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The Silenced (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
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Dead of Winter (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Anders de la Motte was born in 1971. Besides being a former Police Officer he was till recently, Director of Security at a certain World’ largest Information Technology firm. He is now an international Security Consultant. Endowed with a unique blend of fast-paced humor, suspense, and informed commentary on matters concerning social media and IT, Anders de la Motte is regarded one of Sweden’s exceptionally exciting and innovative thriller writers. He represents a distractively new and unique voice in the Scandinavian crime fiction. His works are playful, wild and loaded with references of popular culture that include his literacy cousin going by the name Philip K Dick.

Anders de la Motte’s writing Career

Anders de la Motte debuted in 2010 with GEIM, the book that won Swedish Academy of Crime Writer’s First Book Award. In the book, one Sunday morning, a petty criminal called Henrik Petterson (HP) finds a cell phone inviting him to play. HP is himself a slacker with ego and hardly any impulse control. The cell phone showed a rather asserting and somewhat uncanny message referring to him by name. The message directed him to play a game (an Alternate Reality Game) to which HP accepted without hesitating.

The game takes place in at the heart of the naïve and unsuspicious Swedish Society. After passing the entrance exam, HP is offered an array of thrilling missions. The missions are filmed and sent to the secret Swedish community’s grading lists to be evaluated. HP quickly becomes engulfed in the suspense as well as awarding contests only to later on realize what at first appeared like an guiltless game is actually something extremely unpleasant.

Police Detective called Rebecca Normen is the exact opposite of HP. She is in full control of her own life. Her professional objectives are also clearly indicated on her aspiring career map. Being a rookie in the Swedish Security Service’ bodyguard force, Rebecca is largely assigned discreetly modest projects. However, after a melodramatic incident, she is promoted and transferred to the coveted Elite Group. All would have need perfect had not have been for some handwritten notes she kept on pumping into in her locker. Whoever writes the notes must be fully aware of her past. HP’s and Rebecca’s lives inevitably met and the real drama began.

In his second Book, BUZZ, Henrik “HP” Petterson decides to run away. Fourteen months has since passed by since he became ensnared in a horrific Alternate Reality Game that almost ended his life. With everything he ever wished he could own; money freedom and nominal responsibilities. In spite of all these, he still remains unsatisfied. He misses the thrilling adrenaline rush that the game provided him. Before long, his newly acquired comfortable lifestyle begins to bore him. After finally meeting wealthy and gorgeous Anna Argos in a lavish Dubai hotel, life suddenly gets more interesting again. He, however, senses something troubling beneath her cool surface. There is also something unsettling about Anna’s cell phone. He starts experiences a threat that he, unfortunately, cannot prove.

As for Rebecca Norman, life ought to be a lot easier since her past life no longer haunts her. Having been promoted to the Unit Commander of an exclusive bodyguard squad, she is about to start living with her boyfriend. However, in spite of everything, she still finds it difficult to settle down. Everything changes after being informed about a website forum where an unidentified police detective keeps on writing extremely threatening stories, which are evidently about her. As stalkers narrow down to Rebecca and HP, the questions catch up with them as well. What is real? Who exactly can you trust?


There are two central characters in the novel: Henrik “HP” Petterson and his sister Rebecca Norman. Both are leading different lives that greatly differ. They are almost complete opposite of each other, character-wise. The novel systematically switches between the two characters.

HP is an exciting character due to the fact that he has withdrawn from the society. He is, therefore, lacking morals and is yearning to be famous. These three features make him the ideal target for the Game Master-the person controlling the game. Watching himself recorded in a film while acting was extremely exciting for HP. He was so excited that his sexual performance greatly improved making him feel good about himself.

Has any book been made into film?

Yes, the entire Game series, comprising of Gaim, Buzz and Bubble has been made into a film. The Game Trilogy, as is commonly referred to receive immense views and airplay. It even features in the top ten scariest movies of all time. Just like each of the books in the series, the Game Trilogy movie is an instant hit. The most unique thing about the series is that action starts at the beginning. This is a remarkable feature since most other writers of thriller novels choose to first build the profile of the characters, and delay the real action till far much later. Anders de la Motte thriller novels are unique. You get entertained from the start.

Anders de la Motte’s success

Anders de la Motte is wildly successful in his country, already. His Game series sold more than 200,000 copies in the first three years of its publication alone. The fact that his books are more about the surrender of our private information as portrayed by HP’s adventures in the game has endeared the books to many people. At the middle of the action is an entity out to earn serious cash by using personal information to skew public opinion.

Yet Anders de la Motte appears unconcerned by his shinning literary stardom. Instead, he is more interested in bringing out actual human desires and in the process gain global acceptance. He explains that social media seems to be tapping into some form of ancient deed. He also observes that there is a hint of desperation and vanity about technological. Although, he adds, he has always known such existed, the same has now been vividly brought to light thanks to advancements in technology and particularly the social media.

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