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The Girl I Left Behind (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girl from Vichy (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Girls from the Beach (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Child for the Reich (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Secret Pianist (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

Andie Newton is a USA Today bestselling, Amazon Kindle top 5 bestseller, and publisher’s weekly bestselling American author of historical fiction books. Her most notable works include The Girls from the Beach, Child for the Reich, The Girl I Left Behind, and The Girl from Vichy. Andie holds a degree in history and a master’s in teaching. She resides in the picturesque Pacific North, living with her husband, their two boys, and a sluggish cat. You will find her trail running, drinking coffee, or spending time with her family when not writing.
The Girl I Left Behind kicks off with a scene set in 1943 Germany, capturing a moment of intense drama as a nameless spy attempts a daring escape from his captors, only to meet a tragic end on a bustling street. This introduction sets the stage for a story of resilience, secrets, and the struggle for survival in the shadow of tyranny.

The story’s voice is Ella, also known by her alias Sascha, whose life story unfolds in a memoir-like narrative beginning in her late teens in 1941. Reluctantly tied to the Nuremberg branch of The League of German Girls due to the era’s political pressures, Ella finds a semblance of normalcy working as a salesgirl in her aunt’s antique shop. Her skill in persuading customers showcases her sharp wit and ingenuity, which serve her well during moral and ethical upheavals.

Through Ella’s eyes, readers experience the tension and fear pervasive in Nuremberg during this dark period. The young women’s experiences highlight the everyday horrors and the constant dread of retribution for any step out of line. This paints a vivid picture of the challenges those entangled in the war’s moral and ethical quandaries face.

The Girl I Left Behind isn’t just a poignant exploration of the human spirit’s capacity for resilience. Ella’s journey from a youth entangled in the League of German Girls to a figure of quiet resistance against the oppressive ideologies she was raised to embrace showcases the complex dynamics of loyalty, identity, and survival. The novel invites readers to think about individuals’ choices in the most challenging times. This makes it a compelling read for those fascinated by the personal stories woven through the fabric of history.

Claudia, Ella’s confidante, is deemed a bad influence by Aunt Bridget. Yet, for Ella, she represents a beacon of hope and a gateway to making a tangible difference in war-torn Nuremberg. Ella’s journey into the covert world of the Falcons, a youth-driven resistance movement, echoes the valiant efforts of the historical White Rose group. This fills the narrative with a sense of realism and homage to the actual resistors of the time. As Ella’s activities with the Falcons escalate, so too does the peril she faces, leading to a fateful decision by her aunt to send her to Munich under the guise of safety and familial support. However, Munich presents its own set of challenges, particularly with cousin Alex, who pressures Ella into a role that dangerously aligns her with the Nazi regime.

Ella’s precarious existence as a spy necessitates painful sacrifices. This includes distancing herself from loved ones to protect them from the potential fallout of her actions. Her life becomes a solitary struggle for survival, underscored by the ever-present threat of capture under Hitler’s ominous Nacht und Nebel directive, which has already claimed Claudia among its victims.

The Girl I Left Behind is not merely a historical novel; it’s a profound exploration of the length’s individuals will go to for love and freedom. Newton masterfully crafts a narrative that is as educational as it is gripping. She weaves meticulously researched historical details with the emotional depth of her characters. The novel stands out for its focus on a female protagonist’s role in the resistance. This refreshing and deeply impactful perspective highlights the untold stories of women’s bravery and resilience during one of history’s darkest periods.

The Girl from Vichy is Andie Newton’s second novel. The story unfolds against the turbulent backdrop of 1942 France, a nation fractured by war and occupation. At the heart of the story is Adèle Ambeh, a young woman whose life is upended by her father’s decision to marry her off to Gerard Baudoin, a member of the reviled Vichy police. As her wedding day looms, a mixture of fear and resolve leads her to flee to Lyon, where she finds sanctuary in the Sisters of Notre Dame de la Compassion convent. This haven of resistance, where the sisters clandestinely support the fight against the occupiers by hiding weapons and people, becomes Adèle’s new home.

Within the convent’s walls, Adèle meets Marguerite, a resolute resistance member. Tasked with a dangerous mission, Adèle returns to Vichy under the guise of cold feet about her impending nuptials. The schism within her family mirrors the broader discord that plagues her country. While her father, Albert, and sister, Charlotte, align with the Vichy regime, Adèle and her mother, Pauline, stand firmly against it, embodying the resistance’s spirit.

Vichy, a spa town under the thumb of a puppet government led by WWI hero Philippe Petain, falsely purports to be a free zone. Despite the oppressive oversight, the spirit of defiance thrives among its people. Adèle becomes deeply involved in the resistance’s efforts, navigating the perilous waters of sabotage and espionage, constantly at risk of betrayal by collaborators and capture by German forces.

The Girl from Vichy is a poignant exploration of resistance, resilience, and the complexities of war. Adèle’s journey is a testament to the strength of the human spirit and the courage required to stand up for one’s beliefs. With the shadow of the war’s end looming, Adèle and her companion Luc navigate the dangerous path of keeping ahead of the Germans, their love and loyalty to France guiding them through the darkest times.

This novel is a compelling addition to WWII historical fiction, offering readers a blend of suspense, romance, and a deep dive into the challenges faced by those who dared to resist tyranny. Adèle’s story is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made for freedom, making The Girl from Vichy an essential read for anyone captivated by stories of unwavering courage and the indomitable will to fight for justice.

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