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Amy Gail Hansen is a noteworthy writer from the United States, who is renowned for writing contemporary, suspense, mystery, thriller, and fiction novels. Her writing career is comprised of just 2 standalone novels and both of them are very successful. In a very short span of time, author Hansen has risen to great heights of success. She has gained the support of a large number of fans, who are now eagerly waiting for the publication of her next novel. Many fellow writers and critics have also praised her work and have appreciated the characters and settings described by her in her novels as well as style of writing.

Author Hansen hopes to continue writing many more exciting stories in the future and keep entertaining her fans with each of her books. Hansen considers herself lucky and blessed to have found the career path of writing as she thinks that she would not have become successful in any other career field. Author Hansen believes she was destined to become a writer of suspense and mystery novels. Her first novel went on to be sold in numerous printed copies all over the world. It found a large number of takers, who liked everything about it and praised author Hansen for coming up with such a unique story and cast of characters. Riding on the success of her debut novel, author Hansen has now started working on the story development of her next book. She hopes to finish the writing part as soon as possible and then publish it for her desperately waiting fans.

Author Hansen was born in the suburbs of Chicago. During her days of early childhood, she used to live in New Orleans along with her family. Later, she started dividing her time between New Orleans and Chicago. Hansen completed her graduation from the Carthage College, located in Kenosha, Wisconsin. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Arts in the subject of English. After earning her degree, author Hansen started working as a teacher of English. Later, she gave up teaching and took up a job as a journalist. As of today, she is more involved in journalism and freelance writing. Hansen is happily married and resides in Chicago along with her beloved husband and 3 beautiful children.

The debut book written by author Amy Gail Hansen is entitled ‘The Butterfly Sister’. It is a story of mystery, suspense, and thrill. The book was released by the William Morrow publishing company in the year 2013. In this particular book, author Hansen has mentioned the lead characters in the form of Ruby Rosseau, Beth Richards, and several others. The story revolves around the lives of two women in their twenties, who keeps thinking about their past, and when their past comes knocking at their doorstep in a mysterious way, several unexpected things happen. The women try to overcome them in an attempt to live a peaceful and sane life in their present time. Amy Hansen has done the book’s setting in a women’s college known as Tarble. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Ruby Rosseau is a 22 year old woman. She feels haunted by her memories of the senior year at the all women’s college even after 8 months of dropping out.

Ruby Rosseau’s senior year was marred by a controversial affair with a professor of English. When her affair became public, she was made fun of and was joked about. Ruby faced so much humiliation at the hands of her fellow students and the teaching staff that she was forced to drop out of college. Ruby was also suffering from a deep sense of depression at that time. She used to question her sanity under the effect of the depression and had even attempted to commit suicide, but it failed. While living in her own lonely life in the present, Ruby Rosseau receives a mysterious briefcase with paisley print on it. The briefcase had Ruby’s name marked on it and an address of a different person. Ruby tries to track down the address and return the briefcase to its actual owner. When Ruby Rosseau arrives at the address, she realizes that it is the house of a lady named Beth Richards, who has a dorm mate of hers during her college days. Ruby learns that Beth has disappeared a couple of days ago and has not been found since then. Ruby doesn’t know what to do or where to find Beth.

When she opens the briefcase, she realizes that the contents inside the luggage are the only tangible things that can provide evidence about the whereabouts of Beth Richards. Ruby gets consumed by Beth’s sudden disappearance and at the same time her briefcase reaching her. She more consumed by the fact that Beth’s luggage had a copy of the book which Ruby had used to base her thesis on and which was the reason she actually started doing mad things in her senior college year. Ruby Rosseau decides to go on and find the truth related to Beth Richards’ past as well as her own. During her course of doing, Ruby ends up reexamining some people in her past. One of them was the professor, who made it difficult for her to continue college and eventually broke her heart. Other people that Ruby thinks about are the dead lady writers, who keep giving her hints about joining the illustrious groups run by them as ghosts. Finally, the storyline of Beth and Ruby goes on to converge in a surprising way that Ruby had never imagined. This makes her return to the very same place that she had sworn not to look back at, ever, Tarble, her college.

Another very entertaining book penned by author Hansen is called ‘Taylor Swift : Love Story’. This book was published in 2014. Gail Hansen has described this beautiful book with illustrations of colorful photos. The story describes the colorful beginnings that Taylor Swift had during the start of her music career and her eventual rise to stardom and celebrity status. There are descriptions from beyond the news headlines showing Taylor’s real story of how she likes to keep things real with her best friends. Author Hansen has also explored the excellent skills of Taylor at songwriting. She has mentioned where Taylor gets her inspirations from and what all things have had influences on her music. One full chapter of the book is based on the stylish looks of Taylor. The chapter illustrates Taylor’s unique sense of fashion, starting from her boots to her hair. The readers found it very interesting to read this book and get an insight into the personal life of the famous pop star. The success made both Taylor Swift and Gail Hansen very happy.

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