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Amy Lea is a Canadian romance, literature, and contemporary author. She is a bureaucrat by day and an international best-selling romance writer by night.

Amy creates romantic comedies with strong heroines, banter, and pop culture references to the mid-2000s and happily ever after. When not writing, you can find Amy interacting with her fans over romance novels on Instagram, spending time with her husband, and eating potato chips. Kim Lionetti represents Amy Lea at BookEnds Literary Agency.

Set On You is the debut in the Influencer series. Fitness influencer Crystal Chen went up her career by shocking gym stereotypes and ignoring all the trolls. After her current breakup, she has no energy to use on men and chooses to spend her time in the gym because it is the only place that gives her power and positivity.

Firefighter Scott Ritchie is the new gym patron who frequently steals her favorite squat rack. Soon, sparks start flying as the two competitive friends compete to dominate the gym. However, after several escalating jabs, the last thing they expect is to bump into each other at their grandparents’ engagement party.

As they get to know each other better, attraction increases and the two find themselves meeting during the wedding preparations through text messages and gym workouts.

During their wedding, Crystal finds out that there is a soft part in Scott. Bonding in family, fitness, and magnetic pick-up lines, Crystal might have found a soulmate. For well-known reasons, the pair agrees to wait a few months before taking their relationship to the next step. During that period, they build a good friendship with hopes that it’ll turn into something more and that their prayers are answered. However, internet trolls cut short their growing relationship when their photo goes viral as their strength gets tested. What will be of their relationship when the photo threatens everything

Crystal is a fantastic protagonist, and Amy Lea points out how important it is to show women of all kinds who embrace self-love and positivity in all areas. She is a confident and optimistic woman who loves who she is and everything she does. Crystal has been working hard to end harmful and fat-phobic stereotypes, making her a positive force in the fitness field. Her compulsion and determination to help others are admirable and inspiring. However, like any other normal human being, she has her fears and insecurities.

Crystal is realistic as she doesn’t focus on the difficulties on faces while on a health journey. The road isn’t always smooth, filled with setbacks and obstacles. The author concentrates majorly on being healthy and embracing oneself while pointing out that continually conforming to society’s pressures isn’t necessary. Scott is amazing, and underneath his arrogance is a sweet, charming, and caring man you will appreciate getting to know him better. Their grandparents, Crystal’s sister, parents, and other supporting characters are also interesting and well-developed.

Scott and Crystal have a real relationship and family issues, making the story relatable. The new relationships, uniting family members, parental pressures, and health scares develop the characters showing the complex and rewarding connections in Crystal’s and Scott’s lives. The chemistry between the two is off the charts from the start, as sparks fly in everything they do. They have a good connection, and their banter is terrific. Set On You is a swoon-worthy love story with romantic and steamy scenes.
The text messages and flirty conversations between Crystal and Scott show how close they come daily with their Cringe-worthy pick-up lines that you’ll find sweet and funny.

The author includes Instagram posts, comments, and text messages about the reality of the online world, both in good and bad ways. Crystal got a lot of online bullying that most people experience in the modern world.

Set on You is a story of self-love and acceptance, forming a perfect contemporary romance. It’s heartwarming and funny, with fantastic writing. Amy Lea highlights the ridiculously unattainable influencer where Scott, a firefighter, meets by good luck at a local gym when he steals Crystal’s squat rack. At first, Crystal is not impressed by the new Gym member, but after some time, she realizes she might see a lot more of him.

Exes and O’s is the second installment in the Influencer series. After getting heartbroken by her fiancé, a romance Bookstagrammer decides to check into her past relationships to find out whether she has a chance of discovering a second chance spark in her love life.
Tara Chen is a Boston nurse who has always loved romance novels. She shares her love through videos on TikTok and Instagram; however, her record with real-life romance has not been successful. Fed up with the ups and downs of modern dating, Tara decides not to look for a new relationship but instead look back to each of her ex-boyfriends.

She hopes she can rekindle something in the past that will be worth chasing, especially after her recent engagement ends. In the meantime, there’s an issue with her roommate, Trevor Metcalfe. Trevor believes in loving them and leaving them mentality and doesn’t support the idea of Tara being friendly with his one-time lovers.

He doesn’t even get her romance stories obsession, but he offers to be the wingman she needs in her journey to reconnect with her ex-boyfriends. As they spend more time together, Tara realizes that the right guy might not be one of her former lovers. She can’t deny the power of her connection with her roommate Trevor. Exes and O’s is a hilarious and realistic exploration of love life full of soft moments, minor gestures, love, and romance, making it a must-read for any reader. It’s a comic and delightful romance story about how best love stories are found in places people least expect.

The novel has well-developed and likable characters with slow-build chemistry. It’s centered on body positivity with clear, witty, powerful prose discouraging those trying to get self-acceptance. The story is heartwarming, insightful, energetic, and steamy, lightly celebrating body positivity.

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