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Publication Order of Lore of the Wilds Books

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Analeigh Sbrana is an accomplished writer as well as a visual artist.

She is married and shares a husband with her daughter. She resides just outside of the city of San Francisco with her family and their cat Rey. She loves trying out new cafes, going through the forest looking for evidence of the fae, and going into used book stores to see if she can track down any special finds.

Sbrana is known for her debut work, Lore of the Wilds. It was published in 2024 and is the first of a duology series. The romantic and fantasy hybrid deals with the story of two Fae, an enchanted library, and the human being that manages to get them all together.

Analeigh loves to collect books as well as write and do photography. Something that she focuses on when it comes to her collecting is getting special editions as well as copies of her favorite books that have been signed. She also been known to publish whole series prior to even reading them. She says that her to be read list is very long, but she’s also putting together her dream library in the process. She enjoys looking through used bookstores, drinking cappuccinos, and traveling.

She first found out that she loved stories and writing as a young age. Analeigh recounts that she has been writing for as long as she can recall, and it runs in the family as her mother writes short stories and poetry and her grandmother also writes poetry. The author has a history of being around creative people and says that she wrote her own book of poetry at the age of five, where her mother typed up her poems and made them into a book. Analeigh began writing her first short stories when she was in fifth grade and never went back.

The first chapter book that the author read was Frank L. Baum’s The Wizard of Oz. There are many that have contributed to her wanting to become an author, but Howl’s Moving Castle has been one of the more inspiring. One book that she constantly thinks about is Tracy Deonn’s Legendborn!

Lore of the Wilds is her first fictional book that has been released and the author says readers can expect to be surprised. The book also doesn’t fit one category on its own, staying a combination of dark but cozy, whimsical but heavy, and full of romance, fae, found family and magic.

The inspiration for the story first came from a daydream that she had. The author saw a woman going into an old library that had not been explored for centuries and she loved stories. The author did not know much about the character or why people had not been in the library for so long, but she would figure all of that out later.

There were many side characters that the author also enjoyed writing along the way, too. She says that each was a surprise and going into their different backstories and personalities was a lot of fun. Grey was one of her favorite characters to write, as Sbrana says she ‘loves’ the character so much.

The author has gone through a lot of challenges in her life, including doubt of herself. She’d never seen a book like hers growing up on the shelves. She gave herself many pep talks and ended up finishing the story so that it could be available for others to read. The author says that things in her life are rarely traditional, and this could extend to describing her publishing journey.

Sbrana’s first book was completed in 2021 and then she spent a year trying to find any agent that could push her book. That didn’t work out, but then the author also considered the many friends that just wanted her to publish the book herself. This may have been influenced by the fact that they really wanted to read it! The author documented her journey of writing on social media, and so she decided that with their urging she would just do it.

Sbrana pulled out every query that was out, even ones with agents that had requested her manuscript, and hired an editor, proof reader, and cover designer. She researched self-publishing for weeks and did all that she could to be successful on her self-publishing journey, including setting a date for publishing and opening up pre-orders.

The cover went viral on Instagram and Tik Tok, and one day after it had been posted her ideal agent reached out after seeing it on her feed. She asked about representation and if she could send the manuscript over. It was just three weeks after that the book was successfully sold at auction. There have been tons of wins and opportunities since then leading to all of this feeling something like a dream for Sbrana.

Lore of the Wilds is the first book in the series by Analeigh Sbrana of the same name. This is a romantic and fantasy tale that you will really enjoy reading, so give it a try!

When a library that has been enchanted meets a Fae lord who wants to get inside and a human woman that would put it all on the line just to get a little bit of power, it’s bound to be an intriguing story.

This is a land that is seen over by the Fae, who are ruthless. Lore Alemeyu’s village is in the middle of a forest that may as well be a prison. Lore is 21 years old, but knows that when it comes to trying to get away, escaping is just a futile effort. The scars that she has show that.

But when the village she loves is threatened, Lore ends up making a deal with a Fae lord. She will leave her home and go to an enchanted library to catalog and organize it– a place that has not been touched for a thousand years. Fae may not go in, but a human may have a shot at getting past those cursed doors.

Lore is able to convince the Fae lord that she’s willing to risk herself in order to get the wealth. But in truth, she’s just wanting magic of her own, the thing that the Fae want most of all. Lore must now deal with the dangerous world outside while leaning on two Fae men to survive. Both are very attractive, and when chemistry comes to life, Lore has to be very careful to guard not just her heart but her life too. Can she make it through and save her village? Read this book to find out!

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