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Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
All I Want for Christmas (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
One Minute to Midnight (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Reunion (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Amy Silver is a published author. It is the pen name that is used by real life author Paula Hawkins.

Amy Silver, otherwise known as Paula Hawkins, is the author of several fun books. They can be read by anyone and meet a wide audience of readers that love the way that her books are entertaining and just like a glass of champagne because they are bubbly and not heavy at all but do give you that fun heady feeling. Her books are largely recommended for readers that are eighteen plus due to mature content!

Amy Silver first became an author in print under this name in 2009. That is when her book Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista came out. The book is a fun look into the world of women and fashion and more. If you have been looking for a fun read to check out this one may definitely be the one for you.

Amy Silver works as a freelance journalist in addition to being an author of fiction. She has been able to write on a variety of topics. This includes all types of things from people who love to groom their dogs on their own and have been hopping on the do it yourself trend to the inner details of how the diamond trade works and more.

This writer lives in the busy city of London. When she is not busy writing something or other, you can likely find her reading a good book or else walking about the home city that she loves. She is in a good city for a woman that appreciates fashion and many things to do. Just like Carrie Bradshaw, she has the entire world at her feet. It’s all at her front door and now she pursues her loves of vintage clothing shopping as well as cocktails that are crafted with champagne.

Check out the fun fashionable filled book called Confessions of a Reluctant Recessionista by Amy Silver! If you have been looking for a fun read that is not going to drag you down and gives you a chance to escape on the beach, then this is the book that you’ve got to read. It is light and bright and while it is ideal for the summer it can be enjoyed at any time.

In this story, meet the main character of Cassie. She has yet to find her true calling in life but the truth is that she has always kind of liked her job. This is the job as a PA and she has never minded it. It’s a good job and she finds that she is content to work it and not look for something more.

The grass is not always greener on the other side and the job in the city is exciting and fun. It is the type of job that challenges her every day and she finds a lot of happiness and fulfillment through it. Asa result she finds that her city life is really great and it’s almost like she is living in a real life dream.

She finds that she is not that expendable at her job, or so she thinks. Everything is going really smoothly, so the last thing that she expects is for a boy to come into the mix and throw everything off. Her boyfriend is the type of person that goes out of his way to shower her with lots of gifts.

Every girl is secretly wanting to get presents once in a while at least. Especially when she is dating someone new or in a relationship. The people that get gifts in the relationship in the beginning always get excited, but is this the type of thing that is too good to be true?

Girls like her don’t usually win out like this. She makes her own money and can afford the luxuries. Is this the type of guy that she wants for the rest of her life? She is trying to find the answers but the heady mix of new love and potential is spinning her head. Luxury versus love– which will win out? Pick up this book to find out!

The second novel from this author is all about the holidays. It is called “All I want for Christmas” and if you are a big fan of that big day then this is a great story to check out! You’ll be sure to enjoy it.

For Bea, it is the first year that she is going to spend Christmas with the baby son that she loves so much. She wants to get it all right this year and is determined that it’s going to all work out. But could things really go that well?

Chaos has a way of finding its way into a peaceful scenario and absolutely could do so at any point. She finds that she has so much to do and the menu needs to be worked on. There are so many people and she is starting to get worried. Her cafe even needs some decorations to go up.

There’s a lot to be done and Bea is feeling that she just has too much on her plate. She’s going to have to set something down at some point. She never thought that she would fall in love like this but maybe it is all happening for her at last.

Everyone wants love and she tries to help a woman that gets knocked down randomly. She is trying her best to make the holiday a good one for everyone. The people that come into our lives end up changing them forever and now she’s doing what she can to try and make it all great for all.

Can true love come to exist or is it too late for all of them? They might not want to find out. It is the joy of the holiday season and anything is possible when you believe. You can do what you want and this book tells the reader that. Read it yourself and find out about magic!

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