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Amy Reed is a renowned American author, who is popular for writing short stories, literature & fiction, and young adult novels. She is particularly famous for writing the Invincible series of novels. Author Reed is known to have written numerous successful standalone novels in her career. She was born and brought up in Seattle, United States. By the time author Reed reached the age of 18, she had already changed a total of 8 schools. She did not have any option, but to keep changing places. However, the constant moving taught Reed being restless. As she was the only kid of her parents, she had the freedom of imagining and doing funny things. Author Reed had a short stint at the Reed College, after which she shifted to San Francisco. There she spent the next few years of her life serving coffee. In the meantime, she enrolled herself at a film school, but after graduating, she decided that this art form is of no use to her. Therefore, she thought it would be better for her to return to her original love of writing. Subsequently, author Reed obtained her MFA from the New College in California. Reed lived for a period of 13 years in the Bay Area of San Francisco. And currently, she resides in western North Carolina mountains along with her loving husband, a daughter, and a pet dog. The short works of author Reed have appeared in several literary journals such as Contrary, Mission at Tenth, Kitchen Sink, and Fiction. Reed is the writer of contemporary, gritty young adult novels Crazy, Damaged, Beautiful, Clean, and Over You. All these books were published by the Simon & Schuster/Simon Pulse publication. In addition to these, author Reed has also written a 2 book series called Invincible. The books of this series were released by the Harper Collins/Katherine Tegen publication. Author Reed has finished writing another novel titled The Nowhere Girls. She is expected to release this novel later in 2017. In this latest novel, author Reed has described the story of 3 misfit girls, who begin an underground movement for avenging the rape of one of their classmates. Besides this book, author Reed is also busy editing an anthology. During her spare times, Reed likes to indulge herself in reading, cooking, running, eating, hanging out with her loving husband named Brian, gardening, making lists, and helping out her daughter Elouise in her studies.

The Invincible series written by author Amy Reed is comprised of a total of 2 books, which were released between the years 2015 and 2016. The debut novel of this series is entitled ‘Invincible’. It was released by the Katherine Tegen publication in the year 2015. The book’s story describes dramatic romance involving a teenage girl who suffers from terminal cancer. Author Reed has mentioned the main characters in the book as Evie and Marcus. At the start of the book’s story, it is shown that Evie suffers from a form of terminal cancer and has limited time left with her. Her cancer was diagnosed a few months ago. She becomes surprised to know that she is not dead yet even after the passage of the deadline. Evie appears to be grateful to have one more day to live. Knowing that the disease is going to kill her anyhow, she wishes that somehow she gets her life back. Later, the doctors inform her that her cancer has been cured miraculously and that she is no longer suffering from cancer.

Evie had always wanted to get her back to her normal life. But, all her hopes of getting back to the normal routine life after defeating cancer get shattered when she realizes that her family and friends still relate to her as the Cancer Girl. Evie becomes sad to know that people are giving her extra attention unnecessarily, even though she does not need it anymore. Even her boyfriend keeps giving her attention constantly. After some time, Evie stops feeling bad about all this because she understands that people are not going to lose the perception that they have made about her in their minds. Later, Evie comes across a boy named Marcus. She sees him as trouble, but couldn’t help herself from falling for the troublemaker. Evie feels truly alive whenever she is near Marcus and this makes her wanting to be with him even more. Evie starts seeing Marcus as being better than drug consumption to get rid of the sadness of her life. And when Marcus kisses Evie, she begins to feel invincible. It turns out that she may be going through her life’s biggest fall and doesn’t even realize it.

The next book of the series is called ‘Unforgivable’. It was published in 2016 by the same publishing company which published the first book. This story takes place in San Francisco Bay and continues to feature the lead characters as Evie and Marcus. The well written sequel shows a raw and gut-wrenching story in which Marcus continues his intense romance with Evie. But, after helping her get over with her life’s difficulties, Marcus realizes that his own life and relationship are falling apart. At the beginning of the story of the book, it is depicted that Marcus understands the pain of Evie. He knows that it swallows the person from inside. He has also experienced pain in the past when his mom left him, his brother killed himself, and his father ignored him completely. In order to overcome all these setbacks, Marcus took the help of alcohol, drugs, and several secret acts of self destruction. He used to do all of these to get relief until the day he came across Evie. The two got indulged in each other so much that they started enjoying each and every moment of their lives. As their love for each other continued to rise, they developed a beautiful world of their own. But, each of them was hiding their secrets from the other. From inside, both of them were suffering from a pain that suffocating them and make their lives full miserable. On one occasion, Evie almost drowns in the San Francisco Bay, but Marcus arrives just in time to save her. However, his hopes achieving a happy ending are not fulfilled. When Evie’s parents prevent him from seeing her, he goes on to learn about a pain that breaks him completely. Later, he spirals into a deeper darkness. The new events of his life force him to face his past demons. He begins to feel the same after losing Evie that he felt when his father, brother, and mother left him. Now, he is required to face all those ghosts that he has been desperately trying to avoid or else he might end up losing Evie forever.

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