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An Amish Journey Books In Order

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Publication Order of An Amish Journey Books

Hearts in Harmony (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Listening to Love (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Beautiful Arrangement (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Beth Wiseman is an American best-selling author. She is best known to readers for writing the Amish Inn series as well as the series An Amish Journey, Amish Secrets, the Land of Canaan, and Daughters of the Promise, among others.

Beth has a loyal following and the accomplished author has sold over two million books and continues to sell copies. She has a constantly growing audience and fanbase of readers who love her wholesome and engaging stories!

Wiseman has seen her novels reach tops of bestseller’s lists in the Christian Book Association, the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and Publisher’s Weekly. She has also won awards for her books. She received the Carol Award twice for her writing, once in 2011 and again in 2013. She has received the Inspirational Readers Choice Award not once or twice but a total of three different times. She has received the INSPY Award as well as the Holt Medallion in 2013. The Land of Canaan series’ first novel Seek Me with All Your Heart was selected in 2011 as the Women of Faith Book of the Year.

The author is married. She lives in Texas with her husband, where they are empty nesters enjoying living in the country. Beth writes plenty about the Amish and their culture but is not actually Amish herself. She does still know a lot about the people thanks to the friends she has they live in the Amish community in Colorado and Pennsylvania. She will send the manuscripts to her friends to read prior to publishing to make sure that everything that she has written is in line with the Amish way.

Beth has written several stories that feature Amish characters and has also branched out into contemporary fiction. Out of all of the characters that she has penned over the years, her favorite character is Grandpa Jonas. Wiseman says that he has many of the same positive qualities that her father had. When it comes to writing her stories, Wiseman says that the characters choose her and their voices tell her what story she should tell in her head. When it comes to aspiring writers, Wiseman advises them to have thick skin and never give up when it comes to trying to get their books published, as she herself has received many rejection letters. It’s about being in the right place at the right time with the right manuscript and the right editor looking at it, which can be tricky!

Hearts in Harmony is the first book in An Amish Journey series by Beth Wiseman. If you are looking for a sweet romance, check out this story where two young hearts meet and potentially fall in love!

Two people love music equally. Will their God end up denying them the thing that gives them such a deep sense of joy?

Levi Shetler is something of a music prodigy. However, he has not been physically in touch with an instrument since the time he secretly played a piano years in the past. The problem is that the Amish community that he belongs to is very strict and there is no instrument playing allowed or the singing of music that is not already in the pre-approved songbook.

Levi loves music and asks God quite a bit why it is that music is the thing that tempts him when it so cruelly turns out that playing an instrument is just simply not part of his culture. It seems like a terrible situation to be in when you love music so much but cannot go near it without getting in trouble.

There is one other person that knows how gifted Levi is. That’s Mary Hershberger. She’s a girl his age that found out years ago but promised him that she would do everything to keep it a secret between them. While Mary comes from an area that is more liberal than the one Levi is from, she also has troubles in the family of her own.

When they are young adults, Levi and Mary come together by chance again through their care for Adeline, an Englischer who is getting older. The two find out that although they are different, they have a love that they both share for music. They also are not certain whether the talents that they have for music are given to them by God or simply temptations that are pulling them into the world of the Englisch.

The two of them also start to realize that they may care for each other. In the end, they realize that they’ve got to make a compromise or go their separate ways, but then an accident makes them question their decisions. The two need to figure out what they care about and what they feel is right in their hearts. Will the love they have for music be the thing that forges their bond or the impetus for driving them apart for good? Read this book to find out!

Listening to Love is the second book in An Amish Journey series by Beth Wiseman. If you liked the first book, continue with this one too!

When it comes to an Amish boy and an Englisch girl, falling for each other may mean trouble. But could there be another way for them to follow their hearts?

Natalie Collins is an Englischer and loves having suppers every Friday night at the house of Levi and Mary Shetler. She gets to have great homemade food, good conversations and time spent with her Amish friends, and gets to be around Lucas, the older brother of Levi. They’ve become good friends over time even though they have different cultures.

Lucas loves books, and so does Natalie. He’s teaching her about God, and they’re starting to get closer, but that’s also leading to other people noticing and having opinions. Natalie’s mother and Lucas’s family all have concerns. But they’re also just trying to be friends since they can’t really be together. Lucas doesn’t want to leave being Amish, and Natalie is Englisch and going after her vet medicine degree.

When an accident goes down, the pair must look at how they really feel. Can they choose each other and stay true? Or is it just too difficult? Read this story to find out!

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