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Publication Order of Ancient Dreams Books

Ancient Dreams Series
Ancient Dreams series is by Benjamin “Ben Medrano (October 1985—) whose birthplace is Sacramento and has lived in Utah. Brian Jacques is the literary influence of Benjamin whose love for books dates back to his mid-lesson sneaking readings as a sixth grader. He has been writing since his high schooling days, although he initially had a false start during his earliest attempts at professional writing in January 2002.
Benjamin’s writing motivation resulted from not finding books with his preferred themes. Publishing aside, Benjamin has also published roleplaying games—specifically D & D—for the Pathfinder Adventures. Niches: LGQTQ and fantasy.
Books in the Ancient Dreams Series

Benjamin also writes other series, including Lilith’s Shadow, Through the Fire, Mantles of Power, Beesong Chronicles, and Soul Bound. Originally released on January 8, 2018; Marin’s Codex is book zero in Benjamin’s Ancient Dreams series. Set in a multiverse; the protagonists are female research writer Marin who is working alongside a blue-eyed, black-skinned apprentice—and—elf goddess Emonael. Their volunteering personal assistant is also a mystic crimson-eyed, pale-skinned librarian called Rissia.

“Marin’s Codex” refers to collection of ten volumes (estimated to be around 5000 tomes) that Rissia—in her centuries-long occupation as a librarian—is mandated to copy, destroy the originals, and the put the hardcopies in an unbelievably gigantic mystic realm—accessed via a portal—called Illusionary Sphere, wherein the tomes are under the protection of magic. The information contained in those codices all-inclusive knowledge.

Rissia’s motivation for volunteering for the librarian job is accessing the knowledge contained therein. However, three out of the ten volumes contains especially confidential knowledge that Emonael does not want Rissia to access. Rissia eventually sneaks into the portal and gains access to the volumes (about mortals, summoning demons and warring astral planes), justifying her quest as a mortal knowing a little truth.
First dated January 16, 2017; Ancient Ruins is book one in the Ancient Dreams series. The protagonist is a newly renamed mystic, Sistina, who has since been aroused after being dormant for thousands of years. Formerly named Avendrial; Sistina’s soul shifted after a fallout—for failing to satisfactorily complete her tasks—with Lord Gauros who impaled her chest and cast several spells on her. Thus, sealed Sistina’s fate that exceeded death; her hellish banishment—projected duration: for 10000+ years—was in a beautiful, soul-sucking, and memory-erasing ruby called soulgem that was among a heap of gems. The gem was stolen and bought and lost before ending up in a seed that sprouted and fractured the gem, fleeing up Sistina at long last.

The now tree-embedded Sistina, whose memory is faulty, is reestablishing her influence. She gets involved in warring factions when she saves an enslaved royal elf named Princess Phynis Constella—she once purchased the then ruby-encased Sistina to make a necklace—who is fleeing from rogue mortals, called Kelvanis, that use their intelligence and superiority for enslave. Incidentally, Princess Phynis’ and her guards were ambushed and she was killed, prompting Sistina to revive the princess.

Initially dated April 10, 2017; Spells of Old is the second book in the serialized Ancient Dreams. Sistina is now defending the friendly elves from further attacks from the Kelvanis. Also, she must protect an elf goddess and elf queens—from different kingdoms—whom the Kelvanis have targeted for enslavement. One of the elves clan is called the Sifaren Kingdom, while the other elves clan is named the Yisara Kingdom. Princess Phynis Constella hails from the Sifaren Kingdom.

Through an adjudicator named Jared Falgrave, the Kelvanis Kingdom’s leader ruler Ulvian Sorvos go after Princess Phynis again. Falgrave’s uses his so-called Jewels—consisting of goddess Medae’s imprisoned priestesses—in his unsuccessful attempts at recapturing Phynis whom Sistina not only rescues by entrapping the raiders but also frees up the enslaved priestesses. Nevertheless, the Kelvanis have since taken Yisara goddess Medae whom they want to indoctrinate.
Originally released on July 22, 2017; Halls of Power is third in Benjamin’s Ancient Dreams series. Sistina proves crucial in protecting and elevating the princess-turned-queen Phynis Costella who will be based in Beacon City whose construction and designation as a war base infuriates Kelvanis Kingdom’s leader Archon. Worse still, Falgrave killed himself after murdering an elf healer named Farris whom Sistina resurrects by infusing him in his killer’s soul. Thus, the wary Sistina makes alliances with the Sifaren Kingdom (through Sir Reva Lucien; Sistina and Queen Phynis reconcile after a fallout) and the Yisara Kingdom whom the Kelvanis Kingdom have already attacked and kidnapped their royals to force Yisara’s Queen Diane swap (and sacrifice) herself for them.
First dated November 1, 2019; the fourth book in the Ancient Dreams series is Crisis of Faith. One of the external conflict involves two flying deities—the sword-wielding goddess Medaea and the hammer-wielding god Baldwin—who are waging a magical war with each other in their quests for superiority. The warring deities destroy the world tree before calling a truce. Another conflict is the remorseful goddess Tyria—seemingly the new identity of Sistina—who feels that she failed to protect the vulnerable Yisara and Sifaren elf clans who have had faith in her for so long, including worshipping her and using her blood in rituals. Tyria notifies Queen Phynis about then blackmailed ex-Queen Diane’s returns to Beacon City as part of a dialog wherein Goddess Tyria and goddess Medaea are fighting for religious supremacy.

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