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Amy Tintera is a young adult fantasy fiction author from Los Angeles that is best known for her debut bestselling title “Reboot.” Tintera grew up in Austin Texas and went to Emerson College where she got her masters in film, with a major in screenwriting. She then moved away to Los Angeles where she got a job in Hollywood though she soon realized that she did not like writing scripts as much as she enjoyed writing fiction novels. It seemed that she had confused her love for movies with a love for screenwriting. But Amy had always loved writing novels and had started when she was a middle schooler and hence making a comeback was not so hard. As a child, she was significantly influenced by her mother who was a huge fan of books that took her and her sister to the library whenever she had the time. Amy was also a fan of shows such as “The Walking Dead,” “Battlestar Galactica,” and “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and these have all influenced her writing. As for authors, she counts the likes of Gayle Forman, Marie Lu and Veronica Rossi that she believes have been putting out a lot of good young adult works. She currently lives in Los Angeles and when she is not writing she likes to go to the movies and read young adult fiction She also walks her dog goes to the gym or does yoga if she has the time.

Tintera believes that her novels stand out from other adult fantasy fiction because she makes standout characters. For instance, with Wren of “Reboot,” she sought to make a character that people would not think was necessarily a good guy. The characters are often kind of scary, complex and even a little bit of a sociopath. Amy does not believe in the good versus evil tropes but rather in murkier stories with flawed characters that one still cannot help but root for. This is despite the fact that they could not necessarily be classified as good though they are not totally bad. For her debut novel “Reboot,” she did a lot of research on the world-building but not much for anything else. Much of the research did not make it into the novel though it was stuff she needed to know. She looked at things such as the crops that are grown in Texas so that she would know what food to make her characters eat. Amy also researched what the land was like in central Texas to get an idea of how to describe her characters’ environments. However, since she spent much of her time in Austin, she knew a lot about the state and did not need much research. She also researched on things such as brain development during teenage years and the different viruses she writes about.

As for the publishing, she started by querying agents and was in several slush piles. However, while “Reboot” as her first big success, it was not her first as she had queried another manuscript before it that went nowhere. She sent out more than 50 queries before she signed at Stonesong with Emmanuelle Morgen. It went through several revisions and by the time she was done and submitted, it went from 66,000 words to the current 81,000 words. Kari Sutherland her editor needed more world-building and she had to expand some of the roles of the secondary characters. Amy Tintera tends to never describe her settings and so had to expand much of her settings to give her audience a better sense of place. However, much of the plot and basic storyline remained the same as she was more focused on the enhancement of what she had already written. From idea to final manuscript took about nine months and then she started querying agents. It then took several months of rewriting and revisions before she published the novel in 2013 followed by “Rebel” in 2014. She currently has several series including “Reboot,” “Ruined,” and “Monsters.”

“Ruined” the first novel of the “Ruined” series of novels is the story of Emelina Flores. She is from Ruina, a land that has been ravaged by war and left her with nothing. Worst of all, she does not have the powers that most of her fellow citizens have and she had been witness to the brutal murder of her parents. She had also watched as Olivia her sister was taken while she could do nothing. But she has nothing to lose since she has nothing. Em now sets off on a dangerous quest as she is driven by a desire for revenge that takes her to Lera the enemy kingdom. Somewhere in the kingdom, she hopes to find her sister but to accomplish her mission she needs to first infiltrate the royal family. In an elaborate and brilliant plan of murder and deception, Em gets married to Prince Casimir ,the heir apparent to the throne of Lera. If anyone were to know about her plans, she could be hanged immediately. But that is the only way she knows to save her kingdom and her sister from the evil Lera Kingdom. She is not going back on what she wants but the closer she and the prince get the more she has questions about her mission. Over time, her anger and rage begin to quiet down and this could be deadly for her family and kingdom.

“Avenged,” the second novel of the series has Emelina come back to Ruina her home from the enemy kingdom of Lera. She had managed to rescue Olivia her sister that had been imprisoned by the Lerans and the two are now determined to restore their homeland to its former glory. But just because Olivia and Emelina are out of reach of their enemies in Lera does not mean that they can relax in safety. Their actions over the years are coming back to haunt them with several people targeting them in retaliation for acts they had been engaged in, in the past. There is also another complication as Olivia is ready to destroy anyone coming against her homeland while Em is not so sure. Ever since Em had pretended to be betrothed to Casimir, she had gotten to see another side of the war. Lera may have ravaged Ruina But Emelina believes Casimir is not as hostile or violent. Since Cas is now the king, Em thinks that they can negotiate a truce. But Olivia suspects that her sister’s romantic feelings are interfering with her better judgment and intends to take the lead. Em wants to win the war through peaceful means but that may be seen as a betrayal by her family and she is now stuck between love for Cas and loyalty to her family. Em needs to be one step ahead of her family and her enemies if she is to survive this complicated war.

“Allied,” the third novel of the series combines the epic stakes of “Red Queen” and the romance of “The Selection,” in a story of unexpected love, adventure, and revenge. Olivia and her sister Emelina Flores were committed to bringing peace to Ruina and their people. But as the liberation war raged on what freedom and triumph meant to Olivia and Em became very different. Olivia has a thirst for vengeance and violence that has turned into a singular obsession while Em tried to bring her back from the brink. But it is not only Emelina who is upset by how violent Olivia had become. Other members in the army of Ruina are beginning to see the conflict and soon several of them defect from Olivia and join Emelina’s side. The two sisters are soon at war with each other as they battle for the future and the kingdom of Ruina that only one person can win.

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