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Anat Talshir has been among Israel’s most honored investigative journalists for over thirty years. She was a TV host, taught creative writing at the College of Management Academics, and produced television documentaries. Talshir won the Nahum Sokolov Prize for best journalism- The Israeli Pulitzer.

About the Night novel opens in Jerusalem in 1947, in the end days of the British directive of Palestine. Lila, a young beautiful single woman, lives in the Jewish part of Jerusalem, where she meets Elias, a prosperous tea businessman.
Elias is a handsome and charming gentleman who gets attracted to Lila instantly. At that time, his being an Arab and Lila being a Christian seemed normal since Arabs, Christians, and Jews interacted well in Jerusalem at that particular time. Although they live in their neighborhoods, they are not prohibited from interacting or doing business together.

Elias doesn’t hesitate to ask Lila for dinner, which she accepts. They spent the evening well both enjoyed each other’s company. Lila is impressed by his polite manners, expensive car, and elegant suit. On the other hand, Elias is thrilled by her beauty, intelligence, and confidence as a young woman making her way to the city.

A few days later, the business calls for Elias to meet with a prospective supplier in an exotic region. Since time seems perfect, he requests Lila to accompany him during the trip. The trip turns out magical with a romantic setting, and soon the two start to fall for each other. After some time, the two can’t believe the level of their happiness and love has reached since they now know what follows is a happily ever after. They return home with their minds filled with dreams for the future.

Unfortunately, those dreams are shattered when news from the United Nations comes. Palestine is to be divided into different states- an Arab state and a Jewish state. Since Jerusalem City is on the border, it’s divided into a half-Arab state, and the other half remains as a Jewish state. The division immediately causes an eruption of War, and soon the lovers find themselves restricted from crossing each other’s neighborhoods. Even worse, they aren’t allowed to communicate with each other as the bombing starts from both neighborhoods.
Lila doesn’t give up that one day she’ll be united with her lover even after being separated doe 19 years. The two try to plan a meeting in secret at any chance they get, but unfortunately, things go south. Through well-calculated plans made by friends on both sides, the lovers finally meet at a ball for United Nations Representatives and their guests. However, Elias soon suffers the consequences after getting spotted.

Lila is also questioned and given severe threats if they are found meeting again. There can never be further meetings, and they cannot pass letters to their friends. She can now only live, hoping that they’ll meet. She doesn’t allow her hopes to dim even when time pass and new things come.

About Last Night is a beautiful and compelling story that will have you read heartbroken before restoring your faith that love is eternal. A Jewish woman and an Arab man fall in love in unimaginable ways in their entirely different cultures and governments. The novel shows how true love never ends, EVEN AFTER FATAL blows and crushing disappointments. Elias and Lila came from two different worlds, with Elias an Arab living on the Eastern side. Lila, on the other hand, a Jew living on the western side.

Unfortunately, when the increasing conflict between their cultures brings a blow to the region and their budding relationship, there is not only a wall of stone or fence, but the enemy of the two nations sparks a war. The story is told from Elias’s perspective as he looks back to the long years of his life, showing how hope can nourish. Anat Talshir shows how loss can devastate as love carries one beyond the boundaries that are seen to hold human beings separate.

It’s a story of love lost, found, and later rebuilt against all odds. It’s a romantic tale that slowly unfolds, clearly showing the beauty of Israel.

Lila and Elias’ love story brings Israel’s tragic past into the limelight through the Arab-Israeli War of 1948. Elias’ Arab culture and Lila’s Jewish background doomed their love from the beginning, but their commitment and passion survived the wars after they found themselves on opposite sides.

It’s a story that will stay in your mind long after reading, especially the intimate glimpse into the different cultures. The novel is written in dreamy and poetic prose as the romance between Lila, and Elia is beautifully shown in fluid transition.
In the book, the reader will see how the two understand each other and stay connected, not physically but mentally. Anat Talshir displays the effects of the War on people so well, leaving no detail out. She creates fantastic human characters who are entirely realistic in their extreme situations. About the Night is a story of ordinary people caught up in extraordinary events.

The novel gives a vivid, atmospheric picture of Jerusalem up to the present day showing how War and politics had a significant impact and still have on the population tossing the human race into a political conflict. It’s an engaging read illuminating the relationship between the Jews and Arabs over the last decades.

About the Night is a perfect read if you are looking for a book about love, resignation, hope, and perseverance. Even today, things are not smooth with the Christians, Jews, and Muslims living in the same city or country. It’s a beautiful, sad story of love torn apart and later renewed, as it shows the strength, resilience, and endurance of the people involved. Even in a War-torn world, love and kindness are still evident.

It’s a great history lesson presented in a way that the reader will understand as they emphasize the people in Israel and the middle eastern countries. About the Night is a story of War, heartache, and endurance.

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