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Publication Order of Allies and Enemies Books

Coming from the United States, New Orleans, the American writer Amy J. Murphy is well known for her strong and resourceful characters, with their dangerous attitudes, and her exciting take on the science-fiction genre, with her ever expansive worlds and creative visions, combined with down-to-earth storytelling and realistic protagonists who resonate with the reader, whilst also being fun, entertaining and highly compelling to read. Her narrative pace carries along at a fast speed, although it does stop and slow down when it’s necessary, leaving the reader to become gradually drawn in, building both the action and suspense in the process. This is something Murphy has become highly adept at over the years, having taken the genre and, showing a clear passion for it has moved it in new and unique directions with stories, ideas and characters that have previously been unseen. Many readers have also taken to her work, with scores of readers world-wide arriving at her work after word-of-mouth reviews and the critical establishment has sang her many praises. Clearly a master of her craft, she is able to turn a simple turn-of-phrase into something more epic and outlandish, delivering a whole range of profound concepts and ideas in the process. The genre of science-fiction is primarily an ideas based one, and Murphy seemingly knows this better than anyone, as she effortlessly brings a whole range of different concepts to the table, whilst also not treating the readers in a condescending manner, as she trusts their intelligence allowing the story to become more nuanced and intricate in the process. As more and more readers discover her work everyday, he prominence as an author will only grow, with her audiences continually growing, as her themes and ideas relate on a universal level, giving a more balanced outlook on the entire genre and the human condition.

Early and Personal Life

Understanding the power of storytelling and fiction from a very early age, Amy J. Murphy was a masterful liar, by own volition from as long as she could remember. Educating herself in the craft she would go on to create in-depth worlds and highly unique ways of looking at the genre of science-fiction, all whist developing her skills as an author. This would continue throughout her education as she applied herself to both reading and writing, taking in inspiration from wherever she could manage to find it.

Fascinated with far-off worlds and imaginative landscapes, she was no stranger to the genre of science-fiction when she finally came to writing it full-time. Clearly adept and a natural at writing within this field, she continue to delight readers worldwide with her fascinating sense of both scope and scale, creating characters that manage to come alive off the page too. Currently living in Vermont, she lives in an isolated farmhouse whereby she writes regularly and consistently, doing a job she loves, something which will carry on into the future for quite some time to come yet.

Writing Career

In 2015 the writer Amy J. Murphy would release her first debut novel as a full time author. This would be titled ‘Fallen’ and it would also be the first book in the now much loved ‘Allies and Enemies’ series of novels. A member of the ‘Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America’ she is also an extremely prolific member of the science-fiction scene too.

Attending a number of event and conventions, she maintains a strong presence both online and off. Whether she’s receiving awards for her work who conducting her own readings, she actively engages in feedback from fans. This is something that’s expected to continue for some time yet, as she carries on into the foreseeable future.


The second title in the ongoing ‘Allies and Enemies’ series of novels, this originally came out in 2016 on the 30th of April to an already eager audience. Published on the Kindle, it manages to continue on in much the same vein as before, bringing a whole new side of the story and world into the foreground. Giving its characters further developments too, it manages to build upon the initial concept too, giving it more breathing space in the process and allowing it to really flourish, as the story provides another installment for everyone bringing some surprises along the way.

Supposedly a fresh start for everyone, the Reaches were meant to provide safety and solace from the Regime, something which the former captain Jon Veradin and the renegade soldier Sela Tyron seek desperately. Things aren’t going to be so easy though, as they soon find themselves being targeted by a whole set of dangerous henchmen and the even more deadlier Guilds, all out seeking a piece of them. Then there’s Erelah Veradin, the sister of Jon, who everyone thought to be dead, but is now currently being held captive by the Zenti pirates. Will she ever be able to escape? Can Jon and Sela ever break free of the Regime? What will become of the rogues?


Coming out approximately one year after the first, this was initially brought out on the 31st of March in 2017 to much acclaim, as it continued on from the previous book in the series. Taking the story forwards, it managed to develop both the world and the characters, giving them a clear idea of where the story was to be heading in the future. Released on the Kindle platform it would further establish Murphy as a writer of importance within the field of science-fiction as well, taking her brand forwards and cementing her status as a writer to an even deeper degree.

With their balance of power currently set at a tipping point, the three Guilds, Poisoncry, Ironvale and Splitdawn are currently controlling the fringes of space known only as the Reaches. It’ll only take a small push and all that could potentially come crashing down leaving chaos within its place, which is something that soldier Sela Tyron is considering at the moment. With Jon Veradin all set to rescue his sister that chaos might just be what’s required if they ever hope to free her from her captors alive and in one piece. Will they actually do it? Can they rescue her? What will become of the exiles?

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