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Despair and Other Stories of Ottawa (1994)Description / Buy at Amazon
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A Canadian author hailing from Ottawa, the writer Andre Alexis has been writing his unique brand of fiction for quite some time now, with a whole host of books based on a whole range of different subjects, many of which are universal in their nature, as their themes and ideas have traveled far and wide on a global scale to readers of all types. Winning many awards and nominations for his work he has fast become accepted as one of the foremost voices within his field, and is definitely one to watch in the following years to come. Not only that, but he has also come to be one of the foremost voices and most vocal of spokespeople for both him and his craft as an artist, maintaining a highly prolific presence ranging all the way back to his days working in the theater where he worked as a playwright.

Early and Personal Life

Born in 1957 on the 15th of January, the future author to be Andre Alexis was born in Trinidad and Tobago in the Port of Spain. Moving to Ottawa at a young age, he would then grow up here spending his formative years in the Canadian capital. Nurturing a love of both reading and writing from a young age, he would hone and refine his skills as a writer throughout his childhood, creating an extremely idiosyncratic and unique voice.

Gaining an academic background he would constantly work on his writing skills throughout his education as well. Always continuing to write he would take inspiration from the world around him, always putting it back into his work. This would allow him to become one of the most prolific voices within his field, admired for both his sincerity and attention to detail.

Starting out in theater, he’d work at building himself an extremely good eye for character and how humans interact with one another. Working for the Canadian Stage Company, he would take up the position of being their playwright-in-residence for some time. This would also allow him to build his profile and brand prior to becoming a full-time author for a mainstream audience worldwide.

Still writing to this present day, he continues to put out his novels from his home in Toronto where he currently lives. Taking part in variety of other activities, he has a number of different outlets, such as on the radio, whereby he hosted for CBC Radio, or reviewing books for ‘The Globe and Mail’. Showing no signs of stopping anytime soon, it appears that this is something that will continue on into the foreseeable future, as his writing career grows from strength-to-strength.

Writing Career

Publishing his first book in 1998, Andre Alexis made his debut onto the literary scene with the title ‘Childhood’. Set in the 1950s and 1960s it tells the story of a Canadian small-town that’s close to the border, as it features a cast of quirky and colorful characters. Establishing his presence, he received a lot of acclaim for this first effort, especially from his many peers and contemporaries. Getting a lot more awards over the years to follow, he was to receive a lot of acclaim, gaining him the recognition of the critical establishment in the process.

Looking to create a series of work, she started out with the novel ‘Pastoral’ in 2014, following it up with ‘Fifteen Dogs’ in 2015. These were to be based around the loose premise of philosophical themes for each title, as he planned five in total for the series overall. He later published the third novel in 2016, as he brought out the book ‘The Hidden Keys’, setting up the next big idea for the collection.

With a lot more to come yet, he is still writing on a regular basis, putting out work consistently whilst maintaining a high standard. Whether it be writing his novels, or working as a contributing editor for ‘This Magazine’, he’s constantly keeping himself busy. This looks like a trend that’s set to carry on for some time yet, as there’s plenty more projects planned on the horizon for some time to come.

Ingrid and the Wolf

Originally published in 2005 on the 11th of October, this was first brought out through the Tundra publishing label to much acclaim. Marking his foray into children’s literature, many would come to see it as a change of direction for the highly popular author. Clearly showing his versatility, it manages to capture another side of the writer, showing a very distinctive style and ambiance in the process.

Ingrid has never felt like she’s belonged anywhere and that there is more waiting in the big wide world for her. Whilst her parents have always loved her and been good to her, she feels that the country of Austria is calling to her after an opportunity to visit presents itself to her. It is here that she receives her inheritance of a wolf, as she finds herself the caretaker of this both loving and vicious creature. Where will their journey take them? Can they find a new life of happiness for them both? What will become of Ingrid and the wolf?


First published in 2014 on the 28th of February, this title was initially brought out through the ‘Couch House Books’ publishing label. Released later on in his career, this was another stand-alone book from the Canadian author gaining him a lot of great reviews on its release. Showing a writer who is continuing to develop constantly, it is a great addition to his usual extremely high level of quality.

Heading to the town of Barrow, Father Christopher Pennant has a new parish to call his home in a seemingly idyllic rural village. Things aren’t quite as they first appear, though, as he starts to have a crisis of faith when a series of miracles take place, such as talking sheep and mayors who can walk on water. Not only that, but Liz Denny is having trouble with her fiancée who can’t decide between her or Jane, his mistress. Will he be able to deal with it all? What is actually going on? Is it really all that pastoral?

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