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Melody Anne is a best-selling author who has charted on the top of lists published in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today. She has also been a top 100 best-selling author for three days in a row.

She is a woman that likes to write books that feature attractive men, sassy heroines, and stories that are emotionally charged. She says that we all want to feel extraordinary when we read, and when you pick up a book by Melody Anne, that is exactly what you will get. Melody has books that are emotionally charged that will take readers along a journey with the characters as they decide whether they love or hate them and as the characters find themselves. While you’ll get a resolution at the end of each book, you’ll also be wanting more.

She has written over seventy books and counting which feature strong men, women, and families. She has many series, and each comes with its own different theme. She touches on interesting subjects, and she says that readers will not walk away from reading one of the books in her series without crying, laughing, or thinking about the journey that they have just gone on. She has sold over seven million books and the number just keeps going up!

Melody was an aspiring author for years and wrote for a long time. She was officially published in 2011 and found her true calling as well as a deep love of writing. She has a bachelor’s degree in business and enjoys writing about powerful businessmen as well as the corporate world. When she is not busy writing, she enjoys spending time with friends, family, and pets. she also is a country girl and loves living in the small town she resides in and the strong community it has, constantly getting involved in community projects. She also loves writing and that she gets to live in a fantasy world for a lot of the time, which makes her happy.

You can find out more by going to her home site and you can also sign up for her text messaging service or newsletter. She makes an effort to respond to fans and reach back out to them! You can also find her on Facebook as well as Instagram, TikTok, and BlogSpot. She encourages people to come say hello and check out her books to be transported to a different world!

Melody Anne is the creator and the author of the Anderson Billionaires series of fictional novels. The first novel was published in 2019 and is titled Finn. The second book would come out not too much longer after that in 2020, titled Noah. The third book to come out was titled Brandon, followed by the fourth book, titled Hudson. The fifth novel came out in 2021 and is titled Crew. This is a sizzling series full of romance from a woman who loves to write it!

Finn is the first book in the Anderson Billionaires series by Melody Anne. If you are looking for a new romance to enjoy, check out the debut book in this heartfelt and hot series!

Main character Finn Anderson is a military veteran who is known for being loyal. He is the type of man to only want the simple life, but that’s just how he is. He doesn’t have the desire to live a luxurious life that is full of ease and sit back, but sometimes you don’t get a choice in if that happens. That’s about to happen to not only Finn but his siblings as well.

He along with his four brothers are shocked when they find out that they are somehow the long-lost relatives of Joseph Anderson, who is famous and wealthy. This is a big deal and everyone’s minds are blown. The billionaire is known for being eccentric but generous. He quickly puts them all to; work building a new center for veterans, and he also interestingly refuses to stop until each of his nephews finds love.

Finn doesn’t really know what to do with the new information. He’s not that excited because he has never wanted or expected to have an easy life. He’s more focused on dealing with retiring early from being an elite SEAL. The last thing that he is thinking about it meeting someone. But when Brooke Garrison sweeps him during a self-defense class he’s leading, he’s interested.

Suddenly Finn is not focusing on the past so much as looking to the future and what his new life could be. He could see Brooke and himself being together and he knows instinctively that he can’t let her get away. He likes that she’s both tough and compassionate. But losing her brother has made her vulnerable. She doesn’t know if taking another person into her heart at this time is possible. But she may have feelings for Finn as well. Will they be able to look beyond what has scarred them and embrace the moment– and each other? Read this romance to find out!

Noah is the second book in the Anderson Billionaires series by Melody Anne. If you liked the first book, check the second one out and see what you think!

Noah Anderson is a Navy veteran and is the type of guy that you would describe as being ‘salt of the earth’. He’s also starting to find out what it means to have a lot of money. Like wealth level money. This was thanks to he and his four brothers finding out that they had a long-lost uncle– who also happened to be a billionaire.

Since then, they’ve been working at building a veterans center and working to get their romance lives started or worked out. Noah’s the one that’s in charge of designing the center and he’s been focused on work a lot. But when he’s around Sarah Jennings, the co-architect, he finds that he’s not able to look away.

The pair have sparks flying when they’re together. But Noah’s noticed that she’s cautious of love, and he himself has never been big on commitment in a relationship. The two reach a creative roadblock and decide that the solution is to fly across America, looking at and studying the buildings that influence and inspire him the most.

What started as an innocent trip eventually leads to more. Can the couple find what they’re looking for in each other? Read this book to find out!

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