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Publication Order of Anastasia Krupnik Books

Anastasia Krupnik (1978)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia Again! (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia at Your Service (1982)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia, Ask Your Analyst / Off Her Rocker (1984)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia on Her Own (1985)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia Has the Answers (1986)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia's Chosen Career (1987)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia at This Address (1991)Description / Buy at Amazon
Anastasia, Absolutely (1995)Description / Buy at Amazon

The book Anastasia Krupnik is the beginning of this series. This book starts when she was just ten. Anastasia is a girl who has fourteen freckles which are across her nose. She also has seven others which are in places that she didn’t want to tell people. Her hair is the color of Hubbard squash.

Anastasia’s parents are Dr. Myron and Katherine. Her father is a professor of literature. He is loves to read. He has also written 4 books on poetry. Each one of these books was dedicated to a different person. The last one he had dedicated to Anastasia.

Anastasia thought that she wanted to become a professional ice skater. For two years she tried her best. She found that when she skated that she would skate on the insides of her ankles. She thought that she would try becoming a ballerina. After one year of trying that she couldn’t master one of the positions. Her parents talked with her and she decided that she would try a different profession.

Just after her tenth birthday she had something appear. She was so excited about it. She had a wart appear. She thought it was a very pleasing thing. Her father told her that her wart have king of magic to them. She has a notebook that she writes important things down in.

This notebook is where she kept all of her important things. These things could be anything from words to things that have happened to her. She had written about her teacher, Mrs. Westvessel. She didn’t like her but she wasn’t sure why. She knew that she was a good teacher.

Anastasia’s mother became pregnant with her brother Sam. Anastasia thought her mother was eccentric. Her parents made her go and visit her grandmother. Her grandmother was ninety-two years old and was living in a nursing home. Anastasia wasn’t very happy because her grandmother never could remember her name. She had to deal with the passing of her grandmother. Anastasia had told her parents that there was no room for a brother. Her parents told her that she could help by naming her baby brother. She wrote in her notebook a horrible name.

In the next book titled Anastasia again! Anastasia and her family were going to have to move out of the apartment that they were living in. They were going to be moving to the suburbs. Anastasia wasn’t very happy about it at all. She made it well known. She was trying to get her point across to her parents but it wasn’t working very well. All she was managing to do was make her parents mad.

She was upset because this was the house that she grew up in. Her mother had her go and get Sam up. When she went in to pick up Sam she explained to him that he would lose his blanket in the move. She then held his blanket up high so that he couldn’t get it.

In the book Anastasia_At_Your_Service is where she finds that when she moves she is going to have to make all new friends.

As Anastasia turned twelve she was finding herself very bored during the summer. Her only friend had gone off to camp. She had placed a job advertisement. She was excited because Mrs. Bellingham had answered her ad to be a Lady’s Companion. She was excited because she would be busy and she would be making money.

As she was working she wasn’t very happy. She didn’t think that she was going to have to be polishing silver and she felt like she would be a maid while at Mrs. Bellingham’s granddaughter’s birthday party. When she accidently dropped silverware in the garbage disposal she had to take the money out of her earnings.

The next book in the series is Anastasia,_Ask_Your_Analyst. This particular book sees Anastasia as thirteen and in junior high. She was excited when she came home from school. Her friend had given her something. When she brought this box inside to show her mom she noticed that her mom was freaking out. Anastasia began taking the lid off of the box her mother started to scream. There was something was moving inside the box. Anastasia had two gerbils. Her mother had a phobia about rodents. Anastasia had told her mom that she was going to use them for her science project.

The next book is titled Anastasia_On_Her_Own. In this particular book Anastasia has a boyfriend. Anastasia and her dad are trying to help her mom become more organized in her chaotic life. The two of them come up with a plan to help her. Anastasia’s mom take a trip to California for a business trip. Anastasia and her dad realized how hard it is to stick to a schedule. Anastasia’s brother is sick with chicken pox, her dad’s ex-girlfriend comes over for dinner, and she is trying to plan a dream dinner date with Steve.

Anastasia_Has_The_Answers is the next book. Anastasia had made the decision that she would like to become a writer. Her parents were going to go to California for two days. She was trying to decide if she was going to accompany them. She finally decided that she wouldn’t. They were going to a funeral for her Aunt Rose. She didn’t want to go because she was afraid of dying. She tries to fix up her newly single uncle with her friends newly divorced mom. It didn’t work out. She does learn that she is very special to a lot of people.

Anastasia’s chosen career is the next in the series. Anastasia had an assignment for school. She needed to write about her career that she wanted to do. She was upset about it because all of her friends were taking the easy way out. They were just asking someone they knew so that they could interview them. It wasn’t even a job that they really wanted to do. Anastasia decides that she wants to go into modeling. She decided that she would take her life savings and invest it in herself.

Anastasia_At_This_Address is the next book in the series. Anastasia has found the personal ads. She decided that she would reply to one of the ads. She wrote a letter to man who is 15 years older than her. She lied to the man and told her that she was older than she was. She had no clue that she would run into this particular man at a wedding for a friend.

The last book in the series is Anastasia Absolutely. One morning Anastasia was walking her dog. They needed to deliver her mom’s illustrations to the mailbox. When they got there instead of dropping the illustrations in the mailbox she dropped the bag of poop. She mustered up the courage and told the post office. Anastasia learned that she gave them information on a lead for an arrest of a mail bomber. The poop that she had dropped in the mailbox actually prevented the explosion of a bomb which was planted just before she dropped her package.

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  1. Dionne Holmes: 6 years ago

    I loved the Anastasia Krumpnik series growing up and now as a adult EVEN MORE! To have such a character to grow up with helped me with my adolescent stage of life. She plays an integral part in my ‘owning what I feel’ in life and I’ll be buying the complete set of the original series soon. The only minus is that EL James used the name for her books…. could it have been an ode to this series?… Love you Anastasia Krumpnik.


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