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Publication Order of Amos Decker Books

Amos Decker is a series of books by David Baldacci. The series began in 2015 with Memory Man and has continued with numerous sequels, including The Last Mile, The Fix, and The Fallen. Memory Man was a #1 New York Times bestseller and has been called “impossible to put down”. The series follows an investigator named Amos Decker who, after a football injury, remembers everything that he sees.

The books are written by David Baldacci, a former attorney. David was born in Richmond, Virginia and then went to Virginia Commonwealth University where he earned his B.A. in Political Science. He then went to the University of Virginia School of Law where he got his Juris Doctor. David then went to Washington, DC where he would practice law for nine years.

David had an interest in writing from a young age. His mother gave him a lined notebook to write his stories and never stopped. He would write short stories, screenplays, and, eventually, started writing his novels while practicing law. His first novel was Absolute Power, released, in 1996. That book went on to become a feature film that was directed and starred Clint Eastwood. His books have been bestsellers and translated into multiple languages, sold across the world.

Baldacci is also a philanthropist as he started the Wish You Well Foundation with his wife, Michelle. The Foundation supports family and adult literacy programs in the United States. They then teamed up with Feeding America to launch Feeding Body & Mind, a program to address the connection between literacy, poverty and hunger.

Memory Man is the first book in the Amos Decker series. The story follows Amos, a former NFL football player. He was the only person from his hometown to ever make it to the NFL, but his career ended before it started as he was injured on his very first play. The helmet-to-helmet collision lead to the end of his career, but it also left him with a unique side effect: ever since the collision, Amos can’t forget anything.

He used his skills to become a police detective and, two decades later, he returned home one night to find his wife, daughter, and brother-in-law dead. With his family now destroyed and the killer’s identity a mystery, Decker is cursed by his memory as he can’t forget what he saw that night. The world is collapsing around him and he makes the decision to leave the police force. His life gets out of control and he loses his home and finds himself on the streets, working as a private investigator to get by.

A year later, a man turns himself into the police claiming responsibilities for the crimes. Then a horrific event takes place in Burlington and Decker is called in to help. He uses this opportunity to find out exactly what happened to his family and why, a move that will force him to confront some dark memories.

The Last Mile is the second book in the series. A man named Melvin Mars awaits execution for the murder of his parents twenty years earlier. Then another man confesses to the crime and he is given a second chance. Decker takes an interest in the case after discovering him and Mars have a lot of similarities. The confession will get Mars out of prison whether he is guilty or not, but who wants him out? And why now?

The Amos Decker series continues with The Fix. Amos witnesses a murder outside of FBI headquarters when a man shoots a woman then shoots himself. Even with Decker’s memory skills, he is baffled by what he saw. His team struggles to find a connection between the shooter and the victim, and there is no motive to speak of. Harper Brown, agent of the Defense Intelligence Agency, then enters and orders Decker to stay away from the case. It is part of an open investigation and Decker doesn’t have the clearance for it.

Decker then learns that solving the murder is considered to be a matter of national security. Information may have been leaked to a hostile government or a terrorist group and an attack may now be on the horizon. Despite his orders to stay away, Decker will become laser focused on solving this case before it’s too late.

The Fallen is the fourth book in the Amos Decker series. Four bizarre murders have taken place in two weeks in Baronville. Amos Decker and his FBI colleague Alex Jamison are in town to visit Alex’s sister and her family. The town is crumbling with an opioid addiction taking over. Not long after his arrival, he stumbles on a double murder.

Another death then takes place, this one close to home, and Decker is starting to realize that the deaths may just be a small part of a larger puzzle. The consequences of this case have the possibility of reaching far beyond Baronville. Decker’s skills make him the only one capable of cracking this case, but one mistake could cost him everything.

The Amos Decker series continues with Walk the Wire, the sixth book in the series. This book sees Amos and a colleague of his from the FBI, Alex Jamison, called to London, North Dakota. The fracking town is thriving, but there is also a lot of trouble. Everyone is coming to town looking to get rich and the area is growing faster than the community can handle. With the boom has also come drugs, crime, prostitution, and murder.

Decker and Jamison are investigating the murder of Irene Carter who had her body autopsied and then dumped. This oddity is only just the beginning of what the two will encounter. The two will look into her life and find that the woman was a sex worker by night, but a teacher at a religious sect by day. That sect is located on land once owned by a mysterious government facility.

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  1. Louann Kupiec: 4 months ago

    I just completed the Memory Man series I was so afraid that something would happen to Decker I took my time reading the last you have another coming out! OUTSTANDING! Thank you.

  2. Charlotte Butler: 6 months ago

    Can’t wait till the 2024 Amos Decker comes out

  3. Karen Robertson: 1 year ago

    I want to tell you thank you. I picked up one of your books, The Last Mile, at a grocery store that was marked 30% off. This was the beginning of a friendship that has double meaning. I loved your books but my husband who wasn’t much of a reader came to me and said I need something to do so I handed him your first Atlee Pine book and 14 books later he was still reading. Due to a fatal accident at the hospital I said goodbye to a very special person whom I will always love. Thank you for being the writer you are and the joy you gave to him.

  4. Socal_dad: 5 years ago

    My son and I read Memory Man and were thereafter hooked on the series. I always liked the detective genre and Baldacci is a great storyteller. Just read The Whole Truth and am convinced that any of his titles are worthwhile reads!


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