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The Brilliant Death (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Storm of Life (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Echo After Echo (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Lost Coast (As: A.R. Capetta) (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Heartbreak Bakery (As: A.R. Capetta) (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amy Rose Capetta
Amy Rose Capetta is a young adult fantasy writer best known for her works Echo After Echo and Once &Future series. The talented author holds an MFA in Children & Young Adults writing from Vermont College. When she is not writing, Copetta enjoys anything involving mind-bending science and a wide array of music. She adores her small home in Vermont, where she lives with her partner, author Cori McCarthy, and their son.

Once & Future
Once & Future is the first book in the Once & Future series. The book stars Ari Helix, a young lady who crash-lands on the Old Earth to pull an ancient magic sword from its resting place. Ari is the 42nd and newest reincarnation of King Arthur. We learn this from Merlin, who has been aging backward and is now a teenager. Merlin also lets the reader into the doomed repeat cycles Arthur has been going through, thanks to Excalibur. Every period, Arthur gets into a doomed passion with Guinevere, and Morgana ends up killing him. However, things seem a little different this time around. For one, Arthur has reincarnated as a girl. It looks like it will be possible to now defeat the oppressive and cruel government and set those stuck in the past free.

Ari reincarnates many years in the future when the Old Earth has long been abandoned, and humanity lives in three galaxies controlled by Mercer, an evil corporate giant. In this future world, gender and sexuality are not much of a big deal, and those regarded as queer in the Old Earth finally fit in. What is not remarkable about this new world is Mercer and his barricade on the planet Ketchan where the Arabs settled. This turns Ari an illegal refugee on her home planet. The author alternates between the brewing revolution and the past tragedies that have led to the current situation. Merlin gets drunk a few times, and you can’t help but laugh, imagining him singing to Katy Perry.

The pacing here is excellent, and once things pick up, the action is non-stop. The romance between Ari and Gwen grows fast, and you can’t help but wonder what the future holds for these two. Aside from Ari, Gwen, and Merlin, you will also meet Kay, Ari’s adoptive big brother, Lam, the black, gender-fluid character with a missing hand, and Val, Lam’s sister who is either pan or bi. There is also Jordan, the black knight who protects Gwen. The entire cast comes together to create a fast-paced and fun story.

Once & Future is an intense, well-written story that any sci-fi comedy fan will love. The author has done a great job of recreating a unique and fun story from the Arthurian legend. Join the magic wielders Merlin and Morgana as they wake up from their slumber again and try to free Excalibur. This book covers everything from gender representation to colonialism, making it perfect if you are looking for an all-around read. The story is inclusive and heartwarming, and it reads like a retelling of many kids’ dreams.

Echo After Echo
Echo After Echo stars Zara, an eighteen-year-old actress with big dreams. When Zara gets the rare opportunity of playing Echo in the drama Echo and Ariston, she gives up her senior high school year and relocates to New York. All she wants to do is concentrate on the play that taught her everything she knows about love. If only she knew how much more she had to learn in the course of her stay in New York. The crew has about two months to polish their act before opening night, and everyone is doing everything possible to bring their A-game. However, two killings happen between this time, and one can tell what is happening. Could the deaths be as a result of a curse set on this lovely theater? Since these things happen in threes, who is going to lose their life next?
Adrian Ward has the other key role in the play. Already a famous actress, Adrian is every girl’s dream guy, and the fact that he is quite dashing makes him quite popular amongst the female cast. Zara notices Adrian’s dashing looks, but she wants to improve her acting, not to mention that she promised her director that she would avoid all distractions. However, when the killings start happening, Zara has to unravel the mystery behind them as she tries to shine on stage and hide her budding romance with Eli. Does Zara find the reason why the actors are dropping dead one after another? What does she do about the feelings that are getting hard to ignore?

This is a lovely story that you will devour with a smile on your face. The writing is so beautiful, and the author will keep you guessing about the killings until the end. With a whimsical prose characteristic of a good thriller, the author takes you through the play and all the theater events. As the story unfolds, Zara will be discovering her sexuality, and it is excellent that she fully embraces who she is by the end. The story’s diversity is notable, and all characters are well developed, so you get to know and care about them. It is also refreshing to read about a love story between two young women not characterized by stigma and cultural acceptance.

Echo After Echo is an intriguing murder mystery with a fascinating cast, exciting storyline, and a consistent pace. At the heart of the story is a romantic play and a growing relationship between two female characters. As Zara works to unravel the murders, a lot is happening in her life, especially in her love life. The love between Zara and Eli is just natural, just like you would expect in any other relationship. The rest of the cast adds a lot of character, and it is incredible how they all affect the protagonist’s life. If you are looking for a great winter or fall read, this book is perfect.

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    I really enjoyed reading the Once & Future book that was actually given to me by my awesome non-binary cousin. I look forward to reading Echo after Echo too!


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