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Publication Order of Ana Grey Books

North of Montana (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Morning, Killer (2002)Description / Buy at Amazon
Judas Horse (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
White Shotgun (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Ana Grey series is a highly successful novel series written by the popular American novelist named April Smith. It is comprised of a total of 4 books, all of which are based on the mystery, crime fiction, suspense, and thriller genres. The books were released between the years 1994 and 2011. Each of the books of this suspense series features Ana Grey as the lead character. Author Smith has described her as an FBI agent living in Californa. One of the initial books of the series is entitled ‘Good Morning Killer’. It was released by the Vintage Crime publication in the year 2011, after its first release in 2002. This book features the main characters in the role of Juliana, Ana Grey, and Andrew Berringer. The story of this book is an electrifying thriller which depicts the strong willed, complex, and often maverick agent in FBI, Ana Grey. At the start of the story, Special Agent Ana Grey is showing as being asked to work on a case of kidnapping. She learns that a 15 year old girl named Juliana has been kidnaped from her home in Santa Monica. The first thing that Ana Grey does is contact her counterpart in the police department of Santa Monica, who is Detective Andrew Berringer. Andrew and Grey have been involved in working together on a few cases before and they have become more than just colleagues. They seem to have developed a sense of attraction for each other.

Ana Grey feels that it is her job to consider the victim like her own blood and flesh and work accordingly. Soon, Juliana comes back home, but she is not at all in a state that she was before her abduction. She looked highly traumatized and in a state of paralyzing terror. Ana Grey realizes that her investigation had gone too far while searching Juliana because of which the kidnappers decided to do this terrible thing to her. Ana begins to see her life from Juliana’s emotional terrain’s perspective. Later, Andrew Berringer betrays her and she is not able to take it. When she tries to ask him the reason for doing so, Andrew becomes agitated. Ana Grey senses that he can possibly attack her without any hesitation. And therefore, in her state of passion and panic, Ana Grey pulls out her gun and shoots Andrew Berringer. Ana gets arrested for shooting her fellow detective, which puts the tag of criminal on her too. However, she breaks the bail agreement in order to search and track down the kidnapper. She seems to be extremely torn between the powerful and emotional connection that she has with Juliana and the one that she has with her common sense. Ana Grey has nothing else to depend on other than the truth that she know herself and about Andrew Berringer.

Another very exciting book published in the series is called as ‘White Shotgun’. The Vintage publication released it in 2012, after it was originally published in 2011. Author Smith has described the important characters of this book as Ana Grey, Nicoli Nicosa, and Cecilia. The plot is shown as being set in London and Sienna. At the beginning of the story, Ana Grey is depicted as being on leave from active duty. Despite being off duty, she is unable to resist her old habits and when she sees a drive by shooting in one of the Italian restaurants in London, Ana comes forward to help the injured people and also gives her testimony to the local police. Ana Grey expects that the Bureau would contact her to investigate about the shooting case as she was directly involved it. And when she actually contacts her, she becomes shocked to hear that she has been called to work on an entirely different case. Ana Grey did not know that she had a half sister named Cecilia who resides in Siena, Italy. The FBI asks Ana Grey to investigate about her. Initially, when she receives the assignment, Ana does not understand why she is asked to investigate about her own sister. But, as she proceeds further in the case, the picture gets clearer in front of her. Ana Grey learns that Cecilia is married to a wealthy coffee businessman named Nicoli Nicosa, who seems to have some very high mafia connections transnationally. She goes to visit her sister, not posing as an agent. And the least of her tensions is to settle into her half-sister’s home under the false pretenses. She comes to know that the whole Siena city is getting ready for the upcoming legendary horse racing, called the Il Palio. However, more than a race, the event seems to be the dazzling yearly culmination of the ancient rivalries among the different wards of the city. Soon, Ana Grey nephew gets stabbed and Cecilia disappears. This makes Ana Grey understand that there is a great risk to her life if she stays one more day in Siena. But, she cannot leave without finding her sister. The case turns out to be more of a personal duty towards her family member than a professional one. She wants to make sure that Cecilia is safe.

When Ana came in contact of Cecilia for the first time, Cecilia knew straight away that her half-sister was an agent working for the FBI. In fact, she herself had contacted the FBI and asked them to send Ana Grey to help her out. And after the shocking turn of events, Ana is not able to understand what was the intention of Cecilia in doing so. After the disappearance of Cecilia, Ana Grey starts to track down the activities of Nicoli Nicosa. She wants to find out what he has been up to. It appears that Nicoli Nicosa is not worried about the murder of his son or about the disappearance of his wife. The only thing that he cares about is his business deals. In the meantime, Ana unites with her lover again, who works for an elite force called Oryx. He joins Ana along with his colleagues to help her solve the case of about her missing sister as soon as possible. What follows next is a desperate search for Cecilia throughout Siena, London, Calabria slums, and the sea stretch between Sicily and the mainland. The novel was highly appreciated because of its authoritative details, unflagging pace, and the appealing heroine. Author Smith was also lauded for using literate and vigorous prose for describing the depths of his characters. Overall, the book was enjoyed by a large number of readers across the globe.

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