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Best Kept Secret (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Outside the Lines (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Language of Sisters (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Heart Like Mine (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Safe with Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somewhere Out There (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
It Happens All the Time (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Tell Me Everything (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amy Hatvany is an American author from Seattle, Washington best known for a series of family life fiction novels. Born in Seattle, Washington, she attended Washington University from which she graduated in 1994 with a degree in Sociology. After finding out there was not much need for sociologists in the United States, she undertook a number of odd jobs such as wedding cake decorator, which she absolutely loved, and receptionist that she barely tolerated. After working so many odd jobs, she finally decided to quit her job, sell her car, and take the plunge into a writing career. She would spend the years between 1998 and 2000 writing her first novel “The “Kind of Love That Saves You” which was published in 2000. She spends most her time with Stephan her second husband, and her children from her previous marriage Miles, Scarlett, and Anna that she likes to call a bonus child. They also live with their two dogs that they love to call the four-legged hairy children of the blended family, Dolce, Kenda. When she is not writing her novels, she loves spending time with family and friends doing all kinds of fun things. Some of her favorite hobbies include cooking, reading, or zoning out on the couch watching select reality TV shows. A good cook herself, she asserts that Top Chef is one of her favorite reality TV series. She also watches the auditions for Top Author religiously terming it some of the most gripping television.

Amy Hatvany has always had a way with words and her mother once characterized her as a chatterbox toddler. She just could not seem to keep quiet and would say anything and everything that came into her mind from a very young age. She carried out with her ways of expressing everything in her mind, though she now does it on the page. She still talks a lot though as an adult she has learned to also listen and observe a lot in life, which she goes on to reproduce in her best-selling novels. Her first literary expression was a 1979 drawing, which was followed by a collection of short stories she called Amy Animal Stories. This creation was a collection of slightly twisted short tales in which the 7-year-old Amy wrote about her love for all animals in the universe. Since she was only in the second grade, finding a publisher for her treasured short collection of stories was not easy. But her teacher was interested enough to read and bind the stories into a book. She retains that old bound book in her home library and readily shares the story of how they got her started with her favored guests.

Referred to as a people engineer by her husband Stephan, Amy’s books will take you on a gripping emotional adventure right from the first page to the last. She likes to write about either her own experiences or the experiences of others in her life. For instance, her novel “Best Kept Secrets” is a novel about recovery, alcoholism, and motherhood. The story of Cadence the lead character is practically what Hatvany went through as she was recovering from alcoholism. Drawing inspiration for her main and minor characters from people in her life, she explores the immense pressure that women face to be perfect in the face of an unforgiving world. As a former addict, she writes about the despair and self-loathing that a woman feels, and expresses the damage that could result when this is taken to the extreme. Some of her novels such as “Safe With Me” draw their inspiration from real life stories which is what makes them so realistic and emotional. The story is a twist on a story she read about a New York woman who got into a conversation with one of her workers, only to realize that he was the anonymous kidney donor for her husband. Even as the author conducted a lot of research and interviews, it is the fact that she is a mother that allows her to write so viscerally. Drawing inspiration for some of her lead characters such as Maddie from her daughter Scarlett or from her own experiences makes it easy for her to express the heart and gut wrenching emotions that one would feel when they lose a child, or a spouse, or even a marriage.

The Kind of Love That Saves You, is a celebration of hope, life, and the healing power of love. It is an unforgettable story and electrifying debut that will have you smiling through all the tears and make you treasure the moments spent with loved ones even more. Using her old name of Amy Yurk, Amy writes of Calista and Sarah Strickland two women that have been the best of friends for over twenty years, right from the very first day of kindergarten. They have shared the good times and the bad including the love, breakups, romances, friendship, and marriage until one-day Sarah’s world changes for good. She is now in a dark emotional territory and will not let anyone, not even her best friend in to help her. Writing with effortless eloquence, the author describes the essence and definition of being human.

Best Kept Secret is a haunting, heartbreaking, and captivating novel about a mother who loses everything after she becomes an alcoholic, and the subsequent battle to win back sobriety so that she could win back custody of her son. When Cadence decided to sit back and relax after a long day, and partly as a way to keep her mind off recently completed divorce proceedings, she never knew that the few cups of wine would mess up her life like they did. Now caught up in the cruel cycle of promising to stop and never getting to actually do, she is growing desperate. She misses her past life when she seemingly had it all with a great career with a leading media company, an adorable son, and successful husband. The end of her marriage had brought everything crashing about her ears as she tried to juggle being a single mother and the demands of freelance journalism. She now fears that the secret she holds closest is the one that is going to be the end of her.

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