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Amy Lloyd
Amy Lloyd was born in Cardiff, The United Kingdom and studied Creative Writing and English at Cardiff Metropolitan University.

Her writing combines her passion for fiction with her fascination with true crime. When she was younger, all she read were these lurid paperback books on serial killers like Dennis Nilsen and Jeffrey Dahmer.

The popularity of true crime inspired “The Innocent Wife”. Amy had grown so interested in the way that people talked about crimes, how murder was sanitized and in the mainstream. It meant that everybody would talk about true crime and get involved in cases. It wasn’t just lonely weirdos such as herself anymore! And the ways that people consumed true crime had changed and it got her imagining a worst-case scenario which encompassed all these modern elements of true crime.

Since she has watched or read a lot of true crime through the years, most of her research for the book happened organically. Same for researching the state of Florida. Amy just drew on her experiences of having been there.

She also read websites and books about Death Row in Florida so that she would be able to describe it in an accurate way. Then she researched people getting released from Death Row and all the issues they had adjusting to their freedom.

Amy has always loved writing. Through the years she has picked up multiple musical instruments, tried to draw and paint, but quit all of them. But she has always written. It is tough because out of everything she has done it is the most frustrating, since she supposes because it matters so much to her that she is good at it. It is also the most rewarding when things go right.

There were moments when she wrote “The Innocent Wife” where, for about a page or so, that her writing was the exact way she wanted it. It was a rare feat, but in those moments she was incredibly happy since she was writing the exact book she wanted to read, and it felt amazing.

Amy will get up in the morning, write immediately, then go an exercise, and write some more and when she runs out of ideas she gets into bed. She loves taking afternoon naps. Her cat, named Henry, knows when nap time is and always comes in to join her. He sleeps near her head. It is all tragic, she knows, but she loves it.

If Amy is deep into something she’s writing, she finds it difficult to focus on reading. She finds that her mind will wander back to her own book again and again. So she likes walking and listening to some music to try to calm herself down.

Amy loves Jillian Michaels workouts, and feels that this is her half hour each day where she doesn’t think about writing one bit, which is both guilt free and beautiful. She also heads to the cinema about once a week as well, and this typically takes her mind off her own book for a while.

Amy won the Penguin Random House and Daily Mail First Novel competition in the year 2016 for “The Innocent Wife”.

Amy’s debut novel, called “The Innocent Wife”, was released in the year 2017. Her work is from the mystery genre.

“The Innocent Wife” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. You were obsessed with his case, and fought for his freedom. He later was acquitted. Then you married him. Now, however, you wonder if he is all that innocent after all.

Twenty years back, Dennis Danson got sentenced to death for a brutal murder of a young girl down in Florida. However there were flaws with the case, suspicions of a miscarriage of justice, and questions hanging over the prosecution. Sam, an English schoolteacher, finds she is getting pulled into an online community obsessed with this case, as well as the eighteen year old that tearfully protested his own innocence.

Who was the ‘Short Man’ the cops never located and why would they fixate on Dennis so early? What happened to that missing evidence?

Sam and Dennis write to each other, and they become friends. She visits with him. They fall in love, and get married. At long last, a confession from the real killer appears to clear Dennis entirely. He gets acquitted, and is declared a free man.

Sam is overjoyed, however one part of her begins doubting Dennis, and all the ways he appears to change once he gets released. She pushes it all aside, as they are husband and wife. Till death do they part.

Reader found this to be a page turning, fantastic, and compelling novel that draws you in and holds your attention until the end, yet it is never at all predictable, and you are in for some surprises until it has ended. It is a assured and original story about obsession, and Amy Lloyd is an astonishing new talent, sure to become a huge name.

“One More Lie” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2019. He is seeking revenge, while she seeks the truth.

Charlotte wants to start anew. She wants to just forget his past, forget prison, and more than anything, just forget Sean. Old habits die hard, though. Despite the ankle monitor she’s supposed to wear as part of her parole agreement along with the frequent visits to her therapists, she quickly finds herself sliding back to the sort of behavior which got her sent to prison to start with.

The further down this path she goes, though, the closer that she gets to the crime that put her in prison all those years prior. And that is the single memory she is unable to face. Until, Sean tracks her down one day.

Amy Lloyd returns with a chilling portrait of one woman attempting to be good, even while she is unsure she even wants to be.

This is a sinister, gripping, and intriguing novel that had readers hooked on it right from the very beginning.

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