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Publication Order of Amplifier Books

The Amplifier Protocol (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Demons and DNA (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Bonds and Broken Dreams (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mystics and Mental Blocks (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Idols and Enemies (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Instincts and Impostors (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Recon Mission: Bee (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Endings and Empathy (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amplifier Series
Amplifier series is a literary series by Meghan Ciana Doidge, from British Columbia. From 1992 to 199, Meghan studied at the University of Victoria, where she majored in acting and minored in English. She also studied filmmaking at the Vancouver Film School in 1998. A former actress, scriptwriter, film director, and film producer; Meghan has been running her own production company-cum-publishing house—called “Old Man in the CrossWalk Productions”—since January 1998.
Meghan’s literary influences include North American authors William Ford Gibson, Margaret Atwood, and Stephen King. Niches: speculative fiction.

Books in the Amplifier Series
Meghan has been self-publishing novels since May 2011, when she released her debut, After The Virus. The Adept Universe is her most popular book series. However, the Amplifier series is among her highest-rated works.

Initially dated March 26, 2019; The Amplifier Protocol is book zero in the Amplifier series. The Amplifier Protocol’s protagonist is called Emma Johnson whose codename is Amp5—short form of Amplifier 5. A biotechnologically engineered magician, Amp5 works alongside four suchlike members whose codenames are Tel5, Tek5, Nul5, and Cla5—called The Five, thus 5. The team members use their supernatural powers, such as psychic talents, to stealthily (such as silencing the rotors of a helicopter extracting them) carry out dark operations under the command of Officer Mark Calhoun.

The plot begins in March 2011 in Los Angeles, where the Amp5-led team performs according to their codenames. Armed with two swords; Amp5 not only magically immobilizes their enemy forces but also siphons energy from them through a mere touch. Nul5 is a truncation of Nullifier5, while Tek5 is a short form of Kinetic5. The black-armored Nul5 alongside Tek5 are mandated to use magic to neutralize enemies, through their invalidating and telekinesis powers, respectively.

Cla5 refers to Clairvoyant5, while Tel5 refers to Telepath5. Cla5 and Tel5 work together; the two field supervisors are usually perched on adjacent buildings, wherein they direct the operations telepathically and through clairvoyance. Sasha Piper, a shapeshifter codenamed X5, offers magical reinforcement; Becca Jackson, a sorcerer codenamed X3, magically demolishes enemy targets; and Tom Hannigan, a sorcerer codenamed X4, magically protects the espionage team. Amp5’s life changes when her makers and controllers—called Adepts—make an attempt on her life.

Dated April 26, 2019; Demons and DNA is book one in the Amplifier series. Note: Demons and DNA includes a prologue titled Close to Home, which is also listed as book 0.5 in the Amplifier series. Demons and DNA is set in Canada, and in September 2018. Now, Emma Johnson is torn between her quest as an ordinary person and her military role as Amp5. Here, Emma is involved with her brother figure, a seer named Christopher—the two want to start life afresh in Canada, a long way from the reaches of the controllers named Adept.

Christopher had prophesied the arrival of an exhausted and wounded witch named Aiden Meyers who not only has had memory loss but also wants to recover alongside the other two. In the first encounter between Emma and Aiden at Home Café, the spooked Emma nearly fled from the help-seeking Aiden. And yet, by accepting to help Aiden, the runaway Emma may attract the attention and wrath of the secretive Adept.

Dated July 23, 2019; Bonds and Broken Dreams is book two in the Amplifier series. This book is set in Lake Cowichan, Canada, where Emma together with her friend Christopher are exiled in a farmhouse. They have been spending their year-long exile practicing poultry and dairy farming. Their pasts catch up with them when a sorcerer named Isa Azar travels to the farmhouse; Issa is seeking Christopher’s sibling who nearly murdered Aiden’s sibling, called Isa. Then a sorceress called Ruwa, (Aiden’s cousin) who once dated Christopher and Aiden, joins the farmhouse too. Luckily, Christopher eliminates the visiting villainous sorcerers who have scores to settle.

Dated November 28, 2019; Mystics and Mental Blocks is book three in the Amplifier series. Ruwa has since died, while Isa has vanished from the farmhouse under the cover of a snowstorm. There is a three-day lull before one of Christopher and Emma’s former Five teammate surfaces in the farmhouse while wounded. Unfortunately, the new teammate’s injuries leave a trail that his pursuers use to track them down. A team of witches has already attempted twice to reclaim another exiled youthful witch called Opal, prompting the rest to rescue him. Furthermore, Emma is at crossroads: she is juggling romance, friendship, her real self, and her killing instinct as Amp5.

Dated September 29, 2020; Idols and Enemies is book four in the Amplifier series. The runaway Five members arrange an ill-fated reunion; while dining together, the meeting turns tragic when the reuniting former teammates turns hostile to—and attempt murdering—each other. Emma is a mediator in the meeting; however, her attempts at reconciling the warring teammates through a dialogue are unsuccessful, prompting her to use her ability to sap their magical powers.
Note: Idols and Enemies was nominated for—and was a finalist—in the Science Fiction category of the Independent Audiobook Awards (2021), courtesy of its narrator Tia Rider.

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