models of Amish life. After all, they exist in a religious community that seeks to live a life beholden to strict Christian beliefs. It would only make sense for Cindy to show the façade that the Amish of so many Amish-themed novels boast.

However, she chose to allow her characters to be as human as possible. That meant that, even as strictly conservative Amish, they could also be petty and jealous and unkind and even cruel. It is little wonder that the Amish Vines and orchards books are so popular.

The series has a way of playing intimately with the concepts of strict Amish life even while introducing so many relatable struggles for Cindy’s heroes and heroines.

The novels, it should be noted, primarily follow the lives of Rhoda and Samuel’s family. Despite the conservative rules that have always governed their respective households, all is not well. Cindy’s characters struggle with ordinary weaknesses. They are forced to rely on one another and to forge bonds with unexpected parties as they grow to appreciate the place God has in their lives and the perfect nature of his plans.

Rhoda and Samuel are curious individuals. Rhoda is the more conservative of the two. She would smother her gift if only to maintain peace with her community. She doesn’t have the will to engage in confrontations with those who would put her down.

Samuel, on the other hand, can be a little untethered, always working to push Rhoda to the fro despite her reservations and showing a willingness to fight for her against any foe, commoner or Bishop.

The pair drives the story, this while their respective friends and family members orbit them.

+The Author

Cindy Woodsmall is one of the more successful Amish writers out there. A New York Times bestseller, there was once a time when Cindy was just a homeschool mom whose only goal was to prepare her kids for their future.

But then they grew up and didn’t need her anymore, and Cindy realized that there was a passion for writing in her heart that had been waiting to explode forth. When Cindy finally began to focus on her writing, she found that audiences were enthusiastic to learn about the Amish through her novels and novellas. She has never looked back since.

+A Season for Trending

Rhoda Byler has the gift of intuition. And though it has helped her grow herbs and berries and to augment her business, the rumors from her community members that she might be a witch have forced her into isolation.

As the eldest son, Samuel King has a lot on his plate. Keeping the family’s Apple Orchard going is no easy task, especially not when he has to keep an eye his two irrepressible and brash brothers.

If that wasn’t enough, Samuel must also deal with the consequences of his sister Leah’s Rumspringa. It will take expertise, cunning, and faith for Samuel and Rhoda to find a semblance of peace in Unity, Maine.

+The Winnowing Season

After they lose the family Orchard, Samuel and Rhoda make the difficult decision to go elsewhere and create a new Amish settlement. When Samuel takes a few drastic decisions, Rhoda isn’t amused when, as a consequence of Samuel’s actions, she is thrown into conflict with her Bishop.

Despite her best efforts, Rhoda cannot smother the controversy surrounding her special gift, and Samuel doesn’t want her to, determined for all to see how much God has blessed Rhoda. Meanwhile, Jacob King struggles against the ghosts of his past which seem set on ruining his future with Rhoda.

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