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Inside the World of Die for Me (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

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After the End (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Until the Beginning (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

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An Alphabet of Paris Zombies (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amy Plum is an American novelist known universally as the author of ‘Die For Me’, a series set in Paris. The novels written by Amy have earned her a worldwide recognition. Her first three books namely, Die For Me, Until I Die and-If I Should-Die have become international bestsellers. The fame of these three books can be easily perceived by the fact that her books are translated into thirteen languages. And all the books gained same popularity all across the world in the respective languages they were translated. The fourth and the fifth book written by Amy are digital novellas and are named Die For Her and Die Once More. The semblance of the titles for her books continued in her sixth novel as well which was entitled Inside the World of Die For Me.

The first novel of this American and French young-adult writer of the fiction genre became an international bestseller. Some of the prestigious and renowned Indie Next and Romance Times lists chose this novel as a top pick. The mere presence of these novels on such popular and celebrated lists is the reason for their international fame.

Plum was born in 1967 in Portland, the largest city in the US State of Oregon. From there she was moved to Birmingham, where she was finally raised up to become a well-known author. She attended Wheaton College in Chicago and earned her graduation’s degree in Psychology from there only. Her main reason behind moving to Chicago for her higher studies was to escape the restrictive environment of Birmingham. However, the university she got into emerged out as an even-more restrictive place to survive and was known for expelling people for dancing.

More surprisingly, she was once called into the Dean’s office for wearing clothes that were way too black. Such unusually over restrictive surrounding of the premises further forced her to run away somewhere far where she could live freely, according to her own will. This is why she chose Paris, France as her next home for five years after finishing her college. In Paris, she could wear as much black as she wanted and could dance boundlessly.

After venturing for around five years in the freedom and liberty of Paris, Plum moved to London for pursuing her master’s. There she studied vigilantly and received a master’s degree in Medieval Art-History, specializing in Early-Sienese Painting (1260-1348). Amy was of the mindset that this degree brings no hope of paying job afterward. She recalls it to be the main reason why she chose this field. Amy met her husband in England too, from where the couple moved to New York after tying the wedding knot.

In New York, Amy succeeded in finding the job in the world of antiques and art. However, after managing to deal with the demanding lifestyle in-the Big Apple for almost a decade, the couple decided to move to some place quiet and less chaotic. Amy and her husband decided to swap their American life for a small village in the French countryside. The village was then inhabited by only 1300 people and was very quiet and calm. There Plum took a teacher’s job in Tours University and taught English literature.

Amy left the job as a teacher after she signed with Harper Collins for her very first masterpiece, Die For Her. At present, she resides in Paris-with her two children where she works as a full-time writer. She is a big fan of Maira Kalman and Edward Gorey as well as Ira Glass, Amadeo Modigliani, and David Sedaris. She is enjoying her life writing full-time whilst making a name for her in the world of fiction.

Although Plum’s first book named A Year in the Vines could not be published, it helped her in securing an agent. This is how Die For Me came out as her first published novel in the year 2011. This is the first-book of her series known as Revenants series. The name ‘Revenants’ of the series is kept after the introduction of the mythology of a group of reanimating zombie-like creatures known as revenants. The story revolves around a 16-year old American girl, Kate Mercier living in Paris. It is a story about how her parents died in a car crash and then she fell in love-with a revenant, Vincent. It was not only an international bestseller but was also voted to the Summer 2011 Indie Next list. It was also nominated for South Carolina Young Adult Book Award.

The sequel to her first book, Until I Die that was published in 2012 was equally popular as the first book. The entire series was completed with its last part If I Should-Die and it beautifully wrapped up the love story of Kate and the revenant, Vincent. It was praised universally as another great and fantastic tale. In 2015, another digital novella Die Once More was added to her list of books at her reader’s requests.

Another amazing After the End series came out in-2014. The first-book talked of the Alaskan wilderness in the post-apocalyptic world. The main character of the novel, Juneau was seventeen years old and had mystical powers. When Juneau returned to her village, she found out that her entire village was abducted. She went on to search her people with the help of Miles, a rich and spoiled teenager. The second book Until the Beginning was published in 2015 and was received warmly.

Amy Plum agrees with her mother who said Amy was an escapist at heart and always preferred living in the imaginary world. She could never endure the restrictiveness and evaded it in search of liberty and free will. She believes that the books offer an alternative universe to this world where one can escape and transform oneself. She also enjoyed the quiet space of a museum and always considered it as her favorite place. From her childhood, she was capable of yanking herself out of this world while plunging into another world, less frenzied.

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