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Amy Bonnaffons
Amy Bonnaffons is an Ameican fiction writer best known for her debut novel, The Wrong Heaven. The book is a collection of stories, all touching on the mysteries of life. From her writing, it is clear that she is talented. Bonnaffons is a Yale University graduate, and she also holds an M.F.A. from New York University. The New York-born author is also the editor 7×7, a journal that aims to create partnerships between visual artists and writers. Bonnaffons currently lives in Athens, where she is working on her Ph.D.

The Wrong Heaven
The Wrong Heaven is an inventive collection of stories about transformation. With sincerity and humor, the author exposes the mysteries in all human beings. Here, bodies will be transformed, angels will make an appearance and disappear just as fast, and non-living things will come to life. The author draws the reader into a strange universe where characters search for a solution for spiritual and sexual dilemmas. Unfortunately, the characters are searching in the wrong places, and this results in a lot of sadness.

The Title story is among the most outstanding pieces in this book. It features a young woman who gets plastic statues of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. When plugged, these statues talk, and the dialogue is nothing like you would expect. The other notable story features a dollhouse maker. This woman will not give up the room she doesn’t share with her husband. The thrill that she experienced when her dollhouse came to life is unexplainable. There are clay children in this story, as well as extraordinary events. There is also the story of two women injecting each other. While the injections are similar, the content is not. One of these women is looking to get pregnant while the other one wants to become a horse.

Allow the author to take you through unexpected situations that will surprise and entertain you. In her magical universe, one woman will determine her destiny by choosing to evolve into a horse. At the same time, her friend opts to have a child. This universe also comes with a handsome aroused angel who appears right before you die. The angel offers a strange stone, and while choosing what you want, you can quicken resolving an identity crisis by talking to speaking to goddess Sharon.

Set in magical suburbia, these stories cover real issues that many people struggle with today. Most characters are unhappy about their sexuality and relationships. These characters are aware that whatever they are experiencing is not the right thing, at least for them. Creation is a major theme here. The author highlights the different ways we create as we recreate ourselves. Often times, during the recreation process, we turn into our own gods.
One thing you will love about these stories is how fast-paced they are. The flow is also so good you will literally breeze through them. With a funny yet sad tone, the author will let you into the characters’ stories, their lives, and their struggles. It helps that the stories are quite short, and there is an intriguing tale to look forward to when you are done reading each of them. If you like stories that explore sexuality, you are going to love The Wrong Heaven. The stories also humorously cover the realities in marriages, friendships, and spirituality.

The Regrets
The Regrets is an intriguing piece that tells the story of a strange affair between the living and the dead. Racheal has for weeks, noticed a young man staring off sadly into the horizon. The young man is always in the same clothes and has some mail to drop. One day, Racheal gathers the courage to introduce herself to the golden-haired stranger. There is no denying that there is profound chemistry between Racheal and Thomas. At first, Thomas is clear that there are a lot of unfortunate events that have led to his current position, and his duration in town is limited. Despite all these, the two can’t help themselves. Their love is explosive from the first time they start talking. The only problem is that Thomas is dead.
Thomas has not been successful in crossing over into the afterlife, and he is stuck in limbo for 90 days. An institutional error sees the young Thomas who died in a crash sent back to earth. During the three months stint on earth, Thomas is forbidden from getting entangled with the living. He cannot go anywhere near past connections or engage in sex. Breaking this rule will come with severe consequences. All is going great until Racheal enters his life. It’s not long before Thomas has to reveal the details surrounding his mysterious existence.

Racheal is lonely, and for the past year, she has been out of the dating scene. Her job as a librarian keeps her busy enjoying fantasy love. As a daydreamer, Racheal is in love with her fantasies, even though they are quite different from reality. Her wild attraction to the handsome stranger comes as a surprise. Still, she is not about to let this opportunity go away. The truth about him comes in bits. After spending considerable time wondering whether he is married or a criminal, she finally understands the forces, she is up against. How will Racheal and Thomas’s love story end? Is it possible that Racheal is also at the edge of existence?

This story is set in a land that borders life and death. The story explores the power of love, the catastrophic power of fantasies, and the pains of waking to reality. With grace and humor, the author lets you into a fantasy world where two people struggle to live with a present, they are sure will take a drastic change in the near future.

The Regrets is a perfect read if you are looking for something unusual. It is surreal, sexual, and philosophical. The storyline is captivating, the narration is excellent, and the humor will leave you in stitches. Thomas and Racheal are great characters, and so is the rest of the cast. Get transported into a world where daydreams come true, but they do not deliver the expected results.

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