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Under Different Stars (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Sea of Stars (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Darken the Stars (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Take Me To Your Reader(2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

The American author Amy A Bartol writes within a variety of different genres including Young Adult, paranormal and fantasy, and romance. Well known and equally regarded for her ability in combining the genres, whilst also infusing her own personality into them, she has become a powerhouse within the world of publishing. Imaginative in both her sense of scope and breadth, she has been able to carve an interesting and exciting career from her love of these inner-worlds she has created. Using the fantasy genre as a springboard for many deeper themes as well, she has taken it to another level allowing it to say something a lot more profound and in-depth about her view and outlook on life.

Early and Personal Life

Born in America on the 16th of November, Bartol’s family were supportive of her love of writing from the outset. Learning from a young age, she would focus herself upon her work, as she continued this passion on into her adult life. Taking the time out to create a style and tone that was all of her very own, she would harness her love of the written word, making it work for her.

Attending Hillsdale College she would soon graduate, continuing this love of writing, whilst getting the academic background she needed to carry on. Putting herself into her work, she would make the most of her ever supportive network of family and friends, something she continues to this day. Putting herself into her writing constantly, she was able to style and fashion a voice that would grab the attention of readers worldwide in the years to come.

Taking in inspiration from her surrounding environment, she is constantly on the look-out for new and enthralling ideas. Putting them all back into her work, she writes about characters and people she knows, whilst incorporating elements of fantasy to give it an escapist factor. This is part of why her work has resonated so well with her audience, as readers see themselves in the stories, essentially living vicariously through the characters.

Currently living in Michigan with her two sons and her husband, she manages family life alongside her life as a writer. Losing herself in worlds of her own making, she also continues to have the support of her family, as she creates ever more immersive narratives and worlds. This is something that will carry on for many years to come, as these worlds continue expanding and growing every day.

Writing Career

The first book that she brought out in 2011 was also the first in her ongoing ‘Premonition’ series of novels, as it set-up the entire premise of the franchise. Introducing not only the characters for the first time, it also helped to establish her style as a writer for the readers and her future legions of fans. Giving them an idea of what to expect it’s a definite must for anyone hoping to gain a better understanding of the author and her work.

Not just writing the ‘Premonition’ series, she is also well known for a number of other fantasy and romance series too. Publishing the ‘Kricket’ franchise along with the ‘Secondborn’ series too, she has a long and extensive backlog of work behind her. With many of these series also ongoing, she continues to add to them, with plenty of room to carry on building on them indefinitely.

Turning the heads of the critical establishment as well, she is making a considerable amount impact within the industry too. It’s not just the general public that she is getting a positive reception from, but the respect of both her many peers and contemporaries as well. Creating a name for herself, she has been able to build a global audience, with fans from all over discovering her work every day.

Maintaining a strong presence both online and off, Bartol is one of the most prolific authors currently working within her field to date. Releasing a number of omnibus editions of her work already out she has come a long way in a relatively short amount of time. With much more to come, she is expected to carry on into the foreseeable future, with plenty more title planned on the horizon.


Number five in the much loved and ongoing series ‘The Premonition’, this book carries on directly from the previous novel. Brought out in 2015 on the 8th of December, this would see the franchise develop as a whole, allowing both the stories and the characters to progress. Providing some fun twists and turns along the way, it is not without its fair share of surprises, though, as it keeps the reader guessing throughout.

Following the character of Evie Claremont once more, this sees her continuing to be caught in love triangle with Reed Wellington and Brennus. In what is likely to be the shocking conclusion to the series everything moves towards the final denouement, giving the fans what they so crave. With her powers being thrust upon her, Evie must navigate her feelings and passion, organizing the real from the unreal. Who will she choose? Does she know herself? Where lies the iniquity?

Darken the Stars

Setting up the third title in the ongoing ‘Kricket’ series of novels, this sees the story continuing on directly from the last. Released in 2015 on the 8th of September, it would give the fans and readers more of what they had now come to expect overall from the franchise. Developing the characters and the overall plot-line, it manages to take the series forwards in both a fun and satisfying manner.

Getting what he wants finally, Kyon Ensin has gained possession of none other than the priestess Kricket Hollowell. She would rather set aside ruling alongside him with the crown of Ethar, opting instead to live with her true love; Trey Allairis. With conspiracies raging it seem that even the allies of Kricket would prefer to use her as a spy, as well as the Brotherhood and their less than savory plans for her. Will she ever be free to live her own life? Can she escape those who wish to cause her harm? Who will darken the stars?

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