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Amy Makechnie

Amy Nelson Makechnie—simply known as Amy Makechnie—is an American author and a mother of four. She spent her childhood in the Midwestern United States, particularly in Omaha City, Nebraska, where he frequented libraries. However, she is a resident of Andover, Greater Boston Area. In her childhood, Makechnie desired to become a soccer player. She is a poultry farm too.

Between 1993 and 1995, she studied at the Brigham Young University, Idaho, where she earned an associate’s degree in general studies. Immediately thereafter—from 1995 to 1998—she continued with her studies at the Brigham Young University; she attended the then newly established College of Health and Human Performance, where she majored in Physical Education and undertook English minor to satisfy her lifelong desire of becoming a photojournalist.

From 1997 to date, she has been working as a high school teacher (of anatomy and physiology) and soccer coach (nutrition specialist) at the Proctor Academy. She also coaches communal teams and leads her church’s Young Women’s Organization.

Amy Makechnie has been freelance writing since 2011. She is a member of the group called CCZ: Writers, freelancers, photographers and video editors. She has been a blogger since 2008. She frequently blogs about children affairs in the website Power of Mom, and has written about health for the Kearsarge Magazine. Makechnie also conducts heart dissections, and has written about it in Proctor Academy’s school website.

Amy Makechnie acknowledges the influence of her mother’s storytelling skills and love for reading. Her mother-in-law’s personality has also inspired her works. Her short stint writing eulogies grew her writing skills. However, Makechnie’s greatest influence was the Sweet Valley High book series, authored by American writer Francine Pascal alongside the groups of ghost authors collectively called Kate William and Jamie Suzanne
Amy Makechnie’s literary agent is Zoe Sandler. Her niche is juvenile literature, especially pre-adolescent learners.

Books Written

Amy Makechnie has authored standalone books. Makechnie’s first book is titled The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair, although it was originally called A Boat Against the Current. The hardcover, Kindle, paperback, and ebook editions of the 336-page book were solely published by Simon & Schuster via its subsidiary Atheneum Books for Young Readers.

Makechnie’s book writing career kicked off in 2007, while her then three-month-old daughter Paige took siestas. Initially, Makechnie wrote for young adults before switching to middle grade fiction. She wrote numerous query letters in vain, despite her polished manuscript. Following advice from one of Simon & Schuster’s agents in December 2017, Makechnie tweaked the plot of her manuscript; shortly thereafter, the aforementioned publisher acquired her manuscript in February 2017.

She states that her book The Unforgettable Guinevere St. Clair is autobiographical because it is largely based on her life, her family members, and real-life people. For instance, her late mother-in-law inspired the character named Gaysie Cutter. Also, husband Jed and his forgetful wife Vienna St. Clair’s memory loss condition are based on a real-life couple with real brain damage. Another example is an unsuccessful event when, during her childhood, Makechnie used a Styrofoam board in her attempt at floating trip on Mississippi River; similarly, the character Guinevere attempts the floating feat.

Book’s plot: the protagonist is a pre-teen prospective lawyer called Guinevere St. Clair whose father relocated them from New York City to Iowa in his quest to revive their retarded mother Vienna’s memory loss. Guinevere is investigating the disappearance of her friendly neighbor Wilbur Truesdale, and she is suspecting her neighbor Gaysie Cutter.

This highly-rated book has been compared to—and is hailed as a cross between of—the 1996 comedy film Harriet the Spy, and Harper Lee’s and Ali Benjamin’s works.

Amy Makechnie is also the author of Ten Thousand Tries that will be published in July 2021. Plot: the main character is a pre-teenager called Golden Maroni who looks up to his role model Lionel Messi. Maroni’s soccer playing father is suffering from a medical condition—the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis medical condition—thus limiting his daily activities and self-care; Maroni’s 10000 attempts at reversing his father’s condition while trying to actualize his athletic dream becomes a moral lesson—accepting fate and maximizing his potential.

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