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Amy K. Green is a mystery author from Boston best known for her debut novel “The Prized Girl.” She was born and brought up in a small town in New England. She went to college to study accounting and practiced for several years as a certified public accountant before she decided that she was done with the corporate world. She would move on and work in film production and get into writing, publishing her debut novel “The Prized Girl” in 2020. Her film credits include “Little Women” released in 2019 where she worked as a Production Accountant. She has asserted that while working as an accountant in a movie is not that glamorous, she loves it since she gets access to all the details of the movies that the public cannot get. When she is not working as a CPA, you can find her working in cafés particularly “Einstein’s Bagels” in Los Angeles as she does not like working from home. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and Boston.

Asked about where she gets her active imagination, she asserted that she believes it was because she was brought up an only child. Years of playing by herself in the woods and New Kids on the Block posters kickstarted her imagination. She also watched and still watches a lot of TV since she finds some of her inspiration from TV programs and news. While Amy Green had a very active imagination, she never thought she would be a writer. Moreover, she was not much of a reader or writer and was more interested in becoming a farmer until she visited one. She then wanted to go into business though she did not understand what that even meant. Nonetheless, when she was in a high school English class, she once wrote a play about two sisters that fought over a free mattress they found dropped by the roadside. It was the first piece of writing that set her on a path of becoming an author. However, she went on to get two degrees in accounting and worked for the likes of Fox Entertainment Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers for several years. Even as she worked as an accountant, she felt the urge to write and soon got into freelance as she felt that she could have better control over her time. As a freelance accountant, she could still practice and write as much as she needed to. Since she has several months of downtime every year, she used that time to write her debut novel “The Prized Girl” that she published in 2020.

Amy as a film production and screenwriting professional tells two alternating narratives to make a complex and intriguing story. The first is a set of third-person feedbacks about a rebellious girl angry at her family which gradually makes her reckless. The other is narrated by a character that systematically identifies a series of possible killers. She sometimes works on her own and at other times with a detective. Together the two narratives show a high dysfunction in the family, before revealing a secret that has haunted the family for years. Green writes complex characters particularly the two siblings, their parents, the detective and the boyfriend. Their search for a killer makes for stunning twists that ultimately results in a shocking ending.

Amy Green’s debut novel “The Prized Girl” is a gritty and exceedingly dark story of Virginia. She is devastated about the death of Jenny her thirteen-year-old sibling and is determined to get to the truth of the mysterious death. The murder of thirteen-year-old Jenny has left the small town of New England that she called home reeling. Jenny was a popular, pretty, smart girl that seemed to have everything going for her. Jenny had been involved in several prestigious beauty pageants and according to law enforcement, one of her fans developed an obsession with her and then killed her. Almost everyone takes the official narrative at face value except Virginia her half-sister, who believes there is more to the story. She had not known Jenny that well even though they had family meals together for months. Since she had been fifteen years younger, they did not have much in common to talk about. Virginia is generally deemed the screw-up and nothing she does ever impresses her perfectionist stepmother or her overly strict father. On the other hand, Jenny cannot seem to put a foot wrong and is loved by everyone in the family. Over time, Virginia had developed a fondness for her sister even if they did not talk much and as such is determined to resolve the mystery of her death.

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