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Publication Order of Honey Books

Honey So Sweet, Vol. 1 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 2 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 3 (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 4 (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 5 (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 6 (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 7 (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Honey So Sweet, Vol. 8 (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Graphic Novels

Chiguhagu Planey (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amu Meguro is a talented Japanese storyteller. Her works typically focus on work as well as school life and usually come in manga form. This is a popular type of Japanese animated story telling.

Amu Meguro is how her name is written, but you can also write it out in kanji form. This is the form of Japanese writing that uses symbols.

Amu has Type A blood. Her birthday is on September 24. This makes her a Libra on the zodiac.

Amu Meguro is the creator and author of the fictional Honey So Sweet series. This series started off in 2013. It is available to readers in paper back form and the first volume runs about two hundred pages. Volume 2 came out shortly after and there are eight books in the series. Translating was done by Katherine Schilling and Inori Fukuda Trant did art touching up and the lettering.

Volume 1 is the debut book in the Honey manga series. This eye catching series is illustrated and a true delight to read. No matter what age you are or what gender you identify with, if you love comic books that are full of color and a fun story, then this manga just might be the right pick for you!

When it comes to Nao Kogure, her personality has always been kind of the same way. Never did she imagine that one small incident when she was in middle school would quickly come back to bite her. One day she is seeing a boy sitting on his own in the rain. The boy was Taiga Onise, a boy that kind of had a reputation as being somewhat of a delinquent.

That day he was injured and she felt like she wanted to do something nice for him. So she decided to drop down some bandages and an umbrella by him so that he will have protection for his injury as well as protection fro the rain. She has always known that she was a bit shy, but this is a new record. She quickly ran away after this small act of kindness towards Taiga.

Nao never thought that she would ever see him again, especially not so quickly. She is in high school when once again she runs into Taiga. He is not the same as the boy that she saw sitting there back then. In fact, she is surprised by how much he has changed. He actually freaks her out a little bit and she decides that his gruff nature is just not for her.

While she might not be that into Taiga initially, he may start to grow on her. It’s only been a year since they saw each other about, but she is still shy. She’s shocked when it turns out that he wants to go steady with her and asks her if he can be her boyfriend. He looks a little different since he has red hair, too.

He also decides to give her a bouquet of flowers so that she knows just how much he cares. He really seems like he wants to date her, and it appears that he has the long term in mind. She wonders whether he is scary or he just appears to look a little tougher than he is. Maybe this bad boy has a heart of gold hiding inside his body after all.

She doesn’t know what to think, only that she shouldn’t have judged a book by its cover. It appears that there are a lot of good qualities to this guy that she should at least try to open her eyes to. This guy might just be the one that will steal her heart away.

Is Nao falling steadily for the young man known as Taiga Onise? This young girl always was reluctant to let anyone in. Ever since her parents passed away, she has always had difficulty trusting people. Only her uncle taking her in was able to allow her to keep from being completely broken up by it all. Now she is facing a new challenge where she might finally have to consider letting someone beyond the walls that she has built up.

Love is never easy, but this girl is starting to see that maybe this guy only does have good intentions. One thing is clear and that is that this young man is head over heels for her, and maybe has been ever since that day in the rain. It’s funny how a small act of kindness can impact one so deeply. Even though she ran away that day and felt like a coward, it clearly was seen by him as not a moment of weakness but one of compassion.

That first small act helped start a connection that will not fade out so easily. As the two of them become friends, they learn more about each other. It is then that Nao slowly starts to see that maybe he has been a little misunderstood in the end. He even is quite the cook and can make some good food for being a teenager.

With school trips in the works and voyages to forests that are haunted and needing to find help for her uncle and his restaurant, this is a manga that is packed full of color, characters, and more! If you want to soak up all of the adorable aspects of this comic for yourself, then pick up Volume 1 of the Honey series and find out what is so cute about this possible romance story!

Volume 2 is the sweet second comic in this awesome manga series. In the last one, we met Nao and the considerate Taiga. He once used to intimidate her, but now they are friends. She quickly finds that if she takes the time to look beneath the surface, she finds that he really does have a sweet heart.

They were dating for some time, but Nao steps back when she develops feelings for two people. They are friends again, but is she now realizing where her love lies once and for all? Could she really have feelings for him after all? Acquire this fun second volume in this manga series to find out!

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