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Publication Order of Andrades Books

Come Away with Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Home to Me (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Recipe for Love (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Maximum Risk (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Somewhere Along the Way (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Loving Gigi (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Andrades Series
The Andrades is a romance series by Ruth Cardello. As the name suggests, the series focuses on the Andrade family. The Andrade men are successful, but they come with their fair share of weaknesses. Meeting Gion, Nick, and Luke is going to be exciting, and knowing their love interests will just be as fun. The boys are as different as they come, but there are family secrets and traditions that bind them together. The author humorously tells these stories, and there is enough passion to keep you hooked to the last page. All the books in the series are short and can be devoured in a single sitting.

Come Away with Me
Come Away with Me is the first book in The Andrades series. The book introduces Julia and Gio, a couple that meets most unconventionally. Gio Andrade decides to swing by the office when coming out of the gym. It is way after working hours, and everyone has already gone home. Once Gio gets to the office, he realizes that he did not carry his keys. However, he knows that his secretary has a spare set on her desk. He is busy searching for the keys when a sexy spitfire appears out of nowhere.

Julia is working as a night security guard. The ambitious woman has a jewelry line she is determined to sell in New York. Before her business can pick, Julia takes up the security job to cover her rent. Julia is working when she spots someone trying to break into a desk. Armed with nothing else but a lamp, Julia goes to confront the man she assumes is a burglar. She goes ahead to give him a good whack on the head. It’s only after assaulting the stranger that Julia realizes that the man was her boss. Gio is rich, powerful, and sexy. He also harbors a lot of resentment and is mostly angry. However, business is going great, and Gio is convinced that he has all he needs until he meets Julia.

Despite the extraordinary meeting, Geo and Julia hit it off almost immediately. The dialogue between them is humorous, and their cat and mouse game will leave you yearning for more. On the one hand is Gio, a confident man used to getting his way. Even though the Feisty Julia is turning out to be more of a challenge than he thought, Gio is determined to take her to bed. Julia knows his kind all too well. While she has feelings for him, Julia is not about to turn herself into a conquest for a wealthy playboy. She has a business to build, and a broken heart will mess it all. As their interactions continue, the duo will find it hard to ignore their mutual attraction.

Come Away with Me is the perfect definition of short and sweet. The story comes with a good dose of humor, mystery, and passion. There will be loads of sex, but before then, Julia is going to stand up to Gio until he learns the best way to approach her. The author also allows you to meet the Andrades and the drama that surrounds the family. What happens to Gio and Julia as their feelings for each other intensify? Will Gio’s family accept Julia when they learn about her poor background? You will get the answers to these and more in this intriguing story.

Home to Me
Home to Me is the second book in the Andrades series. This book introduces us to another member of the Andrade family. Nick Andrade is a charming and sexy man. He is also a bad boy and, in no way, a one-woman man. This changes when he meets Rena on her birthday. Nick is attracted to Rena, and he feels like she is the one woman who will make him change. However, Nick knows that he has to change his ways to get Rena’s attention. This feeling is heightened when Nick attends a wedding. The playboy looks into his past, and he doesn’t like what he sees.

Rena Sander is the opposite of Nick. The caring and confident woman likes playing by the rules. She has also never been in love, but when she meets Nick, it is clear that she is the man of her fantasies. Rena works for Gio, so she is not new to Andrade’s family drama. More than once, she has helped the brothers resolve their differences. When Nick suggests they try a sexual relationship, Rena quickly accepts it. The once per week, sex appoint like a good arrangement for her. At least this will take care of her sexual needs while ensuring that her heart doesn’t end up in pieces.

Well, Rena’s feelings can no longer be ignored. To prevent her heart from breaking when Nick moves on to his next conquest, Rena pushes him away. It is not long before Rena and Nick’s relationship is exposed, and the two will have to defend it. Everyone who knows them thinks the relationship is a mistake, but Nick is madly in love. This is the first time it has happened, and he is sure that Rena is the woman he wants to marry. How much will Nick fight for the woman he loves? Will Rena turn into the wife Nick wants, or will his past get in the way?

The story once again looks at the Andrade family. This time the focus is on Nick, the son who has never taken life seriously. Nick is fun and outgoing, and his relationship with Rena is just heartwarming. He is also a shrewd businessman who has money to burn. After years of focusing on meaningless relationships, Nick feels that it is time to settle, and he knows the perfect girl for him. The relationship isn’t going to be all smooth, but the couple is determined to stick together. Away from the couple, there are more intriguing characters and to meet and know better. Home to Me is a perfect choice if you are looking for a light read that will leave you feeling all warm inside.

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