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Publication Order of Amory Ames Books

Murder at the Brightwell (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Death Wears a Mask (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Most Novel Revenge (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Essence of Malice (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Intrigue in Capri (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
An Act of Villainy (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Dangerous Engagement (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Deception at Thornecrest (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Ashley Weaver currently works at the Allen Parish Libraries, Louisiana. She lives in Oakdale; Louisiana. Weaver has worked in libraries since she was a young teenager. As the Technical Services Coordinator, Weaver obtained her MLIS from Louisiana State University. Ashley was nominated for the Edgar books award for her book series, Amory Ames, a four-part book edition.

Amory Ames Best Books

Murder at the Brightwell

A wealthy young woman marries her heartbeat, a charming playboy, Milo. Amory Ames rushed into marriage and now regrets her decision to marry the wreckless notorious lover boy. She finds comfort in her former fiancé Gil Trent and unknowingly treads into dangerous paths as she is entangled in a murder investigation. The scandal opens up the Pandora’s Box and exposes her closest associates, including her unfaithful husband.

Amory and Gil arrive at the Brightwell Hotel to dodge Gil’s sister, Emmeline’s marriage to Rupert Howe, a scandalous cheater. Amory vividly recalls the mistake she made when she married a similar man in character, and the pain it has caused her since she wed Milo. However, Rupert is found dead, and Gil is the first suspect, so the police arrest him for further questioning. Determined to prove his un-involvement in the heinous murder, Amory sets out to find the real killer to try to exonerate her bosom friend from the shackles of an impending long-term jail sentence.

A surprising twist of the events takes place when Milo arrives at the station and the two carry on with the investigation. Amory is at odds with Milo’s sudden need to help. They work in a tense atmosphere as they rush against time to try to clear Gil of the wrongful accusations. Amory must tread carefully as she’s caught between defending her former fiancé or sticking with her uncouth husband. Murder at the Brightwell presents the social life of wealthy folk in the early thirties, blending in romance, with crime and betrayal. This is a classic 19th Century social scenario. A great cast of characters with the Heroin wearing her sorrows well, and the fantastic supporting cast. It

has many secrets interwoven in murder and betrayal as Amory tries to save the love of her life from a murder case.

Death Wears a Mask #2 Amory Ames

The murder case carries on to the second edition of the Amory Ames series. Amory and her husband Milo must work together at Milo’s insistence take on a murder case at a masked ball one of the luxurious hotels in London. Amory feels relieved at the effort her husband is making in trying to rekindle back their love. She looks forward to a peaceful period of reconnecting with transformed cheating husband, Milo. Amory hopes to enjoy a quiet romantic moment at their home finally will help fix their broken relationship after Milo unexpectedly asked for reconciliation. However, Amory feels compelled to help with investigations when Serena Barrington calls for Amory to look into some lost jewelry at a dinner party.

Amory agrees to trap the culprit at a bountiful masked ball hosted by Viscount Dunmore, a wicked wealthy man. Another nobleman ends up dead in the ballroom; Amory reluctantly goes back into the world of police detective work and is enrolled by Detective Inspector Jones. As she digs into the case, her husband draws the attention of the gossip mills about his involvement with a French movie star. Amory tries to fend off the malicious, but actual rumors as well as annoying advances from viscount.

Milo was not a good, supportive husband. He did not consider his selfish actions as a poor reflection on his marriage with Amory or trying to be discreet not to hurt her feelings with his escapades. Mrs. Barrington seems forceful and forgetful. Mr. Barrington comes off as a wonderful husband until his secrets come out in the open. Amory has new friends, temporary relief to her chaotic and life of shame thanks to her husband. Amory’s new friend, Mrs. Douglas-Hughes is kind, but her husband comes off as rude and temperamental. He has secrets, and he is oppressive.

The male characters represent masochistic tendencies, which probably was the swag during the 19th Century. The men don’t portray any redeeming qualities as seen when Gil is arrested and it proves hard to undo the charges brought out against him.

A Most Novel Revenge #3 Amory Ames

Milo and Amory finally get to plan a quiet romantic winter vacation in Italy. With two complete murder investigations and finally setting their marriage on steady ground, the couple receives urgent letters from Amory’s cousin Laurel who lives in the English countryside. Redinald Lyons, of Lyonsgate, and Laurel’s friend invite a peculiar and aristocratic group of guests, led by the infamous socialite Isobel Van Allen.

Isobel recently returned to England after years of a self-imposed social exile to write a scandalous first novel, a fiction high-society murder at Reginald Lyons country house. Her second incriminating volume will describe the events of the night of this party with Amory and Milo in attendance. She appears desperate to win back everyone’s attention; it’s up to Amory and Milo to put a stop to the wicked woman’s quest to spread malicious lied through unwarranted scandals and false stories. The couple is also compelled to look into a murder at a Lyonsgate party. It’s hard to investigate as Isobel publishes her crime fiction story, putting most of the guests at the party at risk of ruining their reputation. Most of the wealthy socialites go into hiding in foreign countries to avoid the entire murder saga.

Like the first two editions of the Amory Ames book series, A Most Novel Revenge provides a charming, intelligent heroine who sparkles with love and compassion into everyone around her. She longs to reconcile with her rogue husband, as their lives regularly combat crossroads when Amory must answer the call of duty into impromptu murders that have recently become rampant in the upper town of London in the 1930s. The book is an excellent blend of mystery, treachery, love and the unending drama familiar with rich folklore. Amory longs for a quiet time to be with her husband, while her boss at work gets aggressive in luring her into his arms. Her newfound friends bring a breath of fresh air and life into the chaotic mess she’s had to deal with. Don’t miss it!

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